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  1. Yep, take some time away and let it heal. Any plans to see a doctor about it?
  2. Hopefully it is not much of anything going on there and in a week or so you will continue to be able to play. I do think that some perspective about the game is an important lesson for all of us and is also a tough lesson I have learned through this. Ultimately it has been to my own benefit as I have been able to enjoy things I was not before due to being too focused on golf. I will probably talk about it more in a later blog, but even if I play again it will not be to the same extent I once did.
  3. Haha, same here. I was about to say it is a Sunday morning religious practice up in Green Bay before Packer's games.
  4. I believe @Golfingdad has played this a bit. I think it would be a fun way to get your kids out trying something similar to golf which I would imagine is much easier. That being said, I don't know that I would want my home course to adopt this. I know a course here in WI that tried it a couple years ago and they found very few people were interested in it and more(the regular golfers) were annoyed by it. Although seeing where you are from, it could be more popular.
  5. Have a great birthday Erik!
  6. Haha, none of us would stand a chance.
  7. He has not won since 2012 and I am not sure how much or if he even still plays on the tour, but I have always liked Mark Wilson.
  8. Welcome to the site!
  9. I finally was able to convince the wife to do this. We replaced cable with Sling and will continue Netflix. Very happy with the choice at a $90 savings per month.
  10. March-July, 2016 - I did not know exactly what to expect when starting physical therapy. I have been lucky enough in the past not to need it due to any other injuries or procedures. One of the first things we tried to do was to check the range of motion. I simply held my arm on the table and tried to rotate the wrist back and forth, palm up and palm down. I was very surprised, as I think the PT was as well, that I only had about 10 degrees of wrist rotation available to me at first. I continued to do the therapy over the next couple months and the wrist very slowly began to regain the mobility that it had before the surgery. What the Physical Therapist told me is that everyone is different when it comes to getting mobility back after having something immobilized for a while post-surgery. Unfortunately I turned out to be one of those patients who struggles to regain the full range of motion quickly again. It further delayed my attempts at getting back out on the course. Around July I finally felt like I would be able to try some light swings. I had been doing the PT on my own at that point and my first range session went pretty well. I was able to make some very light swings with an eight iron and I was pretty excited to start swinging again. The next time that I went out I decided to try a few longer irons. Even though I was again trying some very light and easy swings, this time with the longer irons I felt some instability in the wrist and immediately stopped swinging. There was not a lot of pain, but I decided to shut it down and wait until the spring or 2017 to start swinging again. Trying to get to a point of playing in the late season was just not worth the risk re-injuring the wrist again if it was not quite ready. At this point in my life, I honestly was not very bothered by the situation. In the early part of June I attended an intensive four day leadership program down in Houston Texas which was possibly the most difficult thing I have ever done, but it changed the way I look at and approach all of life’s challenges(long story). I was having a lot of fun playing disc golf, traveling, fishing and hunting with my family at the time. There was and is just so much to be thankful for and golf is only one of many things I enjoy to keep myself active. I was not about to allow the setback of not being able play golf to still to affect me negatively. Heading into the late part of summer, I was about to have an incredible rest of the year.
  11. We should probably start a support group for injured golf addicts. If only we loved being injured as much as we loved playing golf, we'd be in a good spot right now.
  12. Thanks guys. I started the PT about a year ago. I am doing it on my own now to try and get back to playing this spring.
  13. Thank you. @Jakester23 and I would like to play Erin maybe next year. This year we have Wild Rock in the Dells on the list. A coworker also wants to play the new Coore Crenshaw Sand Valley course with me as well. If I can get healthy and play those two courses this year it would be a great year.
  14. Basically just using the weight of a golf club to do different slow rotations of the wrist. Yeah, I also have some rubber balls that the PT gave me to use for strengthening as well.
  15. I've been slacking a bit lately. Have not really had much motivation to work on the wrist over the winter so that has got to change. I started doing some strengthening and stretching with the left wrist this week and will continue to work on that. @Jakester23 is checking up on me and holding me accountable to that. I will give it a good go this spring and will play through everything but another tendon dislocation at this point. I am confident that if I can play this year that I will be a single digit again pretty quickly. I would really like to get back out there this year and just need to stay motivated to do so.