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  1. Unless you are just naturally gifted or have a ton of time to practice and play becoming a really good golfer is like trying to find the fountain of youth. It just a really hard game to learn and maintain skills at. The pros you see on Tour do not just play and then take 2 weeks off like many of us do. They hit thousands of balls a well and play at least 3-4+ times a week. Point being, keep your expectations in check. Your scorecard usually reflects the time you put into the game.
  2. Currently am dealing with it in my right elbow (right handed swing). I bought a copper compression band designed for golfers elbow and its made a big difference while playing. Part of my issue is the amount of weightlifting I do as well. Just going to deal with it until it gets too cold to play and let it heal on its own. Ice and rest are the two best treatments for do at home healers like myself. Do not see any need to see a doctor or physical therapist. If I was a tour player then I may feel differently. Now, if you let it go on for a really long time then there is a chance you can develop scar tissue that could cause permanent damage.
  3. My putting has improved leaps and bounds since getting fit with an EVNROLL putter. Got the ER3. Everyone is different. All i know is that is works for me. That said, if you cannot put the ball on the correct line, club face square, etc., just like anything else in the bag, does not matter what you get you are not going to get the results you want.
  4. Tried out all the new 718's. Took a few of my irons (AP1 716) and also compared with some of the other 716 models (AP2, etc). Just being honest, I did not see any difference between the 716 and 718. AP2 716 and 718 went the exact same difference, felt the same, etc. The only difference was the AP3 which looked a bit different on the ground (an in-between the AP1 and AP2 look), but I did not see a real difference in its performance. I hit all types of shots. I spent alot of time hitting off center strikes to see what kind of forgiveness each model (716/718) gave. Zero difference. That all said, the one thing I can say I did see a difference in were the shafts. I currently use the True Temper XP105. The demos I was using had the XP90 shafts. So, I will admit that I did see a difference in that, but purely the new iron head of the 718's, I did not see any difference. JMO, pure marketing gimmick.
  5. Very impressive round all things considered. Imagine if he quit basketball and solely focused on golf. Hope he plays on more events. Its great for the Web.com tour and for golf in general.
  6. Have been using one for a few months now and love it. Has taken about 3 putts off my normal putts per round average. Where I see the biggest difference is with my lag putting. Has not made any difference with short putts, but I tend to miss the center of the face on longer putts and I have noticed a pretty significant difference. The ball gets closer to the hole whereas my old Scotty would spray it further left, right, or short. I am very confident it is giving me a chance at less 3 putts which was the biggest reason I bought one. Its a very legit putter. Worth trying out, but absolutely make sure to go to someone who knows how to fit for a putter.
  7. I started playing with them a few months ago and it took me about a month to get used to them seeing that I was coming off of players irons (Mizuno). Getting much longer distances and can still work the ball well. I needed more forgiveness which they provide. Mizuno 7 iron distance was around 160-165. Getting average 175 with the AP1's and if I really crank it (with the right weather conditions) have gotten the ball into the 185-190 range. So, would say I am getting about a 10-15 yard added distance with these irons. Its pretty remarkable how hot clubs are getting now. Its allowing everyone to have a chance to play good golf as they age.
  8. Agree on the fitting. Go to someone who knows what they are doing and they can make some dramatic improvements for you if you have a decent swing and have never been fitted by a quality fitter. In regards to how much the tech has helped, I honestly believe the only legit improvement has been forgiveness. Maybe a few more yards, but if fitted properly in the past, I have strong doubts you are seeing 20+ yard improvements with each club release like TM and others market to you. There are tests that have been done but they seem to be all over the map in findings. My honest opinion is if you play a lot and have the $ I would get a new driver maybe every 3-4 years. Otherwise, save your money for lessons instead.
  9. Its helpful if you use it. I have one and have not touched it in several years. Just another training aid collecting dust.
  10. Nice to see a company who is financially struggling and for sale have all this money to pay out to Rory, Tiger, etc. Not a hater of any brand, but these guys are at a level where I highly doubt putting an Epic Driver or an M2 in Rory's hand is going to greatly change his performance. Unless TM invents a miracle putter I doubt Rory is going to start winning a bunch more majors and tournaments all of the sudden. TM was willing to pay him the most cash. Pure and simple.
  11. I am good at helping someone with a pretty flawed swing because I have had so many lessons that most of the issues average to bad golfers have I have dealt with before, but once someone has a good swing and is having issues I just tell them to go see a pro for a lesson. My HC is mostly because of short game which is something I am not naturally gifted at and do not have time to practice as much as I should. I enjoy helping fellow golfers when they need it, but I am not walking around the range offering advice when I feel like. I have been approached by total strangers at the range before trying to offer advice and I nicely tell them thanks and just go back to what I was doing. Most times I am experimenting on shot shapes, etc. and they are not aware of it.
  12. Been playing the Kirkland ball for a few weeks now. Also playing the Snell MTB and ProV1. Have rotated the balls during rounds to get a really good gauge on performance and although they all perform very similar the Snell ball is my favorite. No doubt in my mind (coming from a 10HC golfer) that they both rival the ProV1. Someone who is a low HC, Scratch, or Pro may find more differences than I can, but at my level the price point of the Snell and Kirkland is impossible to pass up. Have not tried Vice balls but have heard similar good things about it.
  13. Can't remember who said it but one of the big names said there are a lot of guys on tour who do not play to win but do just enough to make big money and/or keep their cards. I would put Poulter in that category. He has been able to cash in big with an average game (when comparing to other tour players) and a clothing gimmick that got him enough attention to get endorsements. If not for the Ryder Cup performances, his career would not even be a talking point. Not a fan, but have to give him a ton of credit. He found a way to market himself and has made a very good living with it. Appears his time in the Golf limelight is about to run out.
  14. Picked up 10 dozen the other day. Each pack has 24 balls and a limit of 5 packs per membership. Costco employee said they went through the entire pallet in about 3 hours. Have a bunch of Snell balls as well so I am not running out of golf balls anytime soon. Will give some out to my buddies.
  15. Another example of an athlete who got too much thrown at them at a very young age. She has all of the talent in the world, but just never seemed happy playing the game and had too much pressure thrown on her shoulders. Have no clue what the heck she has done to her swing over time and especially now. Everything about her evolution as a world class golfer has been a head scratcher. Never will understand someone as naturally gifted as she is making the amount of radical changes to their game. Same for Tiger. In his case he won a lot after the changes, but when it is all said and done, you just wonder what could have been if they stuck to what got them there to begin with.
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