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  1. I would keep working on your driver. A few things you may try follow... I think one of the simplest things to hitting big drives for me is ball placement and tee height. Try teeing it up so that you pick the ball off the tee with an ascending blow. I see guys who struggle with their driver teeing the ball far too low. Also, maybe choke down on the driver an inch+/- since you feel the club length is an issu .... And try standing closer to the ball - forcing your club path inside/inside. With the driver, I also like to aim just right of my target with my feet and shoulders... And swing inside/inside and the ball flies straight.
  2. I do recall seeing pros walking along the line of their putt and pausing to take an "air putt" at a few locations.  I assume they're using the feel of their feet and body rather than touching the ground.  That seems a lot safer.

    Agreed. I see Web Simpson do this 'air putt' along the line. It is a solid tactic to feel the slope with your feet, and get an idea of how the ball would run along that line.

  3. I had this occur during a recent round and would like to hear input on what you believe the ruling should have been. Par 3 - OB down the right hand side of the hole. The hole is 175 up hill - and plays more like 200. The white OB stakes run down the right side of the hole for about 30 to 40 yards. Then there is a chain link fence which starts and protects an area where the course stores equipment. Like a small barn. The fence that runs along this barn is OB if you fall on the right side of the fence. But if your shot comes to rest on the left side of the fence - you are in bounds. I hit a 5 iron and blocked it hard right of the green... My ball kicks hard off the side of the hill, which throws my ball down towards the chain link fence which protects the barn. From the tees, I couldn't tell if my ball was in bounds or not, so I hit a provisional ball from the tees onto the green. I found my first ball - literally a few inches away from the fence - but on the left side which is inbounds. I was green side, but couldn't take a swing due to the fence. The guy I was playing with said that due that the fence was an OB fencing... I had to: 1. Take an unplayable lie, and a penalty stroke with a drop to the nearest relief point, or 2. Play it as it lies Literally there was no way to play it as it lies because I couldn't make a swing. I told the guy since the OB fencing was man made, that I felt I shuld get a free drop, no closer to the hole. He and I went back and forth, and he finally told me to play it how I believed the rule to play. I took a free drop - two clubs lengths from the fencing, but no closer to the hole. I hit a great flop shot up the hill and onto the green, one putted for par. Did I play this hole correctly?
  4. Stevie is a legend in his own mind...he needs to be reminded that he did not win a single tournament-much less 14 majors...

    Since Stevie revels in receiving awards...

    Adam Scott should give him a plaque with the rules of caddying engraved thereon:

    "Show Up

    Keep Up

    SHUT UP."

    Well said. Couldn't agree more.

  5. Last week I posted about my interest in the Titleist AP2's. Well today I went to a club fitter who started me out by focusing on fitting me for the correct shaft, then I hit several manufacturers clubs before dialing into the proper set. I hit the following clubs... Titleist AP2, 710's (they had the Dynamic Gold S300) Mizuno MP-53 Mizuno MP-59 Ping S56's Callaway RAZRX Forged Irons To my surprise, the AP2's were nowhere near my favorite clubs based on feel, and smash factor. Which I was surprised as I currently play 762's with S300 shafts. So I thought going into this fitting I would gravitate towards the AP2's. They were a huge disappointment coming from a guy who's carried my 762's for nearly a decade in my bag. and I love the look of the AP2's. The Callaway's were surprisingly very solid... But they were not as 'finished' looking as the Mizuno's which I'll get to in a moment. The Pings were too large. They just didn't set up nicely to my eye, and they felt like I was hitting my old Zings in my garage. Not a fan. So now to the Mizuno's. First let me say this was the first time I have ever hit a Mizuno iron. And I really didn't think I would be this excited about my finding... But their MP-53, MP-59's were amazing. The ball felt like it was exploding off the face. As if I was puring it swing after swing. My favorite shaft was the KBS C-taper Stiff shaft weighing in at 120g. After looking at the two Mizuno's I decided to go with the MP-59's given they're 2012 clubs with the Titanium insert for improved feel. I'd say being stoked about getting these baby's next week is the understatement of the year. I can't wait to get out on the course with this new set.
  6. The concern I have is the shop I go to is fairly small. So I'm not sure how much inventory, or how long they will have the 710's. I live in Newport Beach... So season is year around. I guess waiting another month or so is probably best. Indeed trying both would be preferred.
  7. I've been playing with my DCI 762's since the early 2000's. I really like them, but know that today's technology is far superior. So I'm eyeing a set of AP2's. Here is the question... Should I wait for a month+ until the new 2012 AP2/712 hit the retail stores? Or go ahead and buy the current 2011 AP2/710 now? I talked to the pro at the local shop today and he said the 712's will have an extra tungsten weight in the sole but are very similar to the 710's. What would you guys do? Also, any comments from users of the AP/710's? Would love to hear your reviews.
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