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  1. Some things I like and some things I don't but overall inline is much better. Hitting 13/14 fairways with this swing Monday was a personal best.
  2. Very nice. I like the way you are working on that, not that I know much of anything really. But it looks good to me!
  3. Played a great course yesterday. Struggles with some face control and low point in my irons a bit and I continue to struggle with focus on my putts. I need to work on that.
  4. @Jakester23 and I played a great course in the Dells today called Wild Rock.
  5. I will look into this a bit more but I am not sure if I will be able to make it happen. My schedule has been absolutely crazy this summer.
  6. Haha! Very true.
  7. Thanks bud, yeah I think it will get there. Did some work at the range and one of the feels that I have to work on in the DS should eventually help me tighten those fades up a bit.
  8. This is a swing from a couple weeks ago now. Just have not had time to update the thread much at all. Found a way to get the toe down at 4. It has pretty much eliminated hitting any hooks for me. I am working now on finding something between this(getting some huge fades) and my old motion where I took the club in maybe too much and swung out too much with the face more shut. This is all a backswing feel really. In the DS I am still just basically working on one feel to get to a better inline impact. I need to get some FO video soon.
  9. Whistling Straits is one I got to play. It was an incredible experience.
  10. I have the Adams pro mini 2 hybrid and it has a little bit(not much) of forgiveness. I really enjoy hitting it off the tee. I don't know that I would recommend it for many players though. The head is pretty small and probably intimidating to many. Your issue @Moxley does sound like potentially more of a side effect of your impact conditions rather than the club though.
  11. Yeah, but these things have been off and on for you for so long. It would be great to see a long period of no injuries for you. I really hope and believe you can get there.
  12. 12-13 hour work days and activities with my young kids on the weekends.
  13. Nice stretch of holes there Matt. Great job.
  14. Yeah, seriously. Great job Tyler! It sounds like it was a lot of fun as well.