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  1. I use a 9.5° with an Stiff shaft and my swing speed is 112 mph. But I have the same issue, around here there aren't a lot of places to get fit so you can't try other loft/shaft combinations. I feel that I'm too, losing distance because of the loft of my driver.
  2. Welcome! Greeting from Mexico.
  3. Got the chance to record a video yesterday. I'm trying to hit more up with the driver so I don't get a lot of back spin. Last time I went to a fitting my AoA with the driver was in between -3 and -4 so it was very severe. What do yo think? Second swing I think was a bit if a pull. The range it's quite short as you can see.
  4. Been listening to this song a lot lately.
  5. Played horrible this week. On tuesday, played 9 holes the course is very wet so it's shortened to mostly par 3's. Some par 3 are 260 but to a green that it's quite sloped so they turn quite difficult, plus some holes were played in heavy rain. Shot +5. On wednesday I payed 9 again, but played the two par 5's as par 5's, shot +1. Yesterday, again 9 holes, shortened, shot +5 with a triple bogey in number 3.
  6. Again with 78 (+1 and +5) back nine were horrible. Two double bogeys, one triple and an eagle. 😫
  7. Ah, yes! My bad hehe. So, would watching some vids from that key, would help? I tried today to be "steeper" in my backswing with the club and getting at the top ready to not get steep on the way back, if that makes sense hehe.
  8. Sorry to bring this thread back to life, but I've been watching a lot of videos about this topic because I think I came too steep to the ball. I have tried some of the recommendations on those videos but I haven't nailed the feeling. Is there some other drills to shallow the club? Also, is this has to do with Key #3?
  9. 78 today, +1 and +5. Second round was a mess. I was trying a new feel and I need to work a bit more on it.
  10. Played quick 9.. +2... all pars, two bogeys. One was kinda bad luck, but the other one, again, lie where the ball is below my feet, shank, but this time I didn't went into the water. I really need to search why I can't hit that shot.
  11. Thanks billchao. I posted those from my iPad and couldn't find how to embed them, sorry.
  12. Played yesterday, 76 (+2, +2). Had some horrible shots, especially dealing a lot with lies where the ball is below my feet, can hit it solid. Send it into the water both times with a PW in my hands. I'm not hitting it fat, it's more like catching it thin, with the toe and I get a push fade. Horrible. Then also struggled with 40-50 yard approach.
  13. I was watching this video fro @iacas I think I will try it.
  14. So, I got the chance to practice yesterday. Took some videos, what do you think? Tomorrow I will post m6 thoughts. Took this from the 7 iron video
  15. Played today and it was a decent round, had some trouble hitting my PW, I shanked one and the other catched it a bit thin and into the water but managed to hit 71 (-1). Other than that it was a good round.
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