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  1. I prefer the 56 most of the time. I alternate depending on the trajectory and roll desired between the 56 and the 52. I don't like a higher lofted wedge for my game, I'd rather open up the 56 and add more glide/bounce.
  2. Put together a vintage set for some rounds with the kids and some par three courses.
  3. Indeed, that's really what it is all about. I'll be looking at the snow for the next few months, dreaming about this. This photo is actually #10, which is the hole my uncle got an Albatross on. We played from the sand tees at 491 and not the tips which would have been 563...but still. It's worth noting that the tips are not that long at 6938 and it will likely play even a bit shorter than that. It is also a par 72 with three par 3s on the front and three par 5s on the back. I am looking forward to playing this course from this perspective rather than a couple tees up.
  4. I am very excited for this trip. I have been wanting and waiting to do another trip like this since the 2017 Newport Cup that you and @mvmac made such a great experience for all of us. I will do my best to make it a great and worthwhile trip for all who can make it.
  5. Well, that didn't take very long, all I had to do was buy a new Driver. Just picked up the G410. Speed has been improving week by week though. Nice to see every ball at 160+ even with some off center hits.
  6. Huge shout out to @BEK1966 who was able to locate some Vintage Hogan irons for me! I appreciate it very much and am very excited to play some vintage iron rounds with you guys next season. These are gorgeous and I can't wait to add to the collection.
  7. I try not to be too serious. I've learned some valuable lessons over the years on the subject. I try to take my swings seriously I guess, the results...not so much. Good reminder here: Also this headcover is on my 3W and that thing is a joke! 🤣
  8. More people should be doing this though. I've usually had a higher tee than most on par three shots, people give you that weird look. Then you hit a ball high and soft and they give another weird look, like they don't understand how the two relate. People often struggle with low point control, why not help ourselves out a bit? Or just don't use a tee if your going to put it level with the ground. 😊
  9. Haha, no Ticiddytoc for me. Here are some normal swings in which I got the speed up a bit. Hit 160 BS on one, close on others. I'll be working on this and getting my SF up with better contact this winter. Here were 6 all out swings just to see what my top end was. Horrible contact consistency, but there some speed on reserve there in the tank.
  10. Working hard towards 170 ball speed.
  11. It doesn't make sense, and it never will. I will do my best to avoid the politics in it all. We are about to get locked down here in Wisconsin too for about 4-5 months. Mainly because it's hard to find golf balls in 2' of snow though. 😂 So, you'll hopefully be playing again before I am. Hopefully it is just the 4 weeks for you. Good luck!
  12. It missed a few accidental low balls I noticed at the range yesterday. But it hasn't been missing too many decently launched shots, except for on one club. For some reason it doesn't like my G410 Hybrid. It misses some decent ones with that. It misses club head speed a decent amount with it, too stealthy I guess. 😂 One of the shots I threw out with that was over 230 carry but it didn't register CH speed and one other reading, so I considered it an abnormality. I've only used it twice now and have had decent luck with it so far overall. The first time was hitting into a net with the stickers on the balls. I'll let you know more once I have it indoors if I have any troubles. I am really enjoying it and what I am learning from it so far.
  13. Very happy with the progress i have made overall on Evolvr this fall. I was able to find some of the missing mechanical pieces that have been eluding me for many years. I'll continue to work on them over the winter and next season should be a lot of fun. As for the long iron decisions. The Cleveland Launcher HB 4i(20 degrees, I consider it a 3 iron alternative basically). This thing is just so easy to hit and fits nicely with my 4iron which was between 190-195 carry on this particular day. The miss is an occasional toe miss left. It is just so consistent overall. A fellow golfer and I have long called this type of club an NFG club, as in, I'm No F🤬ing Good club. Ugly but effective. It reminds me of my old G15 hybrids. I loved those and I love this, it's probably here to stay. Ben Hogan 3 iron utility with stiff steel shaft. I just don't think I have the speed or the ability to hit this club consistently but when you do...its a laser beam. Fun but I'm NFG for this club probably at this time. Carry distances are too inconsistent and I tend to leave the face open and miss with the ball spinning out to the right. It's probably out but I'll keep practicing with it.. I might try a graphite shaft in it to see if that goes any better. I can't really see how it would be an improvement over the Cleveland however. Ping G410 3 hybrid(de-lofted to 18 degrees). The more I swing this club the more I am loving it. Right now it is my go to max distance second shot club that I am most comfortable with. It isn't too far behind my 3w for carry as well. Ping G 3 Wood +1 for loft so 3.5 or 4 wood basically. I've kept it in the bag for now, but rarely pull it out. I am committed to practicing with it and getting better. But I've struggled with my attack angles on it this season. My swing work should continue to help me clean up the contact though. I basically have to "feel" I am taking a half speed swing to hit it decently and not thin it or (cough)top it. You can see the speed difference in swings 2-4. One club is out for sure maybe 2(not sure I even really need the 3 wood), seems like the obvious choice to me for inconsistency issues and gap control is to cut the Hogan 3 utility iron. I'll do some more testing though and see where things end up.
  14. Haha, I'd love to get my ball speed into the 160 mph range consistently with a "normal' swing. I am curios how the CH speed and ball speed will be next season when it is warmer and after swinging and working on some things over the winter.
  15. Had some fun with the Mevo testing different loft settings and tee heights at the range. It was chilly and windy so I am not sure how much that affects things. I will post my findings on the long club decisions maybe later tonight or tomorrow as well.
  16. Same here, we usually get them around the holidays from Sentry here in Delafield.
  17. That is great that you are able to play and also found a renewed interest in the game. It gives me hope that maybe with a little luck, and with some fitness, I continue to play for a while. I had about 4 years through my main injury and through just a lack of interest where I didn't play very much. I found that excitement for the game again this year as well. Enjoy your playing days again sir.
  18. Welcome to the site. I am a big fan of the Snell balls myself @Esox. They are around $20 less than most other high end balls as they are a direct to consumer company. You may find my old blog interesting, maybe not. We share some similar left wrist horror stories. I also broke my left hand after all this happened a couple years ago on top of the tendon issues. Also, how the heck are you still able to swing a club after all those injuries?
  19. I resolved my pitching/chipping struggles. I have had a lot of low point issues and flinching with this, going all the way back to 2017 when I took the game back up again. Spent about and hour hitting chips off the fringe at a course nearby. Felt like I was only rolling the club inside instead of taking it up. Cleaned up my contact sooooooo much more. I'm still losing more shots to the full swing but this should clean up some smaller issues. In my last regular full round I shot an 82 and had 3 three putts and 3 shots lost to chucked or bladed pitches. Only one of the three putts was really due to a bad iron shot, but of course, all of the pitches were. An improved pitching motion will help me make more pars on those nGIR shots as well. So the priority continues to be the full swing, but I can't hit every green so cleaning the pitching up and also figuring out my putting motion(I had reverted back to some old habits on it) should help save me 3-6 strokes a round as well.
  20. Thanks guys, yeah that is definitely something to consider if I go down that route about the pairing and tags for sure @Missouri Swede.
  21. @Missouri Swede or anyone else who can maybe answer this question, what are the options for tagging putts? I will not be able to use the inserts on my putter. I assume you can tag the putts on the app?
  22. Yeah I have been following a lot of what Crossfield has been doing. It is fascinating. I'd love to try that same at some point, but at 40 now with a rebuilt wrist, I am not sure that is in the cards. I just want to keep the ball in play. 😂
  23. I would think it would almost have to be a little longer than his usual one right? That speed is just so amazing.
  24. Committed to be considered: @cipher @iacas @DeadMan @GolfLug @DaveP043 @TN94z @Slim_Pivot @Hardspoon @mvmac @klineka (only for a 9-12 spot) @criley4way
  25. Apparently we are the only ones who found it interesting. Personally, I had no idea that kind of speed was possible within' the ROG.
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