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  1. Hit the tree, knock it in the bunker, hole the bunker shot. Ho hum.
  2. Yes, the 56/14. You're right I forgot to mention that, but that was the whole idea - using that wedge with the bounce to pitch/chip with. It's just so simple, as the best ideas are, and it showed how discombobulated I had gotten with my chipping, to the point of doing the wrong things thinking they're the right things...then berating myself for dissolving skills when the truth was, I was all out of whack. I hit a total of about 150 chips/pitches & not one skull or one chunk. Sure, a couple of poor ones, but that method just took those two misses away. Can't wait to ingrain it so I can go back to how I used to play - see the shot, hit the shot. Okay, I got another pic uploaded - this is the ground after hitting about 70 chips - note no divots, just disrupted turf that can be pressed back down with one step of a foot. Also note my wedge at the bottom of the screen (I'm a lefty) - look at the grass marks - almost all are in the sweet spot, not along the sole, which shows the method does get the club under the ball, which was my concern...that the bounce would result in skulled shots. Nope.
  3. I totally called that bunker shot. Told the wife, 'That's an easy shot. He's gonna make it or at least catch a piece of the hole.'
  4. I know, right? I wish I could do beers with that guy, and I would ask him this question - "Boo, you & Bubba are from the same town. How come you're so awesome & he's such a douche?" Now, knowing how Boo is, I would expect something like, "Well, my Momma always said that if I ain't got nothin' good to say about someone to just shut my mouth." Thanks, Boo. That answered my question.
  5. It's a par-70 layout, so no, not -20...that would be crazy low. Spieth is -13 at the moment. If, just to project, he finishes -16, that's averaging a 66 every day. But Furyk did shoot 58 on it last year so, yeah, the potential to go low is there.
  6. Okay, back from practice. Here's what I found out - First off, this is awesome! It's a perfect example of what I think is right is exactly wrong, and what I think is wrong is actually right. I hit a bag of chips first, about 15 feet off the green, around 60 feet total in length. I watched Erik's vid a few times to ingrain, then started. It took maybe 5 or so swings to 'get it,' and here's the results of about 40 chips: Accurate? Not really, but note - none chunked, none bladed over the green. Consistent contact. I wasn't concerned about where the ball went as much as I was trying to just ingrain what I watched. The accuracy will come as I stop thinking about the swing mechanics & start thinking on the shot itself. Okay, I'm trying to load more pics but it says I hit my max upload amount. So I'll just explain from here. I took a pic of the ground where I hit the chips from, and no divots. Some disrupted turf of course, but no digging - so obviously my angle of attack shallowed out. I then hit a bag of pitches - from about 30 feet off the green. The only change I did was open the blade a little, but the same movement as with the chips. Success! This is great stuff! Thanks @iacas !
  7. So it's Sunday morning & I was sitting here deciding on what to work on today at the range when I landed on, get some short game work in. (I'm only about 10 mins away from the Biltmore in Coral Gables & they have a great pitching/chipping practice area there). So, using the search feature here, I typed in 'chipping bounce' to get thoughts on how to - or whether to - use a wedge with bounce for chipping...especially off of tighter lies. I used to be a decent chipper. Then I developed chipping yips. And unfortunately I really didn't know what I was doing that made me good once the yips hit. I have Vokey wedges - a 52/8 & 56/14. Lately I've been using my 52 to chip instead the 56 because the 52 has less bounce - in my mind, bounce was the culprit to my inconsistency. Part of that was the optics of it - you put that 56/14 behind the ball & the leading edge is more off the turf than the 52/8...so my mind said, 'Okay...play it back in the stance to take some of the bounce off.' The result was a very descending blow that would take a divot...and inconsistency. I would just chide myself & say, 'Burn it in...hit 300 of those.' This thread is an amazing eye-opener! I read the first 5 or so pages, watched the vid a few times. The idea of actually using the bounce as a method of improving the consistency on chips never entered my mind. I always thought it the enemy of consistency - from bunkers or rough, sure, use the bounce. But tight lies? Also the idea of using more wrist movement - I landed on, 'that causes inconsistency.' Again, once I got the yips I was trying to figure out what the heck I was doing when I was good to try to get back to it, and I came up with stuff that was just adding fuel to the fire - put the ball back, weight forward, limit wrist movement...it had turned into a damn tomahawk chop onto the back of the ball. I'm going to go out to the practice area & work on the points in the video at the beginning of the thread & will let you know the results. I'm sure I will have questions!
  8. "Club pros" or not - he beat a field of professional golfers. Kudos to him. it's not like he won the first flight of a club championship. The only criticism I can muster is if his win keeps another pro (club pro) from playing in the PGA Championship.
  9. Exactly. If some player has an issue with Uresti winning...I would suggest that player shooting a lower score than him.
  10. Totally agree, and I think the range finder will be a slap of reality to them. "I hit a 9 iron 150"...oh really? Then why did you just hit it 20 yards short of the green? When I get my range finder the first place I am going is to the driving range - they got flags but they're not marked as to the yardage & the range is a semi-circle...so the distance changes based on where you're hitting from. I got a pretty good idea how far I hit each iron (7i is 150, plus or minus 10y for each iron above or below it). So I'm gonna scope those flags to know the EXACT yardage then start hit the irons. Get my yardages really dialed in...will be nice to know I hit the 7i 148 or 153 instead of 150.
  11. Don't misunderstand...in no way am I saying that Furyk doesn't have a great swing. Hell, he won the dang US Open with it. But he gets to a great impact position in an unorthodox way - who else does what he does? That's all I was saying.
  12. They're kind of new to the market, but getting great reviews. I started researching in earnest a couple of months back after playing a round with an old friend who used his a lot. By the end of the round I was like, "Gimme that thing" and was measuring distances to everything. I didn't want a GPS thing that tells me length of the hole & front/middle/back yardage. I wanted something where I can aim, click & get the yardage. And I can't wait to use it to determine length to, say, a tree at the corner of a dogleg or the edge of a bunker or whatever. For ex, the first hole at the course I play the most, Palmetto GC in Miami, the first hole has a creek some 200 yards off the tee which is pretty wide. Can't really clear it. So I've just played it by feel - it "looks" like a 4-hybrid to lay up short of the creek, but I've never known the exact yardage. Now I will. Apparently Bushnell is the main providers of the market, and their products seem to get the best reviews (my friend's was a Bushnell), but the one I was looking at was $300. So while just educating myself on what's out there, I came across TecTecTec & a page that 'ranked' the top 5 range finders. They were listed third, and a lot cheaper than the two ahead of it. So it was a value buy, basically. It doesn't have the slope feature, but I live in South Florida - we don't have hilly courses here. Just give me the yardage. If I get to other areas & have an uphill/downhill shot I'll just add/deduct a club for that. So yeah, I'm really excited. The days of pacing off from a sprinkler or, 'I'm about ten steps inside the 150 pole' are over.
  13. Understood, and his impact is pretty much textbook. But would you tell someone to get there by standing too close to the ball, taking the club outside the line, go off plane then drop it hard to the inside & get the hips out of the dang way to make room for the club to get there? That was my point.
  14. Just wanna post this - I finally bought a range finder. After doing some research, I was really leaning towards the Bushnell Tour V4 due to excellent reviews. But it was $274...not a bad price, but just thru due diligence I found a TecTecTec V Pro 500 for less than half that price - $130. In checking reviews & various websites, the TecTecTec got pretty good feedback. So I pulled the trigger and got it. Supposed to be here next week. I'm geeked! https://us.tectectec.com/product/golf-rangefinder/vpro500/
  15. From a year ago? Yes. From five years ago? No. Thus my challenge. Five years back I was breaking 80 regularly & 75 on easier tracks. Somewhere along the way my bad shots got...badder. Which is infuriating to say the least. But a year back I was a mess - I posted 3 straight rounds in the 90s & was lamenting (n Facebook) that I don't shoot f**king 94. But I was. So I've been putting in some good ol' fashioned hard work (within my schedule) to get repeatable & reliable again. And I'm getting results...on the range at least. I shot an 82 last month while visiting a friend in Ft. Myers on a course I never saw before. That's more like it. 82s are okay. 94s aren't.