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  1. My Swing (mancgolfer)

    I was insinuating that your username may mean you're a Manchester City fan, and if you were I was apologizing for your fandom!
  2. My Swing (mancgolfer)

    Unrelated note, I know it says your from Manchester, but if your username has any other connotation, I'm sorry...
  3. My Swing (buckshot4227)

    So... did you find an abandoned warehouse to practice in?
  4. What to say in the awkward silences after a bad shot?

    Best response is nothing at all. Think about it. If you hit a shit shot do you really want to hear 'hey man don't worry about it', or a wise crack, you just want people to shut up and get on with it. That is unless you're playing with people that you're really comfortable with and you're just giving each other shit the whole time; then anything goes! But from the sounds of it with the awkward silence, the former is the better choice.
  5. My Swing (vanpooten)

    Thanks Mike. Could you explain to me what the purpose of these two things would be for (just genuinely curious and want more information)? Not sure if your first sentence is joking or not, the video's clearly edited. I appreciate your input, however, I don't think the whole 'spring'/'coil' mantra is too popular here. I do agree my seqeuncing is out of whack though.
  6. My Swing (vanpooten)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 3 1/2 years My current handicap index or average score is: 80's My typical ball flight is: straight/draw with irons, straight/fade with driver The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull/pull hook/pull slice (so sick of hitting pulls!!) Thought I'd use the template for the most recent swing. I posted some practice swings to try and show what I'm feeling, and to see if that's the direction I should be headed. Again it may be the camera angle but it really looks like I'm coming across the ball at impact, and am over plane coming into it. The practice swings don't have that issue I think, so I'm really trying to feel the practice swing in the real one. What is my biggest issue at the moment? I see my head dropping down almost instantly on the back swing and the outside in swing coming down as two big things; is there something big I'm missing that is the root of many of my problems? Thanks for any advice.
  7. "You're a standard all the way"

    I've never done it but I always here it's one of the best investments for your game. Also it sounds like this guy doesn't know his stuff or was lazy and didn't want to fit you. The main determinant for the length of your clubs is the distance from your wrists to the ground when hanging at address position. So a 6' 5" guy could have clubs shorter than standard if he has some monkey arms!
  8. How much could I get for this Golf set?

    I'll give you some balls I fished out of the lake and the tees from my bag for all that..
  9. My Swing (Rfordeagle)

    swing looks real nice, really like everything, especially your lower body movement, looks spot on to me
  10. My Swing (vanpooten)

    Thanks Beach.. I stopped using evolvr in August I think. Used a local instructor after that for a bit who I think screwed me up more than anything. Back swing plane was never something we talked about with evolvr, or seemed to be a concern. I personally don't see an issue with it, it's more of a one plane swing, and since my shoulders turn on a fairly inclined plane (and under my chin), I don't think it's a problem.