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  1. chris3putt

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Yep, that's me. Thanks for the wishes!
  2. chris3putt

    Why the hurry?

    Wow! I would seriously consider not playing golf at all during weekends if this was the case here.
  3. chris3putt

    The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Congrats! Thanks!
  4. chris3putt

    The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Long time without posting, or playing as much as I used to, but this challenge caught my eye. Shot an 88 at my home course today with three sixes, no sevens. Which I think just qualifies me as having completed the challenge, being an 18 handicapper. Summer is in full swing here , so I hope to get out a bit more regularly
  5. chris3putt

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks! Turning 50 today. Now eligible to play veterans golf tournaments here. Yep, that's become my one saving grace for many rounds......
  6. June 30th:-Very wet here today. Managed 5 mins full swing practice outdoors between showers. Simply focused on making 70% speed centred turns and swinging through. June daily practice challenge completed.
  7. June 29th:- 15 mins full swing practice, 3 wood. Still focused on 70% speed, and keeping the backswing compact.
  8. June 28th:- 20 Mins full swing practice, 3 wood. Keeping the swing at what feels like 70% is definitely helping with maintaining spine angle/ Key #1 during the backswing.
  9. chris3putt

    When Did You Sell Out?

    When I sold my fitted set of Mizuno muscle backs, for a set of G.I Cobra amp cell irons. The fact that I then went on to shoot my lowest round ever didn't quite dull the small, insistent voice that I was somehow "cheating."
  10. June 27th:- 10 mins full swing practice, 3 wood. 5 mins wedge swings. Concentrated on making slow, deliberate back swings, maintaining address posture.
  11. June 26th:- 10 mins full swing practice, 3 wood. Concentrated on Key #1, especially from A2 to A4,to prevent "standing up" during the backswing, which is the priority piece I'm working on.
  12. June 25th: 5 mins Full swing practice, 3 wood; and 5 mins wedge swings. Focused on slow swings to a good A4 position, then swinging to a complete finish.
  13. chris3putt

    Lime green Vokey wedges, yay or nay?

    Can't say it better than that.

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