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  1. Yep, exactly. Sorry, my iPhone line drawing isn’t the greatest. Look at how much you move towards the ball in the downswing with square hips. Check out the early extension video below. If someone has a better drill let me know but that is what comes to mind for me. Hips sliding forward and staying on the wall/chair. You probably can't create an inline impact until you can do that with the hips.
  2. @khalespaceThe issue is you don’t have enough room not to flip while maintaining any swing speed. You are completely square to the ball and are not clearing your front out, up and away from the ball. I am not sure why he is having you focus on those things first. But, if your instructor is teaching you these things for any other purpose than to get you to the point where you can work on clearing enough room to create and inline impact, he isn’t teaching you the right things. But maybe he is teaching you these things to get you there. I am not sure.
  3. Keep at it. It can take a long time to get there. The feel for it is going to be different for everyone. What is your instructor having you work on? If they are good it will be fixing basic things first or how you are moving in the swing first to get you to not flip down the line. It probably won't be a quick fix, but as you work on the various movements in the swing you will get there.
  4. Wow, that is rough. I've always wondered how this course looked into and after the summer. Now I know. 😬
  5. Haha, hope that heals up quickly. Seems like it has kept you out for a bit.
  6. I finally get a piece that is something I've been trying to find the feel for, over many years(probably over 5 years, I shouldn't admit that), and you two goofs just want to complain about my camera angle and the grass at the range. 🤦‍♂️ This is why I haven't posted my swing much for years here. 😉 @DeadMan It is one of four ranges I go to, usually it is a little better. They mainly have mats there but I prefer hitting of grass with my left wrist/hand injuries. They basically just mow down some grass there. Mats can be pretty painful at times if they are the wrong kind. Why don't you just be happy I couldn't do this move back in 2017, instead you beat me down then and are coming at me again now. 😉😂
  7. I am not sure why I am getting this now, when I never have been able to before. Whatever it is, I'll take it. It is going to hard to keep my high handicap if I keep this up.
  8. Haha, yeah it seems to work. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Thanks Matt! Went out and played 9 this afternoon with the feel and I loved being able to hit a Hybrid and a 3W again. I also loved not needing a different backswing for the driver as well. I haven't been able to do that for years.
  10. Worked a good part of the weekend with slow motion swings to try and find the feel I needed to get this picture. I can’t do it every time but this was with about a 90% distance swing or so. I can also for the first time in many years, swing a driver with a normal backswing. Exciting stuff for me, but I need to stay with it and keep doing this until I have it down. Ball flight results were great.
  11. I got some of the tours just as a cheap ball to try out and use for scramble events and some morning golf. They fly really nice, but the greens better be soft because they are a rock. I'll probably stock up on the Snell MTB(whatever they are) for next season.
  12. I see where you are going with that, will do. Thanks, yeah that is one of the things I am trying to do in my partial swings. It's just the translation to the full swing where I have the trouble basically.
  13. I'm betting his biggest fan is Patrick Reed. This makes complete sense. Reed will enjoy comfortable pairing with Bryson The final group of the U.S. Open should be a comfortable spot for both Patrick Reed and Bryson DeChambeau.
  14. The overtaking, rolling the face in the DS through impact. I've tried to clean this up sooooo many times over the years without ever finding the feel for it. I'm obviously giving it one more shot at this time to do so.
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