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  1. Looks the quote tool is not working? Anyway... I was getting a kick out of your vernacular. 'curt'. LOL I don't think I've ever seen that before?
  2. The 17th hole on Saturday is not why Tiger didn't win the Open. Tiger didn't win the Open because his putting sucked on Saturday and Sunday. It had nothing to do with him driving the ball - or being too conservative off the tee. If Tiger made more putts. He wins. Plain and simple.
  3. The fairways and tee boxes are immaculate in those pics! They almost look like they could pass as green complexes on most courses I play. With that shine that fairways emit in the pics, I have to believe the fairways are going to be firm and fast? From the pics it looks like it would take a miracle to hold the ball in the short grass - especially with the way these guys bang it.
  4. 2013 has been a great year for Tiger with 5 wins. Looking closer at his Majors performance in 2013: Masters he had the drop controversy. US Open he had the bum elbow - I have to believe that injury was nagging at him with how he had to take some time off afterward British Open he couldn't get the speed of the greens down and had issues with distance control He was right in the mix in all three of these tournaments, and then faded on Sunday... It's just a matter of time before Tiger wins another Major... This could very well be the perfect storm brewing for him to win
  5. Awesome job guys! Love the video and pics. Have fun and keep us posted!
  6. Good question Perfect Slicer. And this is a perfect example of what I'm talking about on the first page of this thread, with my frustration of people popping on, adding comments about a ruling, but not walking through the entire process that the player must follow - to be compliant within the rules of the game. So to answer your question, the LH player must take full relief from the cart path. So he would have to take a 2nd drop, and ensure he took full relief from the path in order to take his normal stance, if in taking his normal stance, he was still standing on the cart path.
  7. I travel quite a bit for work. A few times a month - typically domestically here on the Westcoast. I travel to Taiwan where our factory is occasionally... Two or Three times a year for a week at a time too. Unfortunately I never get to take my golf clubs on these trips. It's kind of strange, I've been in sales since 2000... And I've played golf with clients ~ a dozen times during that length of time. Unfortunately, not a lot of people that I've worked with play golf.
  8. No. Actually quoting the OP's actual question that you were responding to, would make it more clear for folks like myself, that are looking for a clear and concise answer. This ensures clarity. Again, the OP asked multiple questions. Question #1 : Can a player ever get relief from the opposite hand than he normally plays with? (this is the thread title) Question #2 : If they take relief under this scenario and drop in the fairway to the left of the cart path (like all right handers do) another question that came up was
  9. Agreed. Tiger has a huge lead in the FedEx cup now... The only way someone like Phil wins PoY is if he wins another Major or FedEx cup IMO.
  10. What are the people in the know saying about how difficult Oak Hill will play this week? Will it protect par? Like Merion did? Or is it going to be moreso like other PGA tournaments where ~ -10 wins?
  11. Yes. 250 carry is a very long carry when you only swing the golf club 100MPH. And don't have clean contact.
  12. While, yes. Yes, I did. First, you didn't quote what you were responding to. The OP's original question? Or his 2nd question? Perhaps you should spend a little more time formulating your response if you aren't going to quote the question you are answering? Perhaps then it would be more clear for someone to understand what you are trying to relay? That coupled with this... Is why I state that no one has given a clear answer. Look, I typically avoid this Rules section of the forum for a few reasons.... Mainly b ecause there
  13. Find an answer? No one has given the OP a clear answer in my opinion...
  14. I like where this thread is heading. Lots of potential!
  15. Del Greco is a solid golfer. I remember watching him in the Pro Am in Tahoe. He was scratch. He won't be shanking it around. That Meghan Hardin has a huge handicap from what I remember.
  16. Lol Mr. Pink! That dudes got style!
  17. I think it's time to go to bed... I read the title of this thread as 'Rich Women's'...
  18. I just saw this on Facebook... Course looks pretty in the pic. Anyone familiar with Jack's course in Korea? Jack Nicklaus and ‪#‎ PGATOUR‬ Commissioner Tim Finchem announced today the site of the 2015 Presidents Cup: Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea, located in Incheon, Korea. More details: http://pgat.us/6032ZUUu
  19. The WGC, PGA and then the Playoffs. Such a great month to be a golf fan!
  20. I like Luke List, but that is kind of lame in my opinion. Especially the 'Merica one. More and more people are using this... And it is just weak.
  21. The course I practice on... They typically run at 9 to 10 too. And for the tournaments they play here, the pro told me they triple cut each green, and then roll them and they will run at 11 to 12 easy. I'm guessing they will do the same at the PGA?
  22. First off, why did you politely decline to play with the other single? Secondly, why didn't you - and your 'friend' team up with the twosome teeing off, to make a foursome? People... This is why courses take too long to play! W.T.F.
  23. Too lazy to start a new thread... And didn't want to steal anyone's thunder in starting a PGA Championship thread... So I figured this was the best place to post this? I got a good laugh when I saw this photo on Instragram. Gmac with a piece of grass taken from the rough at Oak Hill, where next weeks major will be played. Players are saying the course is going to be setup with very long rough, US Open like... So that begs the question. How difficult do you think the course will be for these guys? From the sounds of things... The course is going to be playing firm and fa
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