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  1. My Swing (westbakke)

    For the past week I've been hitting hooks and pulls. My irons are manageable but my drives are awful and don't even get up in the air. My instructor says I'm taking the club way too far inside on the downswing. What should I try to do to make my downswing more outside? The link to the video: http://golfshot.com/swings/57-172611-172683 . Pause the video and use the fast forward button to go frame by frame
  2. My Swing (westbakke)

    Hello everybody. I went out to the range earlier today, and every single iron shot was a shank. I've never had this problem before and I couldn't fix it at all. The few shots that weren't shanked were all pulls. It's really frustrating and I have a school tournament tomorrow, so I'm pretty screwed if I don't figure out a way to fix these shots. Here's my swing, hope the quality's okay: Since I'm obviously taking it inside on the takeaway, are there any drills or something I can do to make it square? Any other tips?