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  1. I shot an 89 the other day and feel like it was 7-9. I'm feeling optimistic. 😉
  2. This here is the key IMO. I've been there man, maybe worse than what you have going on. I spent an entire season with the shanks and probably 4 seasons battling extreme snap hooks including at the Newport Cup a couple years ago, and spent nearly three years injured and out of the game Which includes much of this year. I grew tired of having a swing where everyone was telling me it looked so great without the results on the course. It honestly just made me feel worse that the results weren't there. I'd see other golfers with goofy swings be able to find the ball much better than me. You'll get through this and move on to the next thing. You'll find a way not to do it, if it is goofy, who cares. Don't give up, embrace it. You have to change how you approach it. I shot a pretty poor round yesterday(haven't really played much this year) and years ago would have been deflated and extremely upset where now I just have a blast doing it. I hit my driver pretty decently now without any snap hooks, I haven't shanked a ball for years and my iron and driver swings are different and goofy enough that people comment/laugh at it every time I play, until they see how I hit it. I don't care what they think, it allows me to hit a driver and irons the way I want and have fun!
  3. View this round on GAME GOLF Really my second full individual round(a stroke play event), or 4th if you count scrambles, on the year. I am actually hitting my driver and irons decently as far as path and face is concerned and for distance as well. My driver play is going especially well considering the lack of play. I am definitely struggling a bit with low point but not as much as I thought I would. Had some great shots out of bunkers as well. I can't seem to figure out my wedge distances as is fairly obvious from this round. My new Glide 2.0 wedges are confusing me a bit on some controlled distance shots. I kind of miss my Edel wedges for that. My touch around the greens is just not in form right now as would be expected. I had some three putts out there but these greens are some of the toughest multi tiered greens I have played on. We played with a scratch guy out there who shot a 77. If i catch one thin or toe it a bit the hand also is in a fair amount of pain yet. I look forward to the continued healing in the hand as far as that goes. If i can avoid injuring myself this winter I hope to play a lot more next season. Hopefully I can get out to Erin Hills and Sand Valley. If anyone would be interested in playing theses courses next year with me, let me know. I am a bit on the fence over if I should work on the swing and try and get rid of the Furyk/Moore like loop or if I should just own it as it seems to be giving me the best face/path relationship I have maybe ever had. At the end of the day if I can shoot in the low 80's from time to time next season I think it should be a lot of fun to play again.
  4. This is a course I used to play quite a bit but haven't this year due to some construction in the park. I think there is only currently about 17 holes that are playable including some temp holes that are actually pretty enjoyable.
  5. View this round on GAME GOLF First time playing 18 holes this year. Pretty rough, but had some fun.
  6. View this round on GAME GOLF
  7. All in good fun. Glad you are playing in this again @saevel25! Go Blue!
  8. I was thinking the same thing, he cleaned his ball off on that one foot putt as well. 🤦‍♂️😜
  9. The wifey got me a new bag and a new 3 wood to match my driver as a gift. Attached are a few ITB photos. I also replaced my wedges with some Glide 2.0 wedges as well. The putter will never leave my bag. Played 9 holes this morning with a friend and I am hitting the ball very well considering how little I have played again this year. My club path and face relationship must have renewed their vows or something. Basically I am just thinking about the left leg/hip in the downswing and that is about it.
  10. I could not even watch the entire OP clip. Had to skip ahead a couple times...brutal.
  11. An enjoyable and challenging older county course with some nice Pewaukee Lake views. "Noted golf course architect, Lawrence Packard, transformed 200 wooded, Kettle Moraine acres into a beautiful and challenging, irrigated, 18-hole championship golf course. The rugged terrain and breathtaking views of Pewaukee Lake make playing this course an unforgettable experience." Waukesha County - NagaWaukeeGolf
  12. Not anymore! As promised here is a recent disc golf round. I am a bit rusty and my form is off, but shooting under par on a course this tough is not easy. Sorry for the weird noises in the video, tried to cover it with some music, but I think my audio is corrupted.
  13. Tried to do some winter disc golf but the photos just didn’t turn out very interesting. Would have loved to take it to the indoor golf simulator or something like that.
  14. The NC was 2017, I got the cup Feb 2019. There was a foot of snow and I had a broken bone in my left hand, so there wasn’t much for me to do with it and it was a bit past the point as well.
  15. @iacas let's see if I can remember how to quote a prior post properly. Honesty I think it is just some residual pain at this point and nothing to worry about.
  16. Played in another charity event yesterday. Hit the ball okay, except for my 5w for some reason. The left hand has a considerable amount of pain each time I swing. I will wait another week or two and see how it goes from there.
  17. I haven't really watched golf in so long that I did not even know that he had fallen off. Hopefully he's able to figure things out as he was fun to watch when he was playing well.
  18. Will do my best guys. Hoping to get some DG videos made yet this year. I have not been able to play much DG either with being preoccupied with opening our second business location which is set to go live in September.
  19. Just finally made it out this week for some golf for the first time this year. Hitting the ball decently well considering I still have quite a bit of pain in the left hand when swinging and haven't swung a club for a long time again. Just picked up some Glide 2 wedges and l look forward to playing a few rounds this year yet, if the hand holds up. I'll try and stop by here a little more often, but won't really update this thread much as I have no plans to actually work on my swing in the future.
  20. Thanks. Did you get the same ice storms there? Thanks, hopefully it will soon. Left hand. Thanks man, hope all is well.
  21. Checking in. I must have something against my left hand and wrist as I decided to break it playing soccer(yeah I know, you are not supposed to use your hands in soccer), back in the beginning of January. Bone still has not started coming back together as of the end of January and I am still in a splint. I am hoping that I do not need surgery again. If all goes well I will probably try and play a little golf this year and a lot of disc golf(maybe some tournaments). I moved last year a little closer to work within' the Milwaukee area and basically live next to a very nice Municipal course. They have some pretty good deals so I will try to get out once every couple weeks or so as I can.
  22. Almost certainly not the ECU then. Best of luck, I know how frustrating the wait can be!
  23. If the doctors are having a tough time figuring this out it may be tough for any of us to help you too much. However, I had the same type pain in the same area, for two years as well. Eventually they figured out it was the ECU. Have they ruled that out? The type of pain, when you have it, and where it is all consistent with that. They could not really see the problem and even "guessed" incorrectly after my MRI. They eventually did a surgery, with a scope fist to actually verify the problem. I was pretty convinced myself that it was the ECU and the scope finally verified the problem the day of the surgery. The surgery did mostly fix the problem for me and I can play again, but I still always have some pain and don't play much anymore myself. Was there a one time event in which you did something that resulted in the wrist having the extreme pain?
  24. Very happy to see Fulham back, now if they can just start earning some points.
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