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  1. How Often Do You Hit The Sweet Spot?

    On a 210 yard par three Drew hits it every time. At least from what I have seen anyway. The rest of us, not so much. I think people often confuse a shot feeling good with actually hitting the sweet spot.
  2. Lost the love

    What did you enjoy about the game before? It may not end up one day being what you thought it was or now think it is. Two years away from the game for me changed what I enjoy about it. I am in a slump as well. I have not been able to break 80 since some time in July. This would have really bothered me before, but not so much these days. I used to live and die by my score. I now mainly enjoy playing different courses, with different people. You may need to change the value you place in what parts of the game give you your enjoyment is what I am getting at.
  3. Madison, WI golf

    Will do, thanks for the tip.
  4. Madison, WI golf

    Good to hear. I have been wanting to get out there and play that one as well.
  5. Your Final 10 Rounds

    Not sure it I have a complete 10 that deserve being on this list but it sounds like fun so here it is. This may end up more as a reflection on time, family, friends and experience. 1. The Straits at Whistling - Kohler, WI - It needs no explanation. 2. The Irish at Whistling - Kohler, WI - It is basically attached to The Straits and is an incredible course with a bit more forgiveness than it’s big brother. In some ways I like the design even more than the Straits. 3. Wild Rock - Wisconsin Dells - It has some beautiful views and some very fun holes. I really like the design of the course and the simple yet effective placement of the bunkers. It would be great to play one more time with my buddy @Jakester23. 4. Oconomowoc Golf Club - Oconomowoc, WI - A Donald Ross design and is a private course in which I have had the pleasure of playing twice. It is my dream course as far as being a member one day. It is the most well-manicured course I have ever played and looks like a piece of land stolen from the North East. 5. Hidden Glen Golf Club - Cedarburg, WI - Designed by Pete Dye's son, I recently had the pleasure of playing this private course. It is very challenging and requires great decision making and from tee to green on shot zones. It is one of the most engaging courses I have played 6. Erin Hills – Erin, WI – Okay, I admit I am cheating here. I have not played it. However, I was supposed to and would have if I did not get injured. I also walked most of the course a number of years ago during the US Amateur. I have to play this one, I just do. 7. Whispering Woods, - Erie, PA - One of the most unique, and challenging wooded courses I have played. My two trips out to Erie changed things for me in a couple ways. Lessons were learned on the course and in life. Maybe a final chance to play a round with my coach as well. 8. Magnolia Landing – North Fort Myers, FL – It is a typical but beautiful Florida design. I never actually got to play the second nine holes at this course. This course changed my life on the ninth hole, one swing, one injury, and two years left to reflect on life. Things will never be the same, they are better. Time changes many things, but not my desire to finish what I started on this course. 9. Superior National - Tofte, MN - My Father's favorite course and I would love for this to be our final round of golf together. It has some incredible views and some beautiful holes. A great place to reflect on our time together. 10. Baker National - Hamel, MN – This is the course I grew up on back in MN and where I learned to play golf. The design is a good one, although I have no clue what condition it is in these days. I would love to end it where it all started.
  6. My Swing (cipher)

    Thank you Ryan.
  7. My Swing (cipher)

    Have not really been "working" on anything for a while. I am pretty much just checking and tweaking a few things in very small ways here or there to gain more consistency. We pretty much did what I set out to do this year and that was to hit fades, lots of fades. I am not going to try any big changes now before the Newport Cup.
  8. Fade or draw?

    Well if that is the case as @mvmac has pointed out the instructor wanting to to swing left in relation to your feet alignment is not very good. I fade nearly every shot and I aim left and try to start the ball on my foot line or hit a push slightly right of it.
  9. Fade or draw?

    Swinging left of your feet line for a righty? Nothing wrong with a fade though. What kind of long term problems would you be referring to?
  10. Hurricane IRMA

    Amazing photo here of all three. Stay safe all.
  11. I think I will probably get a couple boxes.
  12. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy birthday @coachjimsc!
  13. Is your Summer slipping away?

    Not really able to do morning rounds anymore. Was not able to play a ton of them anyway. It has been a very busy year with work and traveling. Never was really able to bounce back on a scoring level from where I was the last time I played a few years ago. Put some pretty solid work in this year for being able to get off the tee better. Won't be able to play many more rounds this year. Maybe 1 each week or every couple of weeks. I do enjoy fall golf though and am looking forward to those rounds. The only thing I really feel slipping away is my desire to spend so much time improving the game. I am not sure where things will end up next year.
  14. Anyone play a driving iron?

    I use one. Love it off the tee and out of the fairway. I have always been better with irons than woods or hybrids.
  15. Anyone enjoying the drink tonight?

    Love me some Martinelli!