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  1. KGC


  2. Highly likely that you had bought a replacement golf bag but thought I would add my input here. I bought a trouper style stand bag and am a fan. There is sufficient space for a good walking amount of equipment, which I think is all you really need anyway, meaning: range finder, towel, tees, spare balls and an extra large space for cool drink storage..! Enough pockets to include your sundries like gloves, markers etc also. It is light and looks stylish and, if you are into that sort of thing, made in Portland Oregon.
  3. hi mate. there are a few things you might look at. first have a look at the shafts and see whether they are the flex you want to swing. regripping the clubs will be a low.cost to use them. have a look at the irons and see whether they are spread across the range like a 3, 5, 7, 9 a sand wedge will round it out and get out and try them.
  4. I have a Taylormade 17 2 hybrid stiff shaft and a 54 wedge in place of a 52 & 56. even kept the 3 wood in though often wonder why. the 2 hybrid is.long eady to hit and sits.well bqwetween the 3 ir and 3 wood.
  5. I would suggest that an oval shape would be a nice looking element albeit more expensive than a rectangle. The main issue here is that i would make a part of it de.ad level so you can practice your straight putts. This was always an issue with our practice greens at my home course. Aside from that make the rest of the green as complex as you like!! An upturned bowl shape is nice and difficult
  6. I think there is a big difference between a lack of good etiquette and gamesmanship. Gimmie putts in matchplay is an example of gamesmanship. You might hold off on giving short putts early in the round, then give a few later in the match and them hold off again. There is no breach of etiquette but a real sense of gamesmanship. A big difference between that and making noises during a swing, which is definitely poor form!
  7. I think the 14 he's referring to can't be members of Augusta.
  8. Shanks a million you are a champion that is one of the best answers I have ever read. A captivating post. You must be difficult to discuss hifi with.
  9. Yep. Couldn't hit sh$t off a shovel with the 64 so will now be canning the experiment and returning the 5 iron to it's rightful place in the bag. Will definitely retain the 4wedge setup as the 48 and 52 are predominently full wedges and i've fallen in love with the 56 I bought for Xmas. Still love the 60 so I can't pull that either.
  10. This is what I'm trying to do with the top end of my bag, just to see whether I miss the couple of sticks that might be included. I don't have the restraint not to include the quota 14 and want to give my short game as many advantages as I can. Noted that 5 wedges is overkill but using the same swing has been easy, even on the 64.
  11. Mostly I have played with a 54 degree and 60 degree, how did you arrive at the 52 58 combo? Do you play the 52 out of the sand on long bunker shots? Totally agree re: 5 wood, I have a 2H that flies a little lower and further than the 5 wood and is easier to control.
  12. Just like to see what types of unusual bag setups are out there. Over the weekend played at a reciprocal course and had driver, 3 wood, 19 degree hybrid, 4,6-9, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64 and putter. Used all of the wedges in the bag, probably simply because they were there and did not miss the 5 iron. Am thinking that I may continue with this setup as I'm not that accurate with distance using the longer sticks and gain a ridiculous array of wedges. I realize that I will get many posts deriding my use of more than three wedges but I'm really looking for responses from posters on particular club se
  13. March 22-28 Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard Orlando, Fla. Gives him two events prior to the Masters. I'm putting three points on Tiger commencing at this event. Thinking that it may be a moot point though as there appears to be speculation as to whether he'll play 2010 at all. It's our new year's eve now so I'm cutting it fine.
  14. I have a scrubbing brush I cut along the short side and put a lightweight chain through with a chainring holding it together. Then wipe the clubs down with a towel.
  15. If you can practice once a week and play once a week you should be set. It depends whether you are able to assess your own play. If you need a pro to tell you what you are doing right or wrong then continuing to play without lessons may be the wrong direction. Playing with someone else also seems to be an issue. The advice that gets kicked around here is that you should try and play with someone who is better than you, this may expose you to other ways to improve. Again it gets back to being able to self assess and incorporate this into your game. Playing with someone else should also open u
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