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  1. Iron Suggestions

    Nothing wrong with the MX-15's. And they are not fitted and I have never been fitted for my irons. Have had them for about 5 years now and just starting thinking about trying something new. I'm not sure if I should keep with the game improvement (cavity backs) or try something with more feel (more of a players iron). As noted my game isn't long so I rely on my short game. Inside 120yrs is my zone. Long game is the challenge at this point. I practice working the ball on the range a lot, but only do it occasionally when I "need" to on the course.
  2. I'm looking at purchasing a new set of irons. I would like some suggestions on what you guys would think would "fit" my golf game best. 1 - I'm currently a 10 handicap. 2 - I'm a short hitter. 6i=150yrs 3 - I'm a lefty (noting since some clubs are not made in left handed) 4 - I have a low ball flight but would like a higher ball trajectory to gain more carry. 5 - I'm currently playing Mizuno MX-15 with Dynamic Gold R300 The first thing I have though of is for a shaft is GS75 R300 or another very light shaft. As for clubs I'm interested in, I'm really not sure yet. I plan on going to GolfTown this week.
  3. I am heading to Myrtle Beach on Feb 26, 27, 28. We are playing Thistle on the 27th. On there website they show that on Feb 12-15 they are closed to due to Aeration. Will the greens be in rough shape or recovered by the 27th?
  4. Spring Trip '08

    I do not want to hijack your thread but I am planning a trip in Feb '08 to MB and have never been. Can someone provide a good website for course reviews or a general guide to the courses... seems most google search results return bloated nonsense.
  5. The Sand Trap in print media (Golf Digest)

    I got my mag and was reading the article on Saturday morning and noticed the mention of TheSandTrap.com, which I thought was funny because I just started visiting this site. Good exposure anyways...
  6. Lessons

    Yes there is a heated range I can go to along with the virtual golf that can help me practice. Short game I am not too concerned about and would be harder to practice anyways. Generally its my overall swing that I want help with.
  7. Lessons

    Well the golf season is coming to an end in my region and I have moved forward in the right direction this year with my game. I started out being a 16.2HC and moved down to a 12.8HC right now. I would like to start taking lessons, but I have a few questions: 1 - Should I wait until next spring? There is a great instructor that teaches in the winter at an indoor golf (HD simulators etc). Would it be pointless to do it in the winter and the end of the season? 2 - Lessons are broken down in 30minute periods. How many lessons should I take? I realize this is a though question without knowing my goals. My goal is to get into single digits. I feel length and accuracy is what is stopping me.
  8. President's Cup 2007 Montreal

    I'm a leafs fan so no big deal! Go Weir! One of the more memorable golf memories I will have. What a pressure putt on 17.
  9. Right Ball for me?

    Alright I played the ProV1 yesterday and to me it has a softer feel, especially off the putter and chipping. As for distance, they seemed the same to me. After playing both, I prefer the Titleist ProV1.
  10. Right Ball for me?

    Alright I played in my league last night and played the HX Tour. I played the same ball all round and it held up pretty well. I'm hoping to go tonight so I can try all three out at the same time. Here were my initial thoughts on the HX Tour: 1 - The cover is durable, played all 9 holes with the same ball with no scuffs and still looks as new as when I first hit it. 2 - Felt a lot different while driving. A lot harder on miss hits. Almost like hitting a rock compared to the HX Hot. When it on the money felt great though. It appeared that I hit it the same distance as the HX Hot, I will have to play more to compare distance. 3 - Spin. A lot more than the HX Hot. Again I'm a short hitter. On second hole par 3, 165yrs I hit a 5 iron and had maybe 5 feet of roll. I will have to play more to see if I notice it more. It felt normal all round other than when I was driving. It felt really hard compared to the HX Hot. Thats what I noticed the most. Around the greens it feels fine. I'm so used to a lower compression ball that it takes some getting used to. HX Hot feels softer.
  11. Mizuno Wedge

    I have a MP-R 52.7 & 56.13 in Chrome. Really nice clubs. Love them. Not sure why I didn't go with the Black Nickel, is there any real difference between the two?
  12. Right Ball for me?

    Thanks for the insight! Much appreciated. I will have to see what the HX Tours and the ProV1's do for me. Price is not a huge issue, but I do cringe spending $50 (canadian) on premium balls. If they are not doing much for me, no point in spending that kind of money! I guess I will find out if they are worth the money or not. As I mentioned the previous balls I was playing are all in the $30 range. One thing I just read is about the Bridgestone E5 produces a higher trajectory off the tee which is right up my alley. With my driver, I have always had a very low trajectory and bank on roll. I think that is why my driver distance is not quite what it could be. I notice when I do manage to get some height I can reach 250. The E5 might be worth trying as well! So many golf balls to try, so little time!
  13. Right Ball for me?

    Alright tonight I picked up a dozen Callaway HX Tours. I also have 11 Pro V1's and one lonely Pro V1x that I got for free recently that I havn't tried yet. I also have a some Callaway HX Hot from the previous dozen I bought. Comparison time to see if the extra $20 is worth it or not!
  14. Right Ball for me?

    Thanks for an informative reply. I really like your idea of testing out the HX Tour and HX Hot. I do often play two balls during twilight at my home course so this will be no problem. I will post back my results as soon as I play (hopefully this weekend).
  15. 2007 Goals/ Grade of C-

    My ball flight is straight to slight draw. I would say last year I had more of a consistent slight draw. I have not gained any weight. I did tear the ligaments in my right foot this past winter that still causes a bit of pain and I have the feeling always will. Not sure if it would affects my game. Last year I started out hitting the same distances I am right now, but as the season when on I started getting longer. From 150 out, last year I would hit a 7iron, right now I'm hitting a 6iron. Overall not a huge problem, I just can figure out why.