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  1. Karma has nothing to do with Tiger not winning at the majors. It has a lot more to do with the fact that players around him have gotten better. And he hasn't made clutch shots when required on Sunday. Also, his putting at the Open was not good... His distance control was way off.
  2. I bought one of these shoe cleaning kits earlier this Summer for the exact reason... To try and make my golf shoes last longer. Since I picked up this quick clean kit, I've been using it to wipe down my white Protos up before every round. They look brand new - and I've played dozens of rounds in them. I'd highly recommend the Quick Care kit, or something like it to ensure you're getting the most out of your True's. http://quickcareproducts.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath;=1
  3. Rule of thumb is that the Grip should intersect with your belt if your clubs are properly fit.
  4. I'm 50/50 at this point. Looks like we are not going to Norcal? But not 100% sure, yet.
  5. This. I see guys who carry their bag across the green. And personally, I think that is rude... I believe you should place your bag or push cart in a convenient location where you will exit the green and walk to the next hole. But when you place your bag in that area - off the green into the first cut of rough... Walk around the green. I think carrying a bag across the green is rude. Definitely never pull/push your cart across the green.
  6. Phil was playing the Xhot 3Deep which increased the height of the face as Phil typically hit the Xhot Pro above the sweet spot (from what I read). The 3Deep helps with that and ensures optimal launch and spin numbers for Phil. I believe the loft was 13*.
  7. Welcome to TST. You playing in the Pepsi events in LA? You should look into the Long Beach Open for 2014 also. Lots of quality players here in Socal. I agree with some of the other comments... Get a swing thread. And link it here so people don't flame you. Also get a solid swing coach that understands the D-plane. Truly understands it. If they don't know this... Find someone who does. Highly recommend Dana Dahlquist in Long Beach, at El Dorado. He knows more about the swing than 99% of the instructors you'll find in the area.
  8. That's awesome Erik! You gotta be a proud father! Way to go Natalie!
  9. Tristan how has your putting improved since getting the Edel putter? Any stats to share?
  10. Pin this thread please. Also Gilberg can you give me a putting lesson?
  11. Boner points for saying smedium. On another note... I think Mutual of Omaha needs to sign on a Graphic Designer? W.T.F is that logo?
  12. Someone needs to let Rymo in on the fact that he can get shirts larger than those on the rack at Gap for Kids. But I guess that look above is better than this? Right? RIGHT?!
  13. I'm surprised the field is as strong as it is... I wasn't even going to watch this tournament, until I saw your post Mike. Now I may have to tune in on Sunday?
  14. Great point Zip. I agree with your assessment. The thing that is going to be interesting is to see how much longer Phil can play at the level he's currently playing at given the arthritis issues he has. The way he has played this years Majors, I wouldn't be surprised to see him win a handful more which would firmly put him in that 2nd tier and top 10.
  15. Reading this reminded me of when I lived in AZ. I was playing golf in a foursome with a few of our neighbors. It was getting late in the round, and we were driving up to the 16th green. I was driving and pulled up to the green and got out of the cart. Almost instantaneously one of my neighbors who was driving the cart behind me smashed into our cart going full speed. He wasn't paying attention, and was looking to see where his ball was on the green as he was driving up. It threw him into the steering wheel... And his buddy who was riding with him hit the cart canopy bar that runs up from
  16. You make a great argument, and definitely agree with the Emmit and Montana parallels, but lets be honest. They were let go from their respective teams because they were past their prime. So while the hardcore fan was sad to see their teams let these icons go... They at least got to play and get paid before they went out. So even under a league/sport that has a hard cap, it's not the end of the world. And creates parity. Having no cap in baseball has nothing to do with 'do not deserve to have a team in their city'. I don't know how you come to that sentiment? I grew up as a Y
  17. Serious question... Why leave the sticker/tag on? I never understood that... Is that so you can five finger discount it easier?
  18. During golf tryouts in High school, everyone would go up to the first tee and watch as the guys tee'd off. One of the kids was standing off to the left, about 15yds... He wasn't even on the tee box, but he was far enough ahead of the kid teeing off that when he tee'd off - and pulled it severely to the left, that the ball hit the kid standing on the left in the throat. I'll never forget it, because he immediately dropped to the ground and grabbed his throat. We didn't know if he could breathe or what the issue was... But it was just the shock of being hit, and the pain of getting nail
  19. I wonder if they were driving in a Prius? http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2013/07/two-maine-hikers-rescued-later-die-car-accident
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