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  1. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks! Turning 50 today. Now eligible to play veterans golf tournaments here. Yep, that's become my one saving grace for many rounds......
  2. June 30th:-Very wet here today. Managed 5 mins full swing practice outdoors between showers. Simply focused on making 70% speed centred turns and swinging through. June daily practice challenge completed.
  3. June 29th:- 15 mins full swing practice, 3 wood. Still focused on 70% speed, and keeping the backswing compact.
  4. June 28th:- 20 Mins full swing practice, 3 wood. Keeping the swing at what feels like 70% is definitely helping with maintaining spine angle/ Key #1 during the backswing.
  5. June 27th:- 10 mins full swing practice, 3 wood. 5 mins wedge swings. Concentrated on making slow, deliberate back swings, maintaining address posture.
  6. June 26th:- 10 mins full swing practice, 3 wood. Concentrated on Key #1, especially from A2 to A4,to prevent "standing up" during the backswing, which is the priority piece I'm working on.
  7. June 25th: 5 mins Full swing practice, 3 wood; and 5 mins wedge swings. Focused on slow swings to a good A4 position, then swinging to a complete finish.
  8. Lime green Vokey wedges, yay or nay?

    Can't say it better than that.
  9. June 24th:- 10 mins full swing practice. Making controlled swings at 70% speed, while maintaining Key #1.
  10. June 23rd:- Full swing practice in the nets for 10 mins. Focused on making a full shoulder turn while maintaining a steady head position.
  11. June 22nd: 10 mins driver swings on the lawn. Worked on making a slow backswing and feeling the correct position at A4.
  12. The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    I'm conning myself when I think that my handicap is going to come down significantly over time. Yes, it does fluctuate a bit from summer to winter, but the main reason it is stagnant is because my current practice regime is keeping my swing at the status quo. I don't have time to practice more than 10 mins a day (average), and that is without hitting balls - I swing at a tee peg stuck in the lawn. I believe (and I may be wrong) that this simply isn't enough time or quality to make significant swing changes and get them to stick. I'm slowly getting comfortable with things being the way they are.
  13. June 21st:- Midwinter solstice here. Practiced 20 minutes with Driver and 3 wood. Focused on making a relaxed shoulder turn during the backswing to prevent me raising my head.
  14. June 20th: 15 mins full swing practice, outdoors, driver and 3 wood. Again working on Key #1.