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  1. Hate to say it, but I'm actually kind of enjoying the Walking Dead this season. I know I complain about the plot and dialogue constantly, but this year has been a lot of fun. I'm loving the Governor -- err -- I mean "Brian," right now. That guy is out of his mind, and it's very entertaining. I definitely don't want to go to the range anytime soon with him

    Haha, actually, I wouldn't mind if they made "Brian" the main character and got rid of Rick and his gang... that'd be a good show, I think.  The Gov' is easily the strongest character IMO.

    Agreed.  I've really enjoyed season 4 so far.  Last nights ending was :beer: !

    I'm looking forward to seeing season 2 of 'The Following' which will start-up in January with a 2-night (Sun/Mon) premier.

  2. I can't make any commitment at this time.

    New baby will be here. Plus I have a trip to Taiwan pending in Jan before the Chinese New Year.

    The first quarter of 2014 is going to be real crazy schedule wise.

    I haven't posted in a month... But this still stands for me.

    Unfortunately, at this point in time, the last person you should select dates based on availability would be using my voice in this thread...  I'm gonna be flying by the seat of my pants if I can even make the next event or not.  Most likely, I won't know until the week of - or even a few days before (or after!?)?


  3. Here's what I don't get.  Tiger was like top-3 in total driving (IIRC) up until the US Open, and then was just horrendous the second half of the season.  I think he finished (or is currently, not sure how they do the "year" stats now) worse than 50th in both driving distance and accuracy.  What changed?  Is it just the California/Florida effect?  Cumulative pressure of missed major opportunities building on him as the season progressed?

    I'm looking at Tiger's season trying to find patterns, but it's hard to figure out what it was--other than repeated disappointment in the majors.  He bookended two majors with great tournaments (wins before and after the Masters; win prior to the PGA and finished one shot back in his next tournament after).  You can't help but wonder what would have happened if he won the Masters and got that monkey off of his back early in the season.  And he really should have won it--it was just bad luck that he didn't.

    I think Tiger's season fizzled due to fatigue and nursing injuries.  In the FedEx playoffs, he played well in the Barclays (T2), then faded when he had to play back-to-back weeks... Fatigue?  When he had rest, or played courses he's familiar with, he was in the hunt... Or won.

  4. Guys, I had fun playing yesterday.  Thanks for putting together another outing...

    Too bad our team kind of limped around the course... Mike M. needs to be a 15 cap, not a 9.  9 was my guesstimate from 6mo ago, when he played Talega, and I've forgotten to have Tristan update it.  That would help a little, but @GolfSwine and @bplewis24 and I all had various blow up holes too which didn't help. #2 and #11 kicked my tail.

    So Cheers to Team A. :beer:

    Regarding the next tournament, please let me know when you all decide...  I'd definitely like to participate.

    PS. I think we should do a gross/net skins game next time too.  $5 per entry, and winner(s) take all?  We do this with one men's leagues I play in, and it makes it interesting for each guy.  I know @GolfSwine would've taken at least one skin with his Gross Eagle on #2.

  5. For warm up... For those who haven't been to OQ, the first tee and range are up the hill away from the clubhouse. The carts will line up on the path between the range and putting green, and you can hear the starter call your group from the practice tee. Good because you don't have to allocate time to warm up and then drive to the tee and wait to be called--you can go straight from the range to the first tee.

    I don't know if that is good, or bad?


  6. Completely disagree with this on the premise that you have absolutely no idea if this is true or not.  I love, love, love this show.  (I've said several times over the last weeks that it's the best show I've ever watched)  But who's to say that it wouldn't have been even better had they gone in a different direction?  There is 0% chance of knowing that.

    It's like when we read things like they almost went with Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones instead of Harrison Ford.  Our first reaction, which is very easy to come to, is "Thank god!  That would've sucked!"  But it's an absolutely false reaction because we can't possibly know that.  (And the fact that we always come to that conclusion kind of proves the point.)

    Our view of that character, or of that show, is framed, at least partially, by the actors playing those characters.  Likewise, our views of those actors are partially framed by the characters they play.  We would be living in a different world had things panned out in a different way.

    If Jesse died at the beginning, and they molded Skinny Pete or Badger or Combo or, heck, even Tuco into a partner for Walt and gone a different direction, its entirely possible, and frankly, quite likely, that 6 years later I would tell you that they had originally planned to kill him instead and keep Jesse, and your reaction would be EXACTLY the same.

    Ok.  I refuse to get into a douchebag laden debate on logic, or probability and chance if they did this, or did that.  No one is going to win.  So I'll just end that right now.  For me , Jesse has played an amazing role... Such that I can't imagine him being killed off at such an early stage (season 1).

    See how I did that Cheesey??  No more debate for you... :smartass:
  7. I remember how I was a little worried about how the show could continue to be good after the Hank / Cousins incident. With Tuco being killed off (who was another great antagonist)... And the Cousins being dead/hospitalized...  I really didn't think the show could possibly get any better... Boy, was I wrong! :beer:




    Damn, what a great show.

  8. Perusing imdb.com and found a couple of fun little tidbits (that many of you probably already know) ...

    - Bob Odenkirk based the character of Saul partially on his real-life agent Ari Emanuel.  Incidentally, Emanuel was also the inspiration for the character of Ari Gold on Entourage.

    - The guy who plays Bogdan, Walt's boss at the car wash way back when, was not an actor prior to this role, but was, in fact, a chemistry genius with a phd.

    - And I think everybody at this point knows that Jesse was supposed to die in season 1.  I would be curious to know how far out Vince Gilligan had planned the show beyond that, because it would be interesting to see the direction he envisioned without Jesse.

    - He also said that he was going to originally have Tio Salamanca as the main antagonist from season 3 on, rather than Gus, so I'd be interested to know how far out he planned the show then as well.

    I'm not sure about the Saul comment... Saul's character was written by Peter Guold.  So while Bob Odenkirk is the actor of Saul... It really wasn't his call on who Saul was based on.  Did Peter base Saul on Ari Emanuel??  I guess I'm confused.

    Bogdan was classic... That would be hilarious with those eyebrows... Would be great to see a flash forward of him getting his car wash back during the credits. LOL

    Yeah Jesse dying would've been a bad move back in season 1.  The understatement of the century for anyone who likes Breaking Bad.  Great call by the writers to extend his life cycle in the show.  And brilliant move with Gus.  I was hoping that the Gus battle would've lasted longer.  For some reason I thought the Cartel (think back to the turtle scene) was more horrifying than the Aryan Brotherhood.  Something about Uncle Jack just seems cheesy.  But then we wouldn't had the freaking breakthrough that we've had with Todd's character.  Wow.  That dude is scary.

    Who's more evil?  Gus or Todd?  That's one helluva question...

  9. for anyone that's interested. had this song in my head so looked it up. Its the song from the season finale

    just a heads up, the official music video for this is effing weird as hell. lol. nothing to do with BB

    That's a really great song - as it ties into Breaking Bad.  Very solid choice of music... But that video. LOL


  10. Were the other Vamanos Pest guys Nazis? I'm pretty sure they were just normal fumigators/thieves and Walt was only introduced to the Nazis (through Todd, who is the least swastika-tattooed of all of the Nazis) as a way to take out Mike's guys. I don't remember any references to Nazism before that first meeting in the motel when they were planning to take out Mike's guys.

    The Pest control guys were just criminals... And Todd was part of that group.  The Aryan Brotherhood dudes didn't get introduced until Todd reached out to his Uncle Jack for assistance on taking out Mike's associates getting hush money - who were in prison.

    The Aryan Brotherhood is big in prison and organized gangs/crime... So they aren't Nazis... They're likely Aryan Brotherhood... But get called Nazis because of the symbolism found in their tattoos.

  11. I can't see the Aryan's taking Walt down. That would be a crappy ending...they aren't important enough IMO.

    But they were important enough to take out Hank and Andrea - had Skyler by the throat, and have beat the living :poo: out of poor Jesse as their meth slave.

    It's interesting... I don't think Walt will die at their hands either.  But will Jesse?  Man... There is a lot of 'What If's' going into this 'Felina'.

  12. Walt is going to die on this last episode.  That is one thing I believe after watching more interviews with Vince... He has stated why he picked Bryan Cranston - going back to X-files 'Drive' episode.  And why he brought him in as the lead actor for Walter White.

    If that is the case... How will he die?



    Aryan Brotherhood?

    At the hands of Jesse?


    I still think the Ricin suicide would be pretty dramatic.  And while some think he wouldn't do that... I say he does because he knows there is no cure or going back from it.  And he is too scared to pull the trigger (as seen in the pilot).  So suicide using his knowlege of 'Chemistry' to create the Ricin powder, seems logical to me.  And he does it when he is under custody by the DEA, to ensure Skyler is fully exonerated.

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  13. I know right, I am hoping they don't go Fargo on us. That is one messed up movie ;)

    Hhahah that would indeed be a terrible ending...  I have to believe that Vince and his crew of writers are more creative then to totally punk us by using a woodchipper dupe.

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