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  1. Wow. Baseball is pathetic. No cap. Season is forever long. And then you have Ass-Rods making loads of cash and cheating all along the way.
  2. I met the Southern California rep from this company last year on the range. http://www.big-sport.com/ I don't have a firm price on a set, but someone in the know told me you could buy a new Fiat for the price they have on these badies.
  3. I think you should practice certain shots, and designate those clubs to those said shots. Here's my wedges... 52* GW.... 115 to 105 54* SW.... 105 and less... Full, 3/4 and 1/2 swings. And I use my SW for all chips/pitches around the green 58* LW..... Green side bunkers and flop shots/high pitches around the green The reason I use my LW from the green side bunkers is that I'm not that good of a green side bunker player... I simply don't have a practice area with a green side bunker to work on this facet of my game. So I typically try and 'chunk and run' to ensure I g
  4. So much for being clean. http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/9500252/ryan-braun-milwaukee-brewers-suspended-remainder-2013-season This is why I think Baseball is a joke.
  5. I really agree with this comment. Tiger set the standard for Pro golf in terms of fitness and style of play 15 years ago. And here we are 15 years later, it's become the norm. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry puts energy into their swing, body, mind, etc... They're all around athletes. In this time, not only has mechanics of the swing been refined by Trackman and Flightscope usage on tour, but the technology these OEM's are pumping out and putting into these athletes hands is much improved. 10 years ago, people weren't hitting 302+yd 3W's from the fairway... Today those type of shots a
  6. 19 is a long ways from 14... He needs to stop making excuses and dig deeper. He seems like if something doesn't go his way on Sat/Sun in the majors, then he just packs his bags and coast into the finish. I dunno... Just an observation.
  7. With all the range work I do... And swing changes I've made. You'd think my cap would be trending down. But.... I've gone from a 3.9 (low point) to a 5.9 in the last year. The funny thing is that I can hit some of the best shots of my life... Then follow it up with something that looks like a beginner golfer. This past weekend I shot an 83... With a 9 and two 7's. At one point my card went 7, 4, 7, 4. LOL Last month in our men's club I was on the 18th tee staring a 75 in the face, and ended the day with a 79 after hitting my tee shot OB. I've just done some re
  8. Looks like back to back wins bumped Phil to the #2 spot in the Official World Golf Rankings. Is this the highest he has ever been? http://www.officialworldgolfranking.com/home/default.sps
  9. This looks like a new epidemic... Something's gotten into these kids?! Oh, wait.
  10. Serious question... Are those for women? Something about the toe design looks like a shoe for a woman.
  11. I don't have an issue with the look... It's definitely common here in Socal.
  12. Yeah I don't even know what to say. I'm pretty bummed. Trying to find a way to make this work.
  13. Guys, if we keep 10/13... I could be out. Wife wants to go to NorCal for her bday. Last time she can fly before the baby, and it's her bday.
  14. When I lived in AZ, many folks would carry a desert club to hit from sketchy lies where rocks would beat the hell out of your iron. Just go buy one at a yard sale, Craigslist, eBay, used sporting goods shop, etc.
  15. I use a Club Glove Golf towel. Dipped 1/3 of the way in water at #1 and re-dipped at 10. Carry it with me to every green. Helps clean the ball and grooves. I've started wearing a glove again with it being hot and humid as my hands get a little sweaty. Going to the glove has helped reduce the issues of repripping the club in the downswing.
  16. Members caught lying about their handicap index will be viewed as dishonest scoundrels and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Appropriate, as Bukaki Island only accepts guest that fall inline with this label.
  17. #shawncarlproblems #shawncarlwould3putt #... #... #....
  18. David, I haven't seen any specs on them... But I believe they are indeed a size similar to the 59.... Which makes them better for hacks like me! If anyone has the details, please share...
  19. I've been gaming the Mizy MP59's for the last two years, and have been eyeing the MP69's for quite some time. But today, Mizuno gave a sneak peak of their new MP4 Muscle Backs on their blog/forum. They are gorgeous!
  20. I haven't. But being a Cincy Bearcat alumn... I love the Black and Red.
  21. Take the camera and lots of pics! I'd love to do the same one day...
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