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  1. When you mention somebody going into the woodchipper it makes me think of only one thing ... Fargo.

    And not that it means anything but the Season 1 finale was title "A no rough stuff type deal."

    That is a line directly from that movie. ;)

    Not saying it means anything at all ... just saying. :)

    Whoa! What if Todd puts Jesse into a Woodchipper!? And then this!!

  2. or a cosmic comeuppance five seasons in the making. On both occasions, a single malt might have seemed more appropriate then a middle-brow blend."

    or a cosmic comeuppance...

    Say what? LOL

    Am I the only one who finds it mildly entertaining when a writer breaks out the thesaurus to try and spice up a literary?

  3. I was trying to find this and finally did... This is from Season 1, Episode 3.

    I've always thought that this flashback - would have some sort of reveal.  And I just felt like Vince never really showed the viewer what was going on.  'What about the soul?'  That was the missing element to fully balance out the equation of life (I believe)... I haven't watched season 1 since I downloaded it on iTunes several years ago.  But this scene....  I want to know if he figures out what the missing element is or goes back to Gretchen to address why he left her.

  4. I hope that's the end of him.  It might not be exciting, but its a logical and sort of sad ending for him.  Its more authentic this way.

    The more I think about it, the more I like this ending for Saul.  He is a guy who built up his image, wore colorful clothes, and plastered his face everywhere.  It seems like he had a successful little practice going and was probably making good money.  But he also did a lot of shady things--he's not a "good" guy.  In the end his moral ambiguity which he employed to make a buck caused him to have to give it all up and as he said, live a quiet life and hopefully manage a retail establishment (or restaurant or whatever).  Its basically the opposite of what he worked his whole life for.  Like Walt, he lost it all.

    Agreed.  I don't see a need for him to be in any further episodes.  The same for Badger and Skinny Pete.... While they were entertaining.  I just don't think they need to do anything more (especially in the limited window of time - we're going into the last episode) to spend time on these characters.

    For me... There is definitely a glaring '?' why Walt went the path he did in life.  Maybe I simply need to go back and re-watch season 1, but I don't have a clear grasp on why he wasn't more successful in life.  I think he held a huge grudge and never let that go.  And in a way, it held him back and he felt like a failure.  I'd like to know more about why he ran from the scientific research community - where he obviously was talented.  There has to be something darker there that we don't know about Walt.

    Watch this....


    @ 1:00... Gretchen in her mind - Walt clearly left her.  He abandoned her.  She was a rich girl... Maybe he felt that he could never make her happy or live up to her fathers success?  She came from a wealthy family.  So he walked out of that relationship, due to the pressure that he may have felt to be a 'man' or a financial provider.  Meeting Skyler, a young waitress may have been easier to be the man and the provider of the relationship?  Even as a high school chemistry teacher, he could provide.

    But then, after all the success that Gray Matter Technologies has had.... They just donated what, $28M dollars to charity (per the last episode).... And there he was, barely able to make ends meat.  Driving a beat up old Aztek for heavens sake... With a pregnant wife.  And he has cancer.  That had to be a huge blow and realized his life was pretty bland and wasn't as grand as it could've been had he stuck it out with old Gretchen.

  5. I'm not sure why you're gloating about figuring this out? It was mentioned that this was the genesis of the company name in episode 1.5 entitled "Gray Matter."

    Walt and Skylar go to Elliot's birthday party, and while Walt is shooting the shit with some of Elliot's friends/colleagues this is mentioned...

    Thank you!  So I didn't dream it... I was trying to remember the damn episode where that was touched on.  But was too lazy to Google it, or go find it.  Also, from listening to 515's podcast today... I think he is going to officially :poo: on Gray Matter Technologies.  It seemed like Bryan and Vince were hinting that - that wasn't going to be the last we saw of those two characters (Gretchen and Elliot).

    Perhaps there is a darker secret on why Walt was just a Chemistry teacher?

  6. Hi, my name is Jin Jeon.

    Yes, it’s been a long story. I hope you’ve learned a little about me. The point of posting this here is to reach out to as many people as I can to find any interest in supporting me financially on my journey. If you are interested, please PM me and I will give you my email. I have a sponsorship proposal written and ready to distribute. As I said earlier, I am different than most that are going on this journey. I won’t and can’t be rash and say I'm destined to be on the PGA Tour and guarantee 10x payback. But I do have an Industrial Engineering degree from a reputable university and a means to pay you back if you decide to invest. Thank you for reading, please view the links below to see me on the range.

  7. I know I'm nitpicking here but ... you said it in regards to the firemans chess game.  Just because black and white = grey doesn't mean that the chess game meant anything.  Regardless, still pretty cool that you were able to guess from that the word association of their company.

    A lot of props if the chess game was a coincidence ... A loooooooot of props if the chess game was symbolism. ;)

    The chess game, and setup was already described by the writers of Ozymandias in the podcast here:

    Listen to Episode 514 (Ozymandias).
    The writers talk about how they had one of the guys who was part of the BB set crew / directors put together the layout of the chess game in advance.  And they strategically placed the pieces to show that the 'King' - the white piece was nearly in check and was nearly out of moves.
    They didn't talk about tying Schwartz + White together = Grey Matter.... So I think that could be far reaching?  Although, there has been a lot of discussions about that in the past.  Heisenberg, while the first to mention it on this board, I've read others in the past tie those two together to come to the conclusion why Grey Matter carried such name.
  8. If he won the NP, he'd have a nice little nest egg and probably set for life professionally wise. I'm sure you meant contributor as the plaque suggests, but in S1, he mentioned he worked for Sandia labs, so pretty good salary and career prospects and was expecting to upgrade to a bigger house when talking to the realtor in house on Negra Arroyo Lane. I want to know how he went from Sandia to HS chemistry teacher/part-time car washer.

    In the card game, there were two kings. That meant something, just dunno what.

    Not sure what to expect for Grey Matter - how much WW really contributed to its success needs to be explained. Then I'd make my judgement as to whether G&E; deserve the big gun if it comes to that.

    Sorry, you're right... He didn't win it personally...  He was a contributor... But still.  Wouldn't that be a pretty big accolade in the world of science? I'd think he could use that to parlay himself into a sizeable gig elsewhere??

    [[Speaking of Sandia Labs... Funny story... I'm in the technology space (no, not space like -- outer space)... But there is a small regional trade show which highlights silicon/hardware/software that goes into various embedded applications.  And this tradeshow travels to various metros, one being ABQ.  And I have the luxury of covering the ABQ market from here in Socal and went to this tradeshow once to man our table top booth.  This tradeshow has become a stomping grounds for engineers looking to get out of the office, and get a free catered lunch... It's really a lame show tbh.  But the Sandia guys are infamous to frequent this event... You should see some of these guys. LOL  Walter White looks like Brad Pitt compared to some of these folk.  Some look like they've never been outdoors... And wearing the same clothes they wore in college... You know, back in 1978.]]
  9. I always wanted to learn more about what really happened to Walt - and why he went from a Nobel Prize winner, to a High School Chemistry teacher.  Seems like a pretty significant step backwards... They only have ~ 75 minutes to wrap the show.  And of that, ~ 55 minutes will be the show (I'm guessing) based on ad allocation.

    Here's what I'd like to see go down...

    1.) Walt goes back to ABQ (flash forward already confirms this) gets the M60 and ricin.

    2.) Forces Lydia to tell him where Todd and the Aryan gang bangers are cooking meth.... She tells him.  He then pops her with a quick shot to the temple.

    3.) Jesse offs himself in the slave cave.  He can't possibly go through any more torture after he watched his lady friend Andrea assassinated can he?

    4.) Uncle Jack, Todd and the Aryan crew get blown to smithereens after Walt creates another mercury fulminate device - the makeshift Heisenberg lab's recipe is lost in a cloud of smoke - everything Walt worked for... .His money and his recipe is lost forever.

    5.) Walt walks out of the engulfed building and jumps into his ride and drives directly to Grey Matter meanwhile calling the DEA on his way (they track his phones GPS and know where he is headed).

    6.) Walt pulls up to the Grey Matter office building and unloads the M60 mortars onto the building while screaming hysterically 'I Won the Nobel Prize for coming up with the name?!'

    7.) DEA/FBI/ABQ/Swat pulls up on the scene... Walt drops the M60, turns around with his hands in the air and surrenders.  They tell him to get on the ground, and as he goes to the ground, he pulls the small vile of ricin out of his pocket, and digest the powdery substance.

    8.) Screen fades to black.... 'Executive Producer Vince Gilligan'

  10. Few more comments... I love that I can stream my movies/tv shows and music from iTunes - and don't have to take up space on my phones storage.  That is pretty clutch.

    I don't like that the phone seems to be burning my battery pretty heavily.  I need to go back and look at my settings and see if something was tweaked.  Because I have the mophie juice pack - and my phone was down to 80% when I started typing this...  With my mophie - I've never seen the iPhone 5 not have 100% until way, way, waaaaaaaaaay later in the evening (after a full days use).  Seems like the battery is getting taxed for some reason?

  11. I listened to Tiger the other day in an interview before the Championship tournament... And they talked about his game coming into the week... He said he has been striking the ball well, but his putter has failed him.  And they mentioned a stat where he had 7 three putts in last weeks four rounds.  I mention this because I only saw a few shots today as I've been busy here at work... But I saw him miss some shortish/make-able putts.

    What is up with this dudes putter?  Has he lost his magic with the wand?  I don't remember the last time he had a solid putting round since the Firestone/Bridgestone tournament.... Time to get another lesson from Stricker!!

  12. saevel25, I guess we can agree to disagree on the spine tilting left at the top? Edited to show more accurate photo: From what I've been taught, and learned there is a leftward tilt of the spine to get the left shoulder low and hip low and in, and the right shoulder and hip high and deep to create extension. In order to keep the left arm straight. You need extensor action. The right arm/hand PP1/2/3 pulling. This creates depth which is required by the right hip and shoulder. And the shoulders turn in a vertical and horizontal arch around the spine. In order to make a full turn it is easier to straighten the right leg to allow the hips to rotate and create depth and extension. These moves create that leftward tilt of the spine. And enables the head to stay centered. You are misunderstanding how they are connected. Just because the spine tilts left doesn't mean the head tilts left. It's a misconception that you and many folks who don't understand the anatomy of the body easily fail to grasp. I did as well, until I truly sought out the answers. Flexion, to extension and regaining flexion and then going back into extension is the most efficient and anatomical way the body should operate in a powerful golf swing. One that prevents injury.

  13. My desired ball flight is a push draw. Thus I aim slightly right of my target, and try and swing out or right too. Please look at the ball flight laws. Understand what makes the ball curve. First is face. Then is path or swing direction. Thus, the answer is you aim based on the type of curve or shot you're trying to hit.
  14. In a Purestrike/Five Simple Keys swing they promote Key #1 a steady head. This is accomplished by a swing pattern which revolves around centered pivot. In order to have a steady head, or centered pivot, the spine angle at address is neutral. But given with forward shaft lean, forward press of the hands, this will cause the left shoulder to be a hair higher than the right. The weight will be 50/50 or 60/50 (left foot vs right foot) at address. So your pelvis and hips will be neutral. On the backswing, your body in order to keep a steady head will require extension of the right side, to enable a 90* turn of the shoulders and a 45* turn of the hips. In order to not sway rightward or away from the target, and maintain a steady head, the right leg will straighten. And the right hip will be deeper and higher than the left. This forces your spine to tilt left and your left shoulder will go under the chin, and the right will be higher on the arch. A feel golfers will often have is that their entire right side is stretched in full extension at the top of the swing. This loads the pressure on the right side. But doing so maintains a centered pivot, and a steady head - key #1. In order to now move from the top of the swing - where the golfers right side is in extension, and the spine is tilted toward the target. A lateral shift of the lower body is required. The golfer will slide his hips laterally toward the target by stepping down with the left foot. This move ensures proper ground reaction forces (GRF) are generated and help enable and power this lateral shift required to hit the golf ball with maximum force. This lateral slide of the hips enables the golfer to move his weight to the left side and ensure weight forward (key #2). In the down swing, as the golfer moves from the top to where his arm is parallel with the ground, the right leg and torso regains flexion (on the backswing the right side was in extension), and this helps lower the hands and arms to deliver the power accumulators into the impact area without throwing away the energy built in the takeaway (maintains club lag). So at this point the spine is neutral. From the club shaft parallel to the ground in the downswing, the golfer will raise the belt line by straightening the left leg. This move creates space to deliver the club into the ball and ensures your low point is after the ball. At impact your left side will be going into extension as the weight is ~ 90/10 (key #2) and as your hips and torso turn through the shot your belt line raises and you go into your finish where nearly all weight ~98/2 will be on the left side. In order to maintain key #1, your spine will tilt slightly away from the target in the follow through. Many call this spine angle - but your inclination to the ground will remain constant from address through impact. The hips and shoulders will turn and rotate around the spine in sequence to ensure the head is steady and a centered pivot is successfully executed. So if you want to use symbols, I'd say the spine is like the following. Address (A1): | Top (A2): \ Impact (A7): | Finish (A10): / My Sources; This website Stack & Tilt Purestrike Five Simple Keys DVDs Golf Anatomy The Golfing Machine Waite Mayo Golf YouTube
  15. Upgraded to 7. Looks very 'Google' and 'Android' GUI like. I like it in that fashion. Not really digging the way they handle some of the basic gestures. But I'm sure I'll adjust and before long it will be second nature. Oh, and the keyboard always has capital letters. Not sure I'm digging that. Forces me to look and see if I have hit the caps lock.
  16. Ok to clarify for other people ;-)  I never said anything about Key#2 on the backswing.  If that's a FEEL to keep the hips turning and more centered, then great.  We definitely don't want weight forward on the backswing.

    No, you told me to breakout my S&T; videos, and keep the weight forward!   I keed! I keed!! :smartass:

    Sorry for bringing Key #2 into focus on that post above... Yes, you are 100% correct, you just said if that's my FEEL like its on the left, to keep the centered hip turn.... Then roll with it.  My bad for creating the confusion...

    Ok so now lets dissect some other goods....

    IMO the best the right elbow has looked on a full speed swing.  Notice on the posterior view how it doesn't look "bunchy" like the before swing.  Pretty good with the sequencing.  Hips still shift back a little but it's better.

    It's interesting how the pros do such a fabulous job of getting that elbow back into the ribs from A5 to A6.  For reference, and for those that are reading this thread.... Here is Gary Woodland from A4 (Top) to A7 (Impact).... Look at how he gets that right elbow back into his belly so nicely at A6.  That's something I'm trying to fix to better my ball striking.

    Shaft looks "on plane" to me at the top of the backswing.  If the shaft is short of parallel to the ground, which it is, perfectly ok for it to be pointed a little left.

    Check this out, lightsaber battle

    Yes, I guess the shaft doesn't look too laid off when depicted side by side with Mac vs Zach in Jedi Knight fashion like that! (Look at those pants! :bugout: .......... LOL)  Good stuff and thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    But the rehearsal swing on the left, just looks like it has clean geo's compared to the right.  Plus I hate how gimpy that closed clubface looks in comparison... I just looks 'gimpy' to me.  I know there are a lot of good players playing with a closed club face, but its something that has bugged me for - well - two years now! :beer:

    Is it a PP4 issue with how I'm loading the club?  Looks like my attachment goes 'deeper' into the frame (inward) on the real swings, which leads to that club shaft shifting off to the left.  I'm wondering because my tempo is a little quicker than most, that combined with the fact that I'm overloading PP4, that it leads to that shaft kicking out to the left at the top??  Just curious and wondering what others think...

    When I do the swing rehearsals - I'm going slower, and use the alignment stick on the ground as a reference point of the plane line... And it helps me properly load PP4 from A2 to A4.  But when I'm swinging the golf club... At a ball... I focus on the ball - and my loading of PP4 (A2 to A4) must be different?

    Could too much PP4 be the culprit of why that elbow gets stuck at A6 - and leads to the Goat Humping Festival of Orange County??  Inquiring minds would like to know...

  17. Here is the latest set of swings... I left some pre-shot rehearsals into the video, which can be found in the first minute of the video.  The pre-shot rehearsal is what I'm trying to blend into my actual swing.  In particular the way I load the accumulators in the rehearsal - and the shaft is more vertical instead of being laid off.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a swing captured where I nail that move - yet.

    I feel like the Pipoe is helping me with the elbow spacing a lot.  I don't know... Maybe I'm too excited, but I feel like I'm actually making some progress again.  And one of the keys mvmac had me working on was #2 - and keeping weight forward - trying to keep that hip on the start line has really helped me.  I'm not 100% nailing the weight forward - even on the backswing... But I'm getting closer and closer.

    Here's a snapshot from an Evolvr video mvmac has me going back and working to incorporate the Key #2 feel...

  18. It doesn't bother me at all, because it doesn't seem that crazy to me.  (timeline-wise, I mean).

    Crazy is all the shit that Jack Bauer somehow manages to do, and all of the real estate he manages to cover in 24 hours, but that is another story. ;)

    I just thought of something amusing ... that I had to look up to confirm.  It was the day after his birthday that he passed out at the car wash and was rushed to the hospital.  He was EVENTUALLY (the website doesn't mention and I don't recall if that means 1 hour, 1 week, or 1 month later) diagnosed with "stage-three terminal lung cancer and given less than two years left to live."

    Based on the current state of events and the flash forwards, I'd say that doctor was right on the money. ;)

    Ok, I apologize... I wrote what I wrote, and then Google 'Breaking Bad Timeline of Events' and this is the first article that popped up...

    After reading the article, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has some issues with the timeline of the show.
    And GD, I had to laugh when you used 24 as a reference.... GOOOD POINT!! :doh:

    Oh, and here is the question... Walt has a shaved head in episode 60.... Holly is 18mo old.

    So going back to the timeline... Walt is 50 in the Pilot.... 11 Episodes in (Season 2 - after Tuco and all the crazyness went down in Season 1 - they sell Blue Sky to Gus) Holly is born.  18mo later, Episode 60.  Episode 61 or 62, Walt will be 52.... And here you go.... Walt has hair.

    Walt grew a full beard, and a full head of hair in like a month or two?  I'm guessing a month or two (being polite) because Holly wasn't born until Episode 11 - where they had probably engaged in several months of badness after Walt turned 50?!?  LOL

    Come on Vince.  I love your show, but your timeline sucks! :beer:

  19. I listened to the Podcast last night about Season 5, Episode 14 (which was amazing - and is the 60th episode of the series).   This was the first podcast I've listened to where the writers and directors talk about the show (or any show for that matter - I've never listened to one of these)... And they went into some interesting details about how they filmed certain things, and pulled off different scenes using various techniques and methods.  It was pretty interesting, and they definitely gave me insight into the state of the characters, and what they wanted the audience to feel.

    But one of the things I found the most interesting, at least in this sample of listening, is how much these writers seemed to forget/or didn't know the timeline of the story.  I'm mentioning this here, because while I think Vince Gilligan obviously is a brilliant mind behind this show, his cast of writers seemed to not truly know how much time has elapsed over the course of time.

    So that got me thinking... And I've thought about this before... How much time has actually passed over the course of this show?

    First, the pilot Walt turns 50 (Skyler places the bacon on the breakfast plate).  Ok.... So this is Day 1.

    Then throughout the first season, Skyler is prego with Holly...  And in season 2, she has Holly in the 11th episode of the series... Holly is born while Walt is doing his first transaction with Gus for a whopping $1.2M.

    I don't know how much time elapsed between Walt turning 50 (Episode 1), and Holly being born... But I want to use her birth as an important reference point which I'll come back to later.

    Then in Season 5, Episode 50 - 'Fifty One' Walt turns 51.

    During this time... Is when Lydia is worried about the DEA tracking their methlaymine.... And Jesse, Walt and Mike are all trying to find ways to shake the DEA - as Blue Sky is back on the streets being sold after Gus' death.

    Fast forward to this weeks Episode, Ozymandia (Episode 60), an Amber Alert is reported for an 18mo girl - who is Holly.

    So basically we have from Episode 11 to Episode 60 is a span of 18 months.... This is when Walt is leaving and going to New Hampshire (we know this from the previous flash forward, where he shows the waitress in the Denny's his ID)... And this coming weeks Episode is named 'Granite State'.... New Hampshire is nick named the Granite State.

    Where am I going with this?  Well, in the Denny's dinner, during the flash forward of Season 5, Episode 47, Live Free or Die - Walt is seen with the New Hampshire ID, and he has hair, and it is his 52 birthday.

    Lets recap now....

    1.) Walt turned 50 in the Pilot (Episode 1)... Shit starts getting real.

    2.) Holly is born in Season 2, (Episode 11).... This is where Gus is buying his first batch of leftover product from Walt and Jesse.

    3.) Walt turned 51 in Season 5 (Episode 50)... The DEA knows about Gus - but is trying to find out who is running the meth op now that Gus is dead.

    3.) Holly is kidnapped by Walt in Season 5b...(Episode 60).... It is reported in the Amber Alert Holly is 18mo old.

    4.) Walt turned 52 in the flash forward in Season 5a (Episode 47).... This will be shown again, in present time in either Episode 61 (this coming weekend) or Episode 62?  (Only two episodes left)

    Obviously, 24mo passes by from the Pilot to where Walt is back in ABQ after returning from the 'Granite State'. But how has all of this crazyness transpired over the course of 2yrs?!

    The writers during the podcast was saying it was one year from the Pilot to Episode 60 - and Vince corrected them, and said it was longer... But he didn't specify how much longer it was.  As good as this show is... It just seems like it would've been more realistic (LOL - ok this is TV I know)... If this would've been like spanned over 3 or 5yrs.

    So my question is.... Am I the only person that is bugged out by this?  Has anyone else thought about this?  Think of the insane shit that has transpired over the course of this show - which is amazing... I've loved the character development.... But squeezing it into a 2yr timeline seems really strange.

  20. First, if you play in a lot of tournaments - real tournaments, I can tell you that the scenario that you laid out above is actually the polar opposite of what I'd expect to see.  Meaning that his/her tournament scores would likely be higher (possibly many strokes higher) than his/her casual round scores.

    The reason why I believe this?  Simple.  Tournament pressure is difficult - plus the tracks are typically setup much more difficult than a casual round will be.

    Regardless if the guy is a sandbagger, or a vanity capper... If someone can play well in under tournament conditions/stress... Then they should be deemed a solid player.  And their casual rounds shouldn't be what defines this golfer IMO.

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