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  1. 1. Shoot Under 80 Consistantly 2. Practice Twice A Week 3. Go On An Out Of Town Golf Weekend
  2. Lol, best start to a post ever. As for the bag, I've seen nicer bags on clearance at golf shops for that price...
  3. Just came across this on you tube: And yes that was skipping across the pond!!!
  4. Love the feel of my irons, cant stand hybrids... to each his own though...
  5. Same, I find if I keep my head down through the stroke I rarely ever push or pull the ball...
  6. Cink at Firestone, Woods for PGA
  7. Black Titleist hat Blue Nike Drifit golf shirt Khaki green Adidas golf shorts Foot Joy golf spikes
  8. Golf should be in the Olympics because: 1. It is a sport everyone can relate to, and one of the most popular in the world. 2. It has Worldwide representation. 3. It has a long tradition and great sportsmanship, if not one of the best. 4. One of the greatest athletes and most recognizable worldwide plays the game. 5. Because I think it should, besides, its another excuse to watch more golf...
  9. Have you also noticed he uses a Nike Headcover on his putter...
  10. 43/41=84 yesterday, Great considering I didn't hit a great Iron all day...
  11. Love the AP1's... As the previous poster says, try out the AP2's as well...
  12. No sorry, half the fun is picking out a new pair each year...
  13. Cooker

    Favortie Club

    Right now, 5 iron...
  14. From Daly's twitter after the round: "I am exhausted --it's been very hard to play both tours & have deicded I'm going to work for Kid Rock--It's good to have options haha I'm sure Kid Rock needs a bus driver and I promised him I wouldn't go in tunnels less than 10 feet all is good -- regrouping & recharging myself I'm really good--just realaxing with Anna & my coach Rick Smith--goin to take it easy--haven't done that in a while and need it havin my eyes looked at next week hopin Lasix will correct my stignatism"
  15. Definitely play to get better, practice makes perfect...
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