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  1. Big Wiiiiiiill ... I could tell on the phone you were a good guy, that's why I invited you to tee it up with Greg, Shawn and I. I knew you were a man after my own heart when at 7:20 I go to grab a Coke and you bust out with "I'll take 2 Coors light and his Coke too." I knew we'd get along just fine then! I enjoyed the day with you and would do it again in a heart beat! if you're ever back this way - let me know, you have a friend here!! Thanks for helping all of us have a great day on the links!
  2. Golf Digests power play with their tee times only booking engine, GolfNow isn't in the Myrtle Beach area. Myrtle Beach is a resort town where golf packaging is king.
  3. I'm a Golf/Tournament Director for the largest independant golf packaging company in Myrtle Beach, SC. My primary focus is on Outings/Tournaments .. I work with companies like like Harley Davidson, SYSCO Systems, HBO, State Farm Ins, Pepsi, etc ... to set up incentive trips/yearly outings. 2 of my cousins and myself own a Video Production company, Signature Hole Productions Inc, we specialize in high quality video for web, DVD and TV broadcasting. Our forte is detailing the experience you wil lreceive at a golf facility. We take you from the Pro Shop to the signature holes so you'll have "b
  4. I'll call it a 6 out of 10 in person. Her Father and Uncle bascially own 1/4 of North Myrtle Beach. Since her father sold Gator Hole GC she tee's it up at Myrtlewood when she's in town.
  5. I'm glad you had a good time down here last week. 4 hole birdie streak ... sweeeeet!!! So where did you play??? I played Saturday in a tournament at Man-O-War I think it was about 45º overcast cloudy and drizzling. Man, this southern boy was COLD!!!! You probobally have a little different perspective being as you 've been in the teens and 20's lately!
  6. Congrats!! They will start flowing now that you have the first one out of the way!!!
  7. I had one of the best shots of my life this past weekend. It was a par 5 where I tried to jump on a driver to get it waaay down there. I hooked the my drive and it hit a tree and popped out in the left rough. I had 247 in and into a slight breeze. I pulled my strong 3 wood and hit a nice low draw that turned over and landed about 2 feet short of the pin dead on line and rolled about 6 inches past. It was behind the hole and had to have just missed going in. It was one of those shots where at impact you know you hit a great shot. I hit it and said ... "Ohhh, that's gonna be good". Thats my sho
  8. I'm a casual fluffer and roller now-a-days. I used to play it down all the time no matter what. But as I have gotten older and out of competitive golf, golf is just a fun way to spend a few hours away from the house. If fluffing an impossible lie keeps me from skulling one 2 holes over then yeah, i'll fluff it. I don't fluff everything just the stupid crazy one's ... don't want to take all the challenge out of it! My usual group plays roll em in the fairways. So i'm a cheater and have no issues with it at all. Everyone has their own agenda and idea of how they like to play. For me it's enjoyin
  9. One thing I know for sure .... i'm going to have fun and enjoy my day! Other wise I won't play. A few of the guys I play with regularly will shoot 65-70 everytime they tee it up. One guy is cool and fun to be around, the other guy is a stick in the mud. I had rather play with a hackin 35 capper than a serious -4. Playing in a $10 nassau or a $5 skins game is nothing to be serious about. Maybe my perspective is what you're missing ... I have 3 daughters 11, 9 and 5, I work days my wife works nights. My escape from reality is 4 hours on the course once ...maybe .... twice a week. So the last thi
  10. I had a double eagle about 2 years ago. Arrowhead C.C. in Myrtle Beach, on the Waterway Nine, #4 Par 5 520 yards. Hit driver 7 iron aaannnnd .... it's in da hole! I had a bad day at work and called my buddy. He said he couldn't go due to Daddy Duty. I talked him into bringing his 6 year old daughter and I brought my 2 year old daughter and we went out for a de-stressing nine. Followed it up with a Hole In One less than a month later. I've been a single digit capper since I was 14 yo and that so far as been my only HIO and only DE.
  11. You have to keep it in perspective .... golf is a GAME!! I'm a 4-5 capper - shot 88 Monday and then Wednesday I shot 77 bogeying the last 2 holes. From an attitude POV ... you'd have never known which rounds was which! I just tell myself .. you have to have bad days to have good days, so why get upset at a bad day, it just make the good days sweeter! ... I had rather play with someone that shoots 120 and has fun, than a Pro who shoots 68 and is all serious .....
  12. 78 at Blackmoor 82 at Wachesaw East The 78 could have easily been a 74-5 but thats the breaks. My putter was OHHH so close all day. A lip here a lip there .... The 82 I shot was down right FUGLY and I thought it was more like a 88, nothing was going my way Saturday!
  13. I blew up yesterday .... 87 at The famed Dunes Club. I couldn't get off the tee and was in 3 1/2 inch rough most of the day. Which in turn didn't allow me to hit to many greens. The ball fell right down thru it and made for a difficult time spotting them and very difficult chipping, pitching around the greens. They have as new strain of Bent there that is salt water tolerant, so the greens were firm and fast .... it was a tough humbling day after shooting 73 Sunday.
  14. I played my usual Sunday round with my Physical Therapist, his FIL, and my Dentist. We played Kings North at Myrtle Beach National. One of my favorite courses. I had a cook out folowed by some Hold 'Em Saturday night and it went until about 2 am. So needless to say I was more than a little hung over and not expecting much. I played well on the front but had 2 bad chips that cost me and I bogeyed those holes. Made the turn with a 39 ... I had my usual "power snack" ("golf dog" and a Snickers at the turn) then proceeded to throw up 4 birds in the next 5 holes and then PBFU came, double, and then
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