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  1. Any significant differebces between the ProV1 currently and the ProV1-392(im guessing its an earlier model?)
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys! I just tryed the I(s) today and they might be a little to spinny for me on my wedge shots.. I had a 54° back up 15 ft. Other than that, they are great!
  3. Can some compare he Callaway Tour i(s) and Titleist ProV1 in terms of: Price: Distance: Spin(greenside and iron): Feel: Opinion of better ball for warm spring and summer tournament ball: My SS is 98 mph and i have a low trajectory.
  4. The courses I hace tight fairways and somewhat moist to soft lies. I dont care about bunker play with my Vokey, I have another wedge for that. Give me the facts for fairways and rough based on the conditions I stated. Thank you :)
  5. Will 11 bounce on.my 56 SM Vokey provide good all around versatility on fairway and rough? Is 11 bounce to high for tight lies??
  6. I have heard very good things on the Srixon Z-Star, anyone tried them?
  7. Ok ill go to the range tomorrow and dumb down these grooves a little. Thanks!
  8. Are they somewhat durable? My Vokey is literally brand new and im just tearing up my NXT Tours..
  9. I cant afford ProV1's, thats why I asked for some with a decent price
  10. I want some high spin golf balls for a decent price to accomodate my new 56.11 Vokey SM, any suggestions?
  11. When it wears cant you just get them regrooved(sharpen the grooves:P) to keep the spin?
  12. I'm thinking about buying a brand new, unopened 56.11 2009(i think) Vokey for $60 on Ebay. I need some insight, pros/cons, and/or overall reviews before I purchase. Im 16 with a 18 handicap and on the school golf team so I play a lot.
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