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  1. No that's cool - it's sometimes difficult when one isn't in person to explain what you mean. But, yes your answer is spot on IMO. Many of my guys are surprised when it comes to putting it in the fingers.
  2. I’m sure you’re not too bad!! I think as golfers we can suffer a bit from over thought at times. I think it’s is fantastic that we have so many ‘ways’ of doing it and they’re all being discussed and put forward for us all to learn from. Good luck with your swing mate - whatever you can do, bear in mind I have seen much much worse!
  3. Thank you for that. I have had much success teaching my USS. I guess with basketball the ball is up in the air a bit rather than sitting on the ground - nevertheless - a stance in readiness to make a dynamic move is required. Of course every sport will be different - just the nature of the beast, but if I can relate to people leaning the game skills they may have already used and modify them for golf then that is surely a good thing.
  4. Yes, thank you. My point was to expand upon what we see a lot of in teaching the grip. We see hands placed on the club in a certain way rather than that being unique to the player. Whether that is strong, weak or whatever - how does one point that out to their students and how it relates to the clubface? I'm quite aware of how I do it, I'm just interested in your thoughts. BTW I am also an instructor.
  5. Ah yes, remember it well - I used to teach at Litchfield Elementary before turning pro and moving back to NZ.
  6. MVMAC, apologies if this has been covered, do you teach your guys and gals to relate the grip to their clubface?
  7. Sorry I'm late to the party, but if I can help anyone in this great game - it's my passion. My thoughts on posture are to start in what I call a universal sports stance. We have to be prepared to go up, down, left and right during a swing and thus being in a ready start stance is important. I think if you're too rigid and stiff looking/feeling you deprive yourself of some flow and the necessary loading in transition and downswing. Relaxed and 'facing' the ball, as Harvey Penick said, is just about as good a mind visual as you get. DrMJG I'm glad you're back is better - where do you play out there in Goodyear?
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