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  1. We got some rain last week, hopefully some here in the near future as well.
  2. I don’t know what sand they used for the bunkers near the greens. But if my memory serves me well, which is questionable, it is very soft and unforgiving. I’ll also be using the putter as much as I can near the greens. My short game still sucks. Haha
  3. Well at least we know the sand is a natural characteristic there. 😊 It is supposedly around 200’ deep in some spots.
  4. @DaveP043yep we will make fun of you and then after you make a hole in one we will all have pink bags. 😂
  5. That is perfect for air travel to resorts with a par 3 course. Great product. Yeah the longest hole is pretty short, I think 3-4 clubs total for most of us will be fine.
  6. Yeah I think it will be great for that, and also for getting used to the bunkers. They are a bit tricky to hit out of. I'm actually thinking about brining a Sunday bag for the Sandbox rounds. Something to consider I guess with only needing a few clubs.
  7. Great finds @iacas. That breakdown of Mammoth and also the one for Lawsonia Links make those courses look amazing. Can't wait!
  8. You are all very welcome, this is a dream trip for me to plan. I am glad we have two groups because three would have been a real mess trying to get tee times. haha The longest hole on the Sandbox is 145. I'll probably just bring a few wedges and my putter. That will be nice for a light and easy going round on that course which is I think 17 holes. The customer service agent today told me it takes around an hour and a half to play it.
  9. Thanks guys, crazy day for me here with everything going on. I called at exactly 8am(I also initially tried at 7:30😂)and requested the tee times. I was super happy that we were able to get times where we are all back to back. I was really worried about that. Ideally @iacas and I wanted to play the sandbox in the afternoons but the resort guests had all those times book. In the end I am glad I called as quickly as I did and also was able to get the times we did. We would have also liked to play SV on day one but overall it is pretty solid and could have been much worse. I am sorry for the first
  10. I will be relieved to finally have our tee times today. We will see what they will have available but per the last post from @iacas, we spoke a bit yesterday on what we would ideally like the three days to look like. We are finally getting some rain the past couple days, so hopefully that will help things here a bit. I have to make the tee times this morning and run to an event, but I will update you all as soon as I can.
  11. We have had a bit if a dry June so far so we will see. It can look a bit dry out there but they also intentionally allow the fairways to get that way a bit.
  12. SV just posted a neat drone shot of the Sandbox.
  13. We are just one week out now from calling in the tee times. I will update as I am able to do so.
  14. @Tepi90I know I am late to the party, however, those are some amazing photos. I would love to travel there to play sometime. Finland and Estonia seem to be leading the world id DG course design. I wish I took some photos of it but playing Rollin' Ridge here in Wisconsin was quite incredible last year. Nearly every hole was great.
  15. Sounds good, I only take crypto as payment, limited to BTC, ETH or ADA(preferably this). 😉 We will figure it out, the good news is we have a little more time for all that with having to wait until 30 days prior. I have both PayPal and Venmo for payment methods. This will probably be the perfect opportunity to start the private messaging group for all of this.
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