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  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing! I haven't watched ESPN for awhile... So don't see these ads.
  2. How long until someone starts 'The Official 2013 Open at Muirfield discussion thread'? Seriously, the course looks amazing. I remember when there was a time when the courses in North America had a more manicured look than the traditional courses in Europe. Where the traditional links courses just looked gnarly and tough with their fescue grasses at knee height, and burned out fairways with pot bunkers the size of a VW bug. But Muirfield in 2013 looks beautiful and tough - but still has the traditional links flare that I love. I hope we get some winds blowing so we can see the
  3. There is a drill that I saw a professional give to a student on the putting green the other day which was pretty cool.... It's called the Ladder Drill. He took three balls.... And stood near a hole - and then putted the first ball away from the hole... He tried to hit it approximately ~ 15ft. Then he hit the 2nd ball in the same direction as the first ball (away from the hole) and tried to hit it about 10ft beyond the first ball.... Such that it ended up approximately 25ft from the hole. Then he took the 3rd ball and he hit it the same direction as the first and second ball - but t
  4. Make sure you don't just drink water. Mix in Gatorade for electrolytes.
  5. Yeah I hear ya! I have three pair... My Ray Bands have taken a few direct hits to the pavement. And have some visible marks post impact. But it just gives them that 'broken in' look. Lol
  6. Ha, sunglasses are definitely something I try and take care of to prevent this kind of thing.
  7. I think Heisenberg will die. But Walter White will live forever.
  8. Clubchucker, thanks for the post. I was talking to Golfingdad about that deal earlier today. He's been playing the TP3, and I was curious how he liked them. I'm gonna hold off for another day or two and see if I come across something better.
  9. I hit this putter the other day at Roger Dunn. It definitely is easy to roll. I made several putts when toying with it. But I already have the Spider. And have finally solved some issues I had with the Spider... And have been making some solid putts... So I'm really not in the market for a new putter.
  10. In particular, I'm looking for a 2 for one type of deal on Penta TP5 or Lethal golf balls. But if there are any other stellar deals going on this week/end.... Please post them here.
  11. Never heard of Fringe... But many of those on your list are solid. So I'll check it out.
  12. I'm the same way (skeptical)... Especially when dealing with a sensitive area like the neck/back. When I put in a long day of work, I'll spend too much time on a computer and will get a very stiff neck and upper back (typically between the shoulder blades). The best thing that I use to assist with reducing stiffness in my upper back is a foam roller. It works like a charm... Also, I agree on regular exercise / working out. My aches and pains are greatly reduced when my activity levels are increased. And having a sedentary lifestyle only increases the aches and pains (joint pa
  13. Getting better. Still digging a hair. http://instagram.com/p/bNRgS6qzz-/
  14. He could be like John Madden, and just tour all around the United States. But on a scooter.
  15. Looks good to me too! Hope I can have this kind of motion in the next 12mo....
  16. #11 I hit a ~ decent ~ drive and have 235 into the green. So I ask Brandon what he had into the green... 185. ................. 12+ my (___)x(___)!!!
  17. See that is where the problem lies... I could get away with spending the day with her on the 12th - taking her to dinner, etc. for her Birthday. And then playing golf on Sunday the 13th... But going and playing golf on both the 12th and 13th.... Ummmm I think that could be problematic?
  18. Surprised you guys can't figure it out.... Obama is making a 'Call' + Wilson is from the movie Castaway... 'Call' + 'Away' = Callaway.
  19. I got a good chuckle when I read this...
  20. Nope! That is not it. I'll give you a clue. It is Golf related.
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