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  1. If I read this correctly, you went and got fitted. Hit a variety of clubs, and the fitter ended up recommending the AP1, and you didn't even hit it? How did he come to this conclusion? I'm shocked that you would consider spending money on a new set of AP1 irons, just because someone recommended them after seeing your numbers on Trackman, without said club being hit. I mean I understand you spent $175 on the fitting. Id tell the dude to minimally get you a 6i in lefty and hit it on his Trackman before you go and order an entire set. Sounds like the dude gets a spiff for selling Titelist and
  2. Yeah that is why Jesse is a wreck right now... Killing that kid had a major impact on him. I'm guessing he is going to snap real soon.
  3. Haha that sounds like something Jim Nantz would say. And 99% of America probably believed him.
  4. That was mainly my comment based on Sundays final season premier... The entire show he was down again... Like he was back in season 3, when he was depressed after Jane died. He bounced back - but pretty much was a mess in season 3.
  5. I'm going to buy this hat... Just to annoy you ***ks on the course.
  6. I love how he toured NYC to meet with various press and media outlets and his hair looked like a hot mess.
  7. We can split hairs about it being an aspiration, a goal, or him simply benighted on the true difficulty of golf. But the point is... Dan's head is in the clouds.
  8. Even though it is *****, we all know you're talking about a cat right?
  9. I'm sure the sponsors and the PGA care. Thus why it was banned?
  10. Hahha that is awesome! Sounds straight out of a movie.
  11. Jet, there is a saying.... 'Never wrestle with a pig, you'll just get dirty.' Sometimes you just have to know when to back away. 3... 2... 1... Before Big Cheese comes back in here and uses Websters, Wikipedia, Youtube, et al to show us why we're totally off base!
  12. I dropped my wallet when walking a muni on the west side of Chicago years ago... I traced my steps over and over and couldn't find it once I realized it was missing from my back pocket. Later that summer (about a month later) in the mail out of nowhere, my wallet shows up with a small hand written note from a Mother. It simply stated that her son had found it laying in the grass on the course, and they wanted to return it to me. The funny thing was, everything was still in it... Even the small amount of cash I had in it. Unfortunately, I had already canceled all my credit cards, and repla
  13. BECAUSE IT'S JOHNNY MANZIEL!!! He doesn't do anything slow, right?
  14. Sorry, but there was only one swing face on, not two. And the one face-on was with a driver.
  15. Rafael Cabrera Bello in terms of power. But in terms of the swing pattern and geo/plane lines... Robert Rock.
  16. Was it a Holiday Inn Express? They have free coffee and WiFi!!
  17. While I agree Skylar is annoying as **** in 98% of the episodes that she has been in, over the course of the past 5 seasons... In my opinion, you are doing yourself a huge disservice to the ability of the show to yank on your 'heart chord' if you don't watch her character evolve. Case in point was found in Episode '51'. Honestly, that was one of the darkest moments of the show that I can remember, when she looked at Walt and told him that she was waiting for the cancer to return - basically wishing death on him. As a husband, that sent shockwaves through me. And definitely was someth
  18. The Phoenix Open is already crazy and over the top. The Caddy races just added an element of danger IMO. It was just a matter of time before someone got hurt. When I saw some of those guys diving and tumbling into the green with their golf bag in tote, I was amazed that someone wasn't laid out hurt afterward.
  19. I game the Callaway X-hot 5W and love it. I hit it three times yesterday off the tee, and found the fairway all three times... It's clutch when you need that 220 to 230 yard shot and have trouble left, right or both sides of the fairway.
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