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  1. He has a plan. And aspiration... His plan is to try and become a professional golfer. But I don't know how you, or anyone could claim that the plan was truly successful unless you executed the plan to an end goal. Which as far as they have communicated on his site/blog, is to become a golf professional. Ultimately his aspiration is to do a documentary on his 10,000 hour experiment. Which I'm assuming is going to help recoup the investments that he has made over the 10k hours many times over.
  2. I was kind of shocked that they had a fast forward scene of Walt at the very beginning of the final season's episode... But then again, they did the same thing in Season 5, Episode 1... Live Free or Die. In that episode, Walt is 52, on his birthday, and is in the Denny's diner. He gets keys from the arms dealer, and in the trunk of the car, has an M60 with explosives. Fast forward to this season, and it is the same time - Walt is in Albuquerque - but this time at his old house which is abandoned. I can't wait to see what transpires with the M60 and explosives!!! Fo
  3. Yeah, I wonder how many items they are going to reveal once this show is a wrap? I love how Vince has buttoned up so many things so far for the viewers and die hards of the show... The entire Leaves of Grass tie in with Gale has been amazingly brilliant.
  4. False. And this is why it's hilarious. This is taken directly from here: http://thedanplan.com/about/
  5. Ok. There we go. Now we have a better definition of 'Dynamic'. Thank you.
  6. TST works something like this.... Thread is created which talks about some guys aspirations of becoming a tour pro. The thread reaches multiple pages within a day... Then moves to nearly a dozen pages by the end of the month of banter about why he has no chance in making it. Then the thread dies off... And gets lost in the bone yard. Suddenly, a new thread is created, and the process repeats itself.... But this time, we just happen to be talking about the same guy, from a previous thread, who has no chance in making it on tour.
  7. Hhahah 'Dynamic' versus 'Decent'. I'm not sure what that user was getting at? But he also felt Johnny footballs swing as 'Extremely' good... So.
  8. Yeah his tempo is terrible. His swing flaws look eerily similar to my own.
  9. Definitely. I'm not arguing the point that he shot a 79 at Pebble. My response was to the user who said he had an 'Extremely' good swing. I simply wouldn't call that an Extremely good swing... Like I said, it's a decent swing. But needs a lot of work.
  10. Bingo. Don't read this thread either. Quote: The first sentence that came out of Marie's mouth when Hank walked out of the bathroom - and was looking out the slider was 'You're the Devil.' to Walter. I thought that was interesting... Because that was the first part of the conversation that was heard by the viewer before Hank walked out onto the patio. Pretty awesome!
  11. This is the 'new' DanPlan thread. I don't think any of us have followed this thread closely.
  12. Ok. I saw him hit four shots in the video... 1.) Iron shot DTL... It looked like he hit it thin. And faked his finish. 2.) Putt from 5' off the green that he left approximately 4' short. 3.) A drive where he had early extension ( ). Some would call that Goat Humping. 4.) And finally he sunk a 5' 'birdie' putt. I guess you are easy to please?
  13. I'd say he has a decent swing. I wouldn't call it 'extremely' good by any means... As his right leg/foot needs a lot of work from A5++.
  14. My point exactly... Mention of the 'DanPlan' and it's going to turn into that type of discussion.
  15. EPIC! I loved the first episode back. The funny thing is afterward, my wife said it was boring (we've watched the entire series together over time). The only thing I wish is that Jesse Pinkman would stop being a bitch !
  16. For the US AM, I'm guessing it was probably allowed by the local tournament committee? And no, the PGA and or LPGA does not allow push/pull carts as far as I know. At least I've never seen one used in all the years I've watched golf.
  17. Get the PGA app and stream it to your mobile phone.
  18. I'm not surprised that he shot a 79. My cousin played tennis at a high level through high school... Played in many elite Junior Amateur matches and did well. He had coaches who felt he could potentiall play at a pro level, but he never pursued it as he just didnt have the desire. He did go on and play in college... But never professionally. He never played golf in his life until he took his first job as an accountant, and his work had a company golf league. Within a year of him picking up a club, he was already breaking 80 regularly, legit no BS. Today he has a 3 handicap and is a good a
  19. I hope my wife thinks clearly at 3am when our lil dude enters this world later this year.
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