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  1. Three things that I suffer with in terms of the mental game are. a) If I make a bad start I get it in my head that I have to play catch up. Rather that just concentrating on hitting good golf shots and playing my way back I think, "right, I'm going to have to play these three holes in one under now." All that usually happens then is I play too aggressively and it just makes things worse. b) Even if I'm playing really well I let bad shots get in my head. I can strike the ball really well all day, but just one or two loose ones can make me lose a bit of confidence in my swing. c) I allow bad experiences to play on my mind and dictate how I play a hole. If I went OB on a hole last time out I will be worried I am going to do it again, and I let this dictate the kind of shot I play, rather than playing the correct way. I would break golf into 3 areas. Physical game, mental game, and course management/decision making. The physical part is self explanatory, the mental part are the kind of things I've mentioned above, and the other part is things like club and shot selection. The lines between the mental game and decision making do become blurred from time to time though.
  2. I was thinking the same. I know there are some good players on here, but a lot of touring pros wouldn't be too upset with averaging 13 greens. I don't always track my stats, but in the rounds I do track I average just under 50%
  3. Twice as many putts? The greens are tough but not tough. I avarage about 33 putts, ok, but not great. 66 putts? The greens aren't made of sheet ice.
  4. I'm finding it hard to pick one to root for. Would love one of the old guys to win it, especially Jiminez, but then Speith winning would be a great story and as an Englishman I would love Westwood to finally do it too.
  5. I think a lot of people see Augusta as some sort of mythical place that no mortal could possibly tame. Yes it's long (although not THAT long), the greens are fast, the drives are narrow and the water hazards treacherous, but if you play properly and apply a bit of course management there's no reason a hacker can't have a decent day there. I've played 480 yard par 4s and made birdie before now. I've played holes with greens smaller than 12 and made birdie before now. And I know that none of the greens are as severe as one hole on a course near me where if you get on the wrong tier and are putting down hill then it's physically impossible to keep it on the green without hitting the hole (my tactic is actually to putt sideways off the green then it goes down a tier and the slope from the bunker pushes it back towards the flag). I am confident that it couldn't show me much I haven't seen before, the difficulty is that you need to concentrate all the time, because almost every hole is hard, not just one or two signatures.
  6. I always struggle to aim away from the pins, there's always a voice at the back of my head saying attack. However if I could suppress my urges and play nice and conservative and attack on the "safer" holes then I would fancy my chances at shooting mid 90s. If I started flag hunting though that could quickly turn into 110+.
  7. My first round was in May 2011 on a 6100 yard par 70 course and I shot 133. That summer I just played and played and played. I was getting in a minimum of 100 holes per week, often playing 27 or even 36 holes on my own without a break. It took me about 2 months to break 100, and about 3 more to break 90, then I slowed down to only playing 2 or 3 times a week and it took a further year to break 80. I'm now a solid low 80's player and when I'm really on it I am capable of going sub 75. I know not everyone has the time to play that much (I'm a shift worker so I get lots of weekdays to myself), but I believe if you really want to become a decent player and you practice hard then almost anyone can do it. I never had a lesson, just found a swing I liked, played often, and tweaked things when I needed to. Two bits of advice I would give to anyone wanting to improve: Be completely honest with your score and play to the rules within reason (by that I mean don't head back to the tee because you've lost your ball when you are playing a casual round and there is a queue behind you). And play the shot you should be playing, not the one you are most comfortable with. Too many high handicappers, in my opinion, stay away from hitting driver because they often slice it, or playing a 3 wood off the deck because they top it, or choose to putt through 20 feet of fairway because they aren't comfortable chipping. If you try to play proper golf shots, short term your score my suffer, but your game will improve.
  8. My scrambling (proper scrambling as in saving par when I've missed the green) hasn't been good enough in recent months really. But in my last 3 rounds I've made 24 GIRs out of 54 and scrambled for par 11 times out of 30 (37%) which I'm a lot happier about considering its winter and I'm having to chip from lots of muddy and bare lies. In the same 3 rounds my up and down % regardless of score is 53% (16 out of 30). My sand save % in those 3 rounds is 63% (5 out of 8) so really happy with that stat.
  9. I'm a right handed player. My putting isn't terrible but I often get a bit "handsy" on short putts which results in me dragging a lot of them to the left. It's been suggested to me that gripping the putter with my hands the other way around may help. I have tried it out and it seems okay if a little strange and I intend to carry on experimenting. Has anyone else tried this and what were the results?
  10. There is no right or wrong answer. The longest iron I carry is 5 so would consider a par 3 long if I can't hit that to it, so about 200 yards. I think par 4s are long if I have to take driver off the tee just to leave a mid iron. So 420 is starting to get long. The course I used to play quite a lot had a 480 yard par 4 and that was brutal. And I think a par 5 is long if I absolutely can't reach in 2 regardless of conditions. So probably 570+
  11. I haven't had a great year all in all, but there have been plenty of highlights. Top of the list was that I made my first ever eagles this year. First was on a 510 yard par 5. Driver, 3 wood to just short of the green, and a chip in from about 40 feet. My second was on the first hole, a 310 yard par 4 (slight dog leg over OB so it's probably only 280 to go straight at it). I drove the green and drained it from 20 feet.
  12. 83 (13 over). I've been in some seriously rough form lately and started very badly again. A combination of been on the beer the night before and lack of confidence in my game resulted in being 6 over through 3 including 9 putts. I limped to 48 out and then my game just took off. I birdied 10 and came very close to two more on 11 and 12. Dropped a shot on 14 and got it back with another birdie on 15. Then on the par 3 17 I found myself with a chip over a bunker from a steep down hill lie. I actually hit a really good shot to get within 8 feet but I missed the putt. I finished with another par for a 35 back 9. I played really well with 7 GIRs on the back 9 and it should do a lot of good for my game. But I've never been under par for 9 holes before (that's 3 times I've done it in level now) so it seems like a chance wasted.
  13. We played a pro am this year with a local pro called Mike Helyard. He's only 20 and only got his euro pro tour card last year, but he was a crazy long hitter. I think he said his swing speed was 125 and he only knew of a handful of pros that were quicker, and watching him swing I can fully believe it. Anyway he took aim at the green with a slight helping wind. Hit the right green side bunker and got up and down for 3. Different game.
  14. Well I've been playing just over 2 years now and my average is probably about 270. If I really nail one or if the conditions are favourable I will top 300. The biggest I've ever recorded was 365 and that was out the screws with a 25mph back wind. I consider myself reasonably strong but I'm no super athlete by a long way. I'm 5'11 and about 205 lbs. It is pure technique. Set your feet wide, turn your back to the target and make sure you complete a full swing. When I started out I considered 200 yards long but as my ball striking improved it got longer and longer. Stick at it, it will come.
  15. The graphic isn't great. The tee is further back than that in reality. I think the yardage is worked out from tee to that marker, then to the green. It's about 170 from the marker.
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