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  1. I would be good with La Belle, it it a very unique track now with the re-design. I enjoyed it very much last year. It's tough though and you have to pick and execute your tee shots. It also has one of the craziest par 3 greens with three massive tiers. with a shot over water that is fairly intimidating. I also live only about 20 minutes from here so that is great for me. And yes it is only about 45 minutes or so from MKE airport.
  2. 😂 Yeah, that is what I am thinking, because otherwise it makes it a 3 hour drive back to Milwaukee Friday morning. We can be flexible to what the needs of the group are but that is what I would suggest. It makes Friday a little less stressful and rushed for those flying out that afternoon. So we would be staying at my family place out there Sunday night through Wednesday night, driving to Lawsonia Thursday morning.
  3. Here are some Milwaukee area options: Erin - The course that Mike Davis manipulated. 😂 It's expensive, and you might come away liking Sand Valley better. Be prepared to hit some blind shots if you don't take a caddy. But it is 7731 yards if you want to play a monster of a course. Black Wolf Run - Up near Whistling in Kohler. I've heard only good things but haven't played it. Consistently rated one of the top 5 courses in the state. The Irish at Whistling - It is connected to the Straits course and has views of it and also Lake Michigan. It stands on it's own though, has some
  4. Looks like we can make tee times months in advance for that Thursday at Lawsonia as well. I would suggest we do that to get our ideal tee times. I’m am definitely up for this new plan, and can provide a list of great courses for us to choose from for Friday in/near Milwaukee for those who want to play a Friday round.
  5. We will likely not be going back to the lake house after Lawsonia, I live much closer to Lawsonia than the lake house and I think on that Friday people will either be going to Lawsonia or flying out. If anyone is planning on playing Lawsonia and then flying out Saturday, it will likely require a hotel Friday night maybe in Milwaukee somewhere.
  6. MKE is also pretty easy and fast to get to your gate. It is still pretty much a small town airport in a lot of ways.
  7. Yes, if you are able to find cheap flights you could do so at this time.
  8. That de-escalated quickly... Well, I'm not dropping out.😉
  9. I'm just here for all the experts on automobile crush zones, build quality and ADAS. 🙂
  10. Yeah I'm thinking I've upped my BS by about 5mph this winter. 😉
  11. The amount of snowfall we have received this year is absolutely brutal. I have not seen this much snow in years. I haven't had much motivation to swing a club all winter, but I need to soon.
  12. Some good lessons in here. To each of us is different with the time we're given. I lost my cousin last night who is a few years younger than me to a very short battle with cancer. Maybe I'm a bit too introspective at the moment, but time is the most valuable thing we have as it relates to our family, friends and our passions. Spend it well.
  13. That would be tough but not impossible. Might requite flying out on the 6th day. From Lawsonia Links it would be a 4 hour drive back to MSP airport.
  14. Thanks for trying to make it happen Mike. Hope you have a great time at the tournament! Sorry to hear it, that is a tough break.
  15. Thanks for that. When I made the tee time last year for just the 4 of us I had to make the payment at the time of making the tee time. I wasn't able to have the other members of our group call in for payment later. I have no issue putting the entire amount on my card, I just want to pay it off quickly. We should just plan, worse case scenario to all pay for the Sand Valley rounds a month or so ahead of scheduled rounds. Yep that sounds good, we will get it all handled. We can all hang out at the lake(It's questionable as you mentioned how much time we will actually have for that),
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