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  1. cover it with dirt and call it a day :) or put some 'foggy' scotch tape over it
  2. haha what a weird thread... i prefer straight of course, but i have a tendancy to slightly pull
  3. since im taking golf class at school now, about 2-3 times a week and maybe 1 round of golf a week :) !!!!!!
  4. practice nets? PSH. i want to get the playstation golf simulator! it'd be pretty fun practicing indoors with simulating game play :) haha
  5. i have a mizuno MP .001 but i always use my friend's taylormade R7 425cc driver....man, using the R7 feels like i'm cheating! it's goes so far and straight!! he's not a consistent driver w/ his R7 but i definately bring out the potential in it
  6. great info! thankss
  7. yeah i've been wondering if golf shoes really make a difference... i've been learning golf w/ regular tennis shoes and i think i've adjusted to them fairly well. i'll probably stick w/ regular tennis shoes for another few months till i get better at golf
  8. hello all i'm new to the forums :) so what i've read so far, i'm going back and forth on Callaway HX Hot, Bridgestone B330, Titleist Pro v1, and Titleist DT Solo (this one was my pick :p). due to financial reasons, i'm swaying more towards HX hot and Titleist DT Solo. It seems like the HX Hots seem to be more of the preference around here, but it didn't get many votes... how are the HX Hot and DT Solos with control/softness/or whatever you call it? i've heard a lot of talk about distance which is great, but i'm still learning to control my ball. i just enrolled in golf class at my university and i'm in the market of buying new balls.. i also played with my friend's titleist ball a few days ago and i loved it! however, it didnt have any labels on it, just titleist. does anybody know what ball that is? oh yea, it was my first time taking score and i shot a 98 :)