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  1. Haha, yeah pretty much!
  2. Yes, I feel lucky indeed that it ended up that way. I really did not like the idea of having the bone messed with, so I am glad that he did not need to have that done.
  3. February 2nd of 2016 came quickly and I was ready to get the surgery over with. I was a bit nervous about the procedure as this was my first real surgery. I really did not know what was going to happen when I woke up and how difficult recovery was going to be. The doctor had explained to me what was going to happen. He was going to do an endoscopy procedure in the wrist first to look at the damage, as the MRI results did not really show everything that he wanted to know before beginning the actual surgery. The worst case scenario was that would have to replace the sheath that cover and holds the ECU tendon in place, and at the same time would need to essentially deepen the groove in the Ulna bone that the ECU tendon itself sits in. This would allow the tendon to become a little more secure against the bone as well. They got me ready for the surgery, the anesthesiologist came in and got me set with the IV. The last thing that I remember is being wheeled into the surgical room and being put on the surgery table. The next thing I realize is that I am waking up. I regained consciousness in the recovery room. It was a bit strange as I was expecting to feel very groggy and pretty weird but I woke up surprising clear. Those drugs were a bit disappointing. The nurse came over and asked me how I was doing and I said I was fine, except for the GIANT cast on my left arm. I was a bit shocked at the size of it. I was expecting something that ended before the elbow, but it was well past the elbow and was very thick and heavy(twss). It turned out that the thickness of the cast was for allowing some swelling and the length was to eliminate any forearm rotation. The doctor explained that he did have to fix the TFCC and the ECU was actually not quite as bad as he feared. It did have a bit of a tear in the actual ECU tendon itself, which was something the MRI did not pick up. He cut the torn portion out. The subsheath that holds the ECU tendon in place was not torn as originally thought, but it was stretched out so he just had to tighten that back down. He also decided that he did not need to deepen the groove in the Ulna bone as he saw that the biggest problem was just all the damaged and irritated scar tissue in that area. Other than the 20lb weight attached to my left arm I was happy that everything seemed to go very well.
  4. Sounds good. I would be happy to help.
  5. Cool that you got out to play @Jakester23. I hope you really like the new irons this year.
  6. Interesting how things have turned since the prediction thread. I went with #2. I just don't see him ever really being healthy enough and play enough to be very competitive again.
  7. Yep the surgery was back in February of 2016. I was not able to play last year after the surgery. I will get to that in the coming weeks. I am timing the blog with my attempt to return to golf, so that is why the delay in the story. Check out blog #4 for info on ECU subluxation as well if you are looking for that.
  8. I had a lot of fun playing disc golf, but the fall of 2015 came quickly and I started to prepare for an attempt at swinging the sticks again. I went to the range in the middle part of September and tried some very light swinging. I was not hitting the ball far at all, but it seemed to go pretty well. I was just taking half swings with some wedges and a 7 iron. I was happy with the results and so the next week that I went out I decided to try and use a couple long irons. As soon as I started trying to swing the longer clubs, even with the half swings, I immediately started having problems with the ECU tendon snapping out of place again. In my mind I knew I was probably not going to get better without the surgery. It was time to schedule the surgery at this point. The only remaining issue with the decision was really a financial one. My health insurance is a Health Savings Account (HSA). Usually there is a reduced premium with this but it comes with a sizable out of pocket deductible. It was $4500 in my case for the family. We had not really used much of our deductible up for that year. I decided to wait until January 2016 to have the MRI done for the surgery so we could have it all taken care of at the beginning of the year. That way any additional medical bills for my family and all my additional physical therapy would be taken care of for that year. It delayed things a few more months, but I was good with the decision based on the financial practicality of it. I never had an MRI done before and have to say that was quite the awkward experience. I did not really think I would have a problem with it, but there were a couple moments I had to find a “happy place” in my mind, so to speak. The MRI technician was also getting a bit frustrated trying to get me to lay still for 5-7 minutes at a time. I had to re-do a couple of the scans. We managed to get it done though and my follow up with the doctor to tell me the results was a couple weeks later. The meeting with the doctor was quick. He basically told me the MRI results showed I had two problems. There was a problem with the ECU as we already knew. There was also a tear in the TFCC in the wrist as well. I was not really sure what this was, but it was in the same area as the ECU and also possibly why the injured area was not healing naturally. I was glad to have the MRI results and we scheduled the surgery for February 2nd. I was very much looking forward to getting this over with.
  9. Correct, it is gong to take much longer than ten years for the acceptance to be wide spread. In ten years the majority of people who do now are still going to own cars. If not then I need to find a new line of work quick, but I am very confident that won't happen so quickly. The tech is already available for on board crash diagnostics and parts procurement through the computer systems and modules though.
  10. Interesting question. I personally like the idea of letting the speed come as you improve. Maybe it is okay to try some good rips but just be careful not to overdo that as well for your own sake. Like trying to kill the ball with a 4 iron onto a green for your second shot on a par five for example. Not that I would know anything about that...
  11. Yeah, no snow here and temps in the 40s next week, so I think I may have to get out myself.
  12. Great idea @iacas and @mvmac. I will have to wait until the mid to late part of spring to even attempt to answer #1. Hopefully that will be okay.
  13. Ryan Moore, because everyone would ask me for my autograph.
  14. The struggle of not being able to play anymore was tough during the summer of 2015. I felt pretty helpless about the situation and was not really sure what to do. I began to slowly unplug golf from my life. I stopped watching and talking about golf as much as possible. Basically I tried to eliminate anything that would cause me to think about not being able to play golf. I took a necessary break from posting on this site for a while as well. There are a few people from TST that continually checked in with me during this time, and I am grateful for that. They know who they are, and probably don’t feel it necessary for me to mention them by name. But they should and I hope do know how much I appreciated it. I started to look for new ways to keep my mind off golf, stay active and be challenged. I knew that @iacas played some disc golf, so I started asking him some questions about it. He recommended a few discs, I picked a couple of them up and took them out to a field to throw. It was pretty awkward at first but seemed like it could be fun. I headed to the course about a week later to try and play for the first time. It was a lot of fun playing disc golf that day, so it was something that I started doing many mornings before work. I even played in a recreational tournament a couple months into playing and I enjoyed doing that. It was fun watching how other more experienced players played the game. As I got better throughout that summer it was fun to learn about all the different ways a disc can be thrown and how they act differently in flight based on the disc design. Disc golf is very much multi-dimensional and there are so many types of shots you can play. You can literally have a disc curve in two different directions left and right. You can sidearm or backhand the same disc for different throws, play skip shots, throw the disc upside down, and you can even get some to flip over enough that it will roll a long way. It is a lot of fun to watch. Should I be back on a golf course this spring, I don’t see disc golf ever going away as I have come to enjoy it so much. It is less frustrating to play in general for me, the rounds are quick, watching a disc fly on a good throw is so cool, it is cheap because most courses are free to play and the average cost of the best discs is only around $15 each(unless you become addicted to buying discs like I am). J If you don't know much about disc golf here are some great shots that were caught on film in 2016: