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  1. You are a giver. Thanks for the heads up. The kid can ride his bike to his baseball game!
  2. Not sure why you clearly have issues with those that want or require just a sane pace of play. It seems to me that more threads on the subject speaks to the relative importance of said subject to the golfing community.
  3. Brilliant. http://www.usga.org/MicroSiteContent.aspx?id=21474856337
  4. I agree, it works ok. I would say it's 3-4 yards off of sprinkler heads most of the time but that's easily adjusted And I got it back when it was free, so nothing lost.
  5. Oh, it's not ALL them...but as long as TaylorMade has those particular idiots believing they are Dustin Johnson-like(and they believe it because they met some girl at the VFW last night who has the same tramp stamp as Paulina) they will continue to be a slow play problem. I guess that breed just sticks out in my mind because their brand of slow play bothers me more than most other offenders who may have beginners issues, health/age issues, etc...stuff that actually cannot be helped. Being douche-like is a curable condition. For most.
  6. Amen. I am not a slow-play Nazi, generally. This type of slow play just rubs me the wrong way...in the same way that kids can't make free-throws in basketball anymore...why not? Because when did Sportscenter last show a made free-throw over a dunk? That's right, the next time will be the first time. Worse than the marking of a putt, "like a pro", is the standing behind your ball whilst you think(presumably!) about distance, wind and the next time you need to take a dump. Then pull a club. Then take practice swings. Then get behind the ball to visualize. Then take a practice swin
  7. SO, SO, SO agree. I have played with more than a lot of shitty players that play ready golf and at a reasonable pace. More often I find the biggest offenders to be the 20-something Backwards Hat "Dude" Brigade of pseudo-good golfers. You know the type. You may be the type. Typically, 4 "dudes' or "bros" who dress like they can play and have the sticks that say they can play...then head to the bar and each come out with a cooler of Coors Light. Then they proceed to each take a breakfast ball on the first hole since none of them "flushed one, bro" and battle it out for the best doubl
  8. Not sure you can do a whole lot better on the used market than a set of MP33's. I have these and the VR Pros and I tend to favor the 33's most of the time. Both have Project X 6.0 shafts and are 1 degree flat. Misses seems to be more vocal with the 33's but a well stuck ball is pure bliss.
  9. Titleist carry bag Titleist 905s Titleist 910f Titleist 910h Mizuno MP33(4-Pw) Vokey 52 and 56 Never Compromise TDP5.2 Bridgestone E6
  10. I have found that if you have them in a backpack you will confuse the x-ray op but they will let you carry them on.
  11. Hey all, Heading south in a few days for a week of playing with my 15 year old son who is gearing up for the spring golf season. Looking for ideas of games we can play that would stoke his competitive fire a little bit and help him improve his course management/decision making at the same time. I think the idea of his getting into my pocket might motivate and accelerate his improvement? Any ideas...I am not up to speed on much other than Wolf, to be honest. Thanks!!
  12. Value golf. at least in the west metro of Minneapolis, is a really hard find. I did a pretty exhaustive search for memberships this offseason and found I would need to play a lot more golf than I am usually able to find time for in order to make the $ make sense. Using Golfnow.com has scored me some decent rounds at Legends, etc. but most often I am paying full price for most rounds. Twilight golf is difficult to make happen during the week, for me...so it's not a super option. Maybe hitting the pavement and pleading with struggling courses would actually find you a decent disc
  13. likewise...it's embarassing how often I am there. We should have a support group.
  14. This might be worth looking into...awesome courses and at $15 a night per person for lodging? It's not the Ritz, but it might do... http://www.giantsridge.com/summer/scouts-group-sports-dorm/ Not too bad a hop from SJU to Giants either. I find it more appealing than anything in BrainDead. Good luck.
  15. Looking for course suggestions for mid March. I know it will not be balmy but I will take what I can get. I was looking on the Missouri side of the bit with Stone Canyon and Adams Pointe in Blue Springs. Anything else I should look at? what about the Kansas side of the city? Thanks
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