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  1. Thanks for that. When I made the tee time last year for just the 4 of us I had to make the payment at the time of making the tee time. I wasn't able to have the other members of our group call in for payment later. I have no issue putting the entire amount on my card, I just want to pay it off quickly. We should just plan, worse case scenario to all pay for the Sand Valley rounds a month or so ahead of scheduled rounds. Yep that sounds good, we will get it all handled. We can all hang out at the lake(It's questionable as you mentioned how much time we will actually have for that),
  2. Originally I was only planning on 8, because it kept the lodging and handling of things much easier. We can go up to 16 if the interest is there, it just makes it more complicated for the arrangements and some may need to unfortunately find lodging for themselves if I am not able to locate a second place of stay for us. I am not overly keen on being the arbiter of who is able to stay at the lake and who isn't. Lastly I will likely need payment for the rounds at Sand Valley a month or so before we play. The fees are non-refundable for Sand Valley, and with 16 people we are talking roughly 14K g
  3. Here is that info again. I added the dates to each day. I am thinking we start golfing maybe on Monday the 19th or Tuesday the 20th. Again, I am very open to discussion on all of this. July 18th(Sunday): Travel Day July 19th: Mammoth or SV and the Sand Box $290 July 20th: Mammoth or SV and the Sand Box $290 July 21: Mammoth or SV and the Sand Box $290 July 22: Sentry World ($155) or Mammoth or SV and the Sand Box ($290) July 23: Lawsonia ($120)/Travel Day If you would be doing this on the way out it would be recommended to maybe fly out of Milwaukee. It
  4. I have left wrist pain every time I swing or play. I have been using the Bullseye Brace wrist band lately with nice results.
  5. Now and after the new year I plan to continue my Evolvr lesson work so that when the spring and summer comes around I can mostly just play and reach my main goal for 2021 of being a sub 5 index golfer. I feel the work we did this fall was great and I was finally able to gain more control of the clubface in a way that I have been looking to do for many years. I won't swing every day this winter, but enough to retain what I have been learning and also avoid any injuries. I already started on it, but I would like to get a little more fit, increasing strength and flexibility for injury avoidance a
  6. There are many, many ways that one could flip the narrative back on the person doing this to give them pause about the effectiveness of their approach. I would personally focus on having some fun with that.
  7. Was he swinging a HammerX driver? Great story btw, enjoyed that very much. It reminds me of a Tim O'Brien bit of storytelling.
  8. Yeah I feel like it is a good range of dates for us here in WI. April 1 - Oct 31.
  9. I prefer the 56 most of the time. I alternate depending on the trajectory and roll desired between the 56 and the 52. I don't like a higher lofted wedge for my game, I'd rather open up the 56 and add more glide/bounce.
  10. Put together a vintage set for some rounds with the kids and some par three courses.
  11. Indeed, that's really what it is all about. I'll be looking at the snow for the next few months, dreaming about this. This photo is actually #10, which is the hole my uncle got an Albatross on. We played from the sand tees at 491 and not the tips which would have been 563...but still. It's worth noting that the tips are not that long at 6938 and it will likely play even a bit shorter than that. It is also a par 72 with three par 3s on the front and three par 5s on the back. I am looking forward to playing this course from this perspective rather than a couple tees up.
  12. I am very excited for this trip. I have been wanting and waiting to do another trip like this since the 2017 Newport Cup that you and @mvmac made such a great experience for all of us. I will do my best to make it a great and worthwhile trip for all who can make it.
  13. Well, that didn't take very long, all I had to do was buy a new Driver. Just picked up the G410. Speed has been improving week by week though. Nice to see every ball at 160+ even with some off center hits.
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