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  1. Yo dawg, I heard you like golf swings. So I put my golf swing in your golf swing thread so you can think about my golf swing while you swing your golf swing! :-$ Looks like your posture has got more upright? I'm moving that way too -- perhaps a clue ...

    Lol, that's an old swing. But yes. My posture was too upright in that swing.

  2. Wow, you were right.  He missed three 4 footers over the last six holes. I think he also missed a 5 or 6 foot putt on the first 9 for birdie.

    In his defense, there was at least one of those shorter putts that had a lot of wind. From a guy who once lived, and played a lot of golf in the Windy City, that can really play mind games with you when you're trying to make a steady stroke and you're getting blasted by the wind over a 5ft or less putt.

  3. One of my buddies has the Vison Track. It definitely will help you swing more in-to-out and help reduce the OTT move. I'd get that as it isn't an expensive training aid. And it will give you immediate feedback as it will help you visualize the proper path. And when you hit it clean, by tracing the proper path, you'll see the desired results. In fact I'm going to buy one and add it to my 'indoor swing den'.
  4. What is your desired ball flight? From the video I watched, you have nice tempo and effortless looking swing (I only watched your 7i swing video).... But you're hitting pull fade and slices because of your face and path are too far in or left. The video you can see your impact and post impact is going left. Shift your baseline right and you'll start having a chance at hitting a draw. If that is what you're looking for?
  5. I'm not a long hitter. In fact, out of the the foursome I typically play with, I'm the shortest of the group. But I can still hit my driver on average around 240 to 250. Legit. And my 3W 235 to 225 and 5W 225 to 215. Sometimes if I hit it really clean, get a nice bounce, or have wind helping each of these can go a little further. Point being that I can play some of the longer courses in the Orange County area (6,800 to 7,000 at or near sea level with wind) and play fairly decent. Typically, my rounds are right around 77 to 82. Sometimes 74 to 84. And I've found this is typically true even if I play a tough or easy course. For whatever reason, I don't seem to really score significantly lower on the easier courses? It is strange. I could perhaps just have a mental issue where when I start to play above average, say I rattle off a run of birdies, it gets into my head? But I just can't seem to go really lower than that mid 70 range right now, no matter the slope/rating. So for handicap purposes, I'd rather play the more difficult rated course. In fact, I'm going to start doing that at the course I have a card at, and play regularly. I'm going to start playing from the tips and believe it will help my differentials. I typically shoot 78/79 from the Blue Tees: 6,547, 71.2/130. Whereas the tips or Black Tees: 6,973, 73.5/136. I haven't played the tips yet because of the two par 3's on the front have intimidating water carries. And both can play into the wind.

  6. My Son is still in the womb... But what I plan to do is just take him to the range and hit balls, roll putts on the practice putting green until he is around 5yrs old (perhaps older?).  So simply make it 45 min to 1hr of swinging the club just for fun.  Keyword, make it fun.  Then when he can at least make semi-consistent contact, take him out on the executive courses in the area.  And as he gets bigger and stronger, then move to the real course... All while ensuring he is having fun.  Make mini games out of it.

    I learned to play with my Father by playing a shortish 9-hole course, and he would let me tee off, and hit shots.  If I missed or duffed it, he would have me pick it up and bring it up to his ball.  We would do this until I learned to manage my own game, and play the course.  It worked out pretty well.  And I didn't get my first golf lesson until I had played for a few years.  And my first lesson was mainly about golf etiquette, the proper grip, address posture, ball position and aim.  Very basic lesson which I'd recommend for any beginner.

  7. I have the shanks. Worse, I have the wedge shanks.

    Drive it inside 100 yards. Step up to routine par-or-better approach. Nearly kill someone teeing off on the next box maybe 40 yards right of the green. Walk the walk of shame. Indulge in some friendly chit chat:

    "How the **** did you even manage to hit it over here, man?"

    "Wish I knew ..."

    Yep.  I've had those rear their ugly head too.  It's when I lean into the ball on the back swing...  Have you caught any of these on video?  Like this? The very first swing my head leans into the ball and hit a dead shank with an 8i.

  8. I'll re-send you the video review I did from June, feel free to post it in this thread if you like.

    Mike thank you for resending the video. I watched it this morning. And after reading the last few post you made a light bulb went off. So today when I played, I focused on keeping the left side on the start line or alignment stick. Wow. It worked like a charm, and I hit the ball 300x better than I did last Saturday when I was trying the extension stuff. Result....76 from the tips. +2 differential. I'll take that every day. I was hitting some fabulous golf shots and felt like I could go really low with this golf swing.

  9. For me, it's understanding that the shoulder turn not only has to go down, but back too. So the visual for me is seeing my left shoulder reach the middle of my stance, at some point in the backswing.

    Did this help at all? I feel like I may have missed the point here, or wasn't as direct or clear as I could have been...

    Jet, lots of similarities in issues... Thanks for posting.  But this piece for me is the most helpful (bold).

    I play really good golf when I have this visual - left shoulder getting under my chin - with a steady head.  I need to get back to that visual because I've been trying to get so much extension on the backswing with my right leg and trying to get that right hip deeper, that it was causing some contact issues (head leaning into the ball on the back swing).  Ultimately this was leading to heel side contact - and the dreaded shank would rear its ugly head every now and then.

    I'll do some more drills and try and feel like my head is pulling away from the wall on the backswing and see how that does.

  10. The left photo - you can see I have accomplished the connected arms - as I'm not as deep with the upper - but the lower is fully extended (right leg nearly straight).

    The right photo - you can see I have deeper arms - but less extension (right leg isn't as straight - and hip isn't as deep).

    My issue is what is the priority here?  Do I need deeper right hip - with more extension as I was originally told - but keep the arms connected (Pipoe should help with the arms).  Or do I need to just focus on the arms?  Seriously... There is contradiction so it's creating confusion.

    Telling me to get the right hip deeper to help with the sequencing (Evolvr and post in this thread) - then showing the right femur angle - with 'much more turned' upper seems to be a contradiction to what I was trying to work on?

    Again, I was trying to:

    1.) Get a deeper right hip turn - to enable the right elbow to get into my belly on the down swing.

    2.) Keep arms connected - which would prevent 'much more turn' - and reduce the upper torso turn which would prevent the right arm from traveling behind the shirt seam.


    Originally Posted by mvmac

    Less extension, sounds familiar





    Scrapping all this extension stuff and going back to Key #1.  I can't lean into the ball on the back swing... As that is leading to death shots on the course. :poo:

  11. So feel like your head goes back a little and doesn't go forward on the backswing. Less extension.

    Good point. Question for you... Curious what you think... Did that 1/3 speed swing with the Pipoe really fix my goat humping?  That was the cleanest A8 I've ever witnessed of myself! :-P

    Now if I could only replicate that at full speed!!!

  12. Great episode! One thought... Shooting several AR-15's... Versus someone with a handgun and a shotgun? AR-15's would destroy Hank and Gomie. Wish they would've had a few body shots before they cut the scene. I wanted True Romance like destruction.
  13. This happens to me a lot as well...

    The problem I have found is when I try and work on making a full turn in my backswing... Something that really looks like this:

    When I make that left shoulder go low, and vertically under my chin - which causes my entire right side to extend... My head tends to leans into the ball on the back swing.  So on the down swing... I have to stand up - or early extend - or I hit the ball on the heel - and sometimes shank it.

    It is a pain in the ass to fix... But the best thing to do is put your head on the wall, and practice your back swing.

  14. Thanks for the responses. It may be some time before I am able to post a video of my swing. The reason I stopped going to the pro who taught me originally is that A. He quit golf. B. Which I found out later after my lessons he never passed his pga trials. My common miss now is a flat out duff. Real chunk or thinned so poorly. I am not sure what happened to make me have such a drastic change in my set up and actual swing path. Without a video I can say that as of now 1 lesson in the new.set up is so foreign to me. Hands are far from body and knees really flexed.

    I'd highly recommend you get a solid instructor.... The worse thing you can do is go to someone who doesn't know what they are talking about, and gets you into a position that is going to either a.) cause an injury or b.) cause you to get so frustrated that you want to quit the game.

    There are a lot of great instruction threads on this site.  I'd recommend you check this area out:


    Simply look at 'views' count - and you'll quickly see the threads that have the most traction have tons of goodies within.

  15. A few practice swings from tonight's range session... Worked with the Pipoe which was hilarious.  I can't swing more than 1/3 speed and keep it between my elbows.  My swing feels so foreign right now. :doh:

    When I hit it well, it is awesome.  When I don't hit it well, well... :blink:

    One thing I noticed in the down the line swing... When I really try and get extension in the back swing, like in the following photo... My head leans into the ball.  Then on the downswing, my head pulls back away from the ball, and when the timing is good - I hit the ball really well.  When my timing is off... Ummmm.

    I'm going to keep working on this pivot - with extension and use my head on the wall and see if I can clean this shit up... Ugggh  so frustrating.

    Head on the wall drill... Using the Pipoe to keep my PP4/PP5!!!  YES!!!  DO IT!!! DO IT UNTIL YOU HAVE A RED SPOT ON YOUR FOREHEAD YOU TOOL!!!

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