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  1. cipher

    TFCC Tear

    I am sorry to hear this Jerry. My main issue was actually the ECU tear which is a fairly invasive surgery. They found the TFCC was torn as well while they were operating and they fixed that as well. It is a much less invasive procedure, so that is the good news. Best wishes with everything.
  2. cipher

    My Swing (cipher)

    I will still play some here and there, especially considering I need to for the company at times. But I am finished with the early morning stuff and with working on things. I know my limitations at this point. If I play it will be for fun moving forward, basically the way golf used to be for me before 2011. I may get out to Sand Valley this year or next with my Dad and that would be great fun.
  3. cipher

    My Swing (cipher)

    I did not work on anything with the swing. Life changes, you move on. I don't have the desire to practice and play much anymore after everything that has happened and with the place I am at in life. I've only played golf a couple times this year. I gave it a good five years of commitment to improving the game, and learned so much along the way. This thread was a lot of fun, thanks to all who weighed in over the years.
  4. cipher

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    I am glad I decided not to make any early judgement about this movie. After a second viewing of it I really am starting to like it. Not my favorite by any means but it is a much needed shift in the films for sure. The most important explanation that we could have been given in the film, we were given imo. Light rises to meet the darkness and darkness to meet the light. Yeah that is correct, I believe just a powerful dark side force user. Some think he is the Prime Jedi but I do not think so myself.
  5. cipher

    What are you listening to?

    From my favorite songwriter. Only biggest indie fans would really know who this guy is. I love the transition at about 2:10.
  6. cipher

    What are you listening to?

    From one of my favorite albums ever.
  7. cipher

    My Swing (cipher)

    This should be an interesting year coming up. I will try and work on the swing a bit over the winter if I can find the time. I definitely want to give it one more solid effort on correcting the driver swing as soon a spring hits. I also picked up a Ping G driver which seems so much more forgiving(I have only hit it once at the range though) than my SLDR TP was. I am not sure what I was thinking with that one other than it was a cheap driver to buy when getting back into playing again after the injury.
  8. cipher

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    In original post with the article that Erik linked(which included the statement I was referencing and quoted a couple times which was "I’ve read several things that make a very good case for the Empire as the good guys") the author of the actual article states: I have an issue with the first disclaimer or whatever you want to call it as far at the article remaining relative. There are the films, there is Expanded Universe, however there is still official canon outside the films. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Wookieepedia:Canon_policy So as I best understand this would include the shows Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels and the StarWars.com databank. I have not spent much time in the databank but have watched much of the shows with my kids. The information from these official canon sources a is plenty to write a lengthy response to the original article and the others if one wanted. However it really is not fair to the original article as he did not have that information back in 2002 when the article was written. If you want to keep the conversation as it seems you guys do to just the movies, then it is just a useless back and forth conversation and I agree there is no point. I am just pointing out in this post that official canon includes sources that now shed a lot more light on the Empire as also not being the good guys so to speak. If someone wants to consider looking at those sources that is great. I would be happy over the next couple weeks to do a write up citing this canon(you don't have to be an expert, which I am not either, you just have to look it up), but I don't really want to be accused of taking this all too seriously again. I just thought it was a fun and lighthearted philosophical discussion. Maybe not as I did not have the time yesterday or today when my work starts to provide complete responses at this time.
  9. cipher

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    That wasn't your statement. So does a naval ship they are military personnel. Sure. I can refrain, that is fine with me.
  10. cipher

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    I did not make the original statement, I simply responded to it with mine. I am yet to see the proof of the first one, just silly click-bait articles that are trendy. The burden is not on me. I already did some quickly off the top of my mind, listed at five good reasons why, and attached a video showing just one example of genocide and enslavement by the Empire. I am no expert either, I just know barely enough of the other stuff out there to know it is an exaggerated theory. No, it had a military installation on it. The Death Star, the ships, those are military installations with military personnel. You said, "I’ve read several things that make a very good case for the Empire as the good guys." I have not been making a case for the Rebels or the Jedi. Only that the Empire and the First Order are not the good guys. I disagree there is not much of a case for that, and no proof.
  11. cipher

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    My statement is accurate, so I don't need to convince you. If you won't watch the cartoons or look into the recent supporting material, how could I convince you anyway? Maybe if I have time in future I will find some clips and material like the one example I quickly found to counter argue each point in one of these links but I don't really see the value in doing so for the time it will require to put together at this moment. Maybe in a week or two. If it is more fun for some to see the Star Wars universe that way, that is fine by me, you just won't be right. I do agree with you on TLJ but FA should have changed that for you with the Hosnian System.
  12. cipher

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    Even if I confine my information to films, the recent shows, comics, and games which all are canon it backs up my statement. The films are just a chapter in a book, and I would not base my point on them alone. I can see some argument for the Jedi not being the "good guys" even though many of the points in those links are quite silly, but there is no way the Galactic Empire would take that place. I could take nearly every point in those links and argue it suits the Empire(and the Sith) better as well.
  13. cipher

    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    In cannon there are many, many examples. There were many abductions and manipulation of force-sensitive children, enslaving people groups, there are many examples of mass murder across the galaxy, and the murder of anyone who did not meet their expectations to name just a few. Opinions otherwise are just attempted justification and trendy click-bait.
  14. cipher

    What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    What I mainly want to do is to improve my long game. I will likely work with some evolvr instruction to do so.

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