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  1. I live just over 10 minutes away. There are multiple roads in. Also the Straits really is not much different. There is essentially no parking allowed at the course. Everyone will be shuttled in from what I hear. This was the same situation as when I attended the Ryder Cup at Medina.
  2. Only was able to play one round this week due to terrible conditions. On the 18th hole I hit a 9 iron to 2 feet for a tap in.
  3. A good little drill to learn a backhand throw.
  4. Sure, and as you work on your swing you will continue to develop and refine a pattern.
  5. From a fellow Sconnie, welcome to the site. Many, many golfers play fades from a closed stance. They are mostly pull slicers. Basically your club face is just closed in relation to the path you are swinging on. Maybe start a swing thread sometime if you want and someone can try and help. Otherwise there is not really much anyone can tell you. Hope you stick around and become involved in the site.
  6. Very good read. Finally just got to try the My Tour ball and love it.
  7. Difficult question to answer. Can you consistently hit the ball as cleanly with a driver as you can the 3 wood? I don't use a driver either, what I use is a 14 degree strong 3 wood with a slightly over-sized head for 3 wood standards. My top end distance may be about 10 yards short, but it appears based on Game Golf stats that I am averaging about 5-10 yards more because I hit it more consistently. You really may just need to try some different driver's out though and see how you hit them.
  8. Yeah stance can affect path for some people but it is not required to hit a draw. The ball flight laws, the relationship of the club face angle to the path at impact are what matter. I hit draws for years with and open stance and hitting a push draw right of the target line while my feet were lined up left of the target line.
  9. Thank you, and yeah I will keep at it and if I am lucky enough I would love to be part of the NC. I think that you hit on some of the main points here indeed. Thank you for the kind words as well!
  10. Great voice and a very sad ending indeed. I liked Audioslave quite a bit, but that is mostly because I am a huge fan of Tom Morello.
  11. I've known you long enough to know it is not just an 8 month thing for you either. The injury deal off and on for you has been going on well before my incident two years ago. I really hope you get through this and can enjoy doing what you love to do Constantine. Glad to know this blog has shown that has helped you look towards a positive outcome for your golf future. I believe it can and will happen for you.
  12. I am subtitling this: “the Tao of Cipher” Last week I was able to play my first full round of golf in over two years. It was not pretty, but it was so much fun. I completely chunked about nine shots and I took at least 4 penalties. I had the absolute best time doing so. A co-worker and I took a couple business partners out and it was very rewarding to be able to do that again. All the hard work, patience and time weighing the tough decisions have been to the benefit of playing again without a concern at this point and without any sort of swing alteration to do so. I am incredibly pleased with the result and with being able to play again. It gives me great joy to know there are many days including yesterday in which my wife will mention the positive change she has seen in me. I don’t want to keep bringing up perspective, because I think it is and has been the least relatable thing in this blog so far based on the reactions and comments. I will just leave this series to be for now with a few final thoughts. This is probably one of the best things that ever happened to me, even if my wrist decides to give out next week. If everything continues to go well don’t be surprised if I play quite a bit less than I did in the past, but also enjoy the game more than I ever have. Don’t be surprised if I do not work on the swing at the same level or someday soon really at all. Don’t be surprised if there are days I would rather go throw a disc into some chains or go fishing with my son and daughter nearly every weekend. Don’t be surprised if I have little to no interest in playing competitive golf. I will however probably try and get the game in shape enough to qualify for and be part of the Newport Cup if I am lucky enough to be chosen. I was looking forward to that the last time and I would like to redeem that missed opportunity. I am most looking forward to meeting some of people I have not met yet from the site and also seeing those again that I have. Thank you to all who have read this series and have wished me well over these past couple years. If anyone comes across this blog in the search for information on this injury, please reach out to me if you are experiencing the same thing. I know the information out there is not great. I will possibly try and continue with another series of blogs in the future, but for this series on the “Reflections on Golf and Life After ECU Injury” I am signing off, for now. Wishing you all great health and don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy each day you are.
  13. Just continuing to work on the same thing:
  14. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/ciphernate/round/1585265 Played 17 holes this morning. Decided to skip one where they were changing out the pin location.
  15. Nice! Glad it turned out to be a great course!