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  1. please don't knock you teeth out. lower tees might help.
  2. one radical solution is simply to make tournament golf a 9 hole game. It doesn't actually solve slow play but it avoids having to play/watch 7 hour rounds. It sounds crazy but if it's easier to market and makes golf more TV friendly it could happen one day. It could start with an couple of experimental 9 holes tournaments on the tour and expand from there.
  3. you guys seriously think Tiger is naive enough to think switching putter will solve his problems ? Just because we hackers wanna throw our clubs in the water after a poor round doesn't mean tiger will do the same. He has putted great with both putters in the past. He seems to have retired the Scotty for good so he either prefers the Nike (sorry Titleist fans) or he committed contractually to play only Nike clubs. Either way I don't think it matters.
  4. I sure did speak too soon. Play off time. Rickie + Rory + D.A
  5. it doesn't look that we are gonna get our dream Rory vs Rickie finish
  6. welcome and good luck ! check out the "mini tour play" thread.
  7. anyone see Keegan four put from 15 feet ? just 2 very aggressive puts going wrong and a poor 3rd put from 10 feet before tapping in.
  8. 9 hole courses are great. They tend to be fun, cheap and are quick to play. Membership there doesn't prevent you from playing 18 elsewhere every now and then.
  9. well I suppose that's actually how many pros begin their career.Sign up online for a mini tour membership. Pay the fee and you're a Pro !
  10. the irony is that designers started lengthening courses to make them harder for long hitters. In doing so they have actually created course that were relatively easier for big hitter (compared to shorter hitters).
  11. that was sarcasm they are making fun of the OP
  12. I agree wholeheartedly I am going to keep bumping this thread until everybody in the world of golf has read the interview. (or until I get banned. whichever comes first)
  13. He will not make tour pro. Most pros are way ahead of him in terms of practice hours. My guess is that he will eventually get to scratch and will enter some sort of mini tour event, where he will probably get a bit of a lesson. Interesting experiment though. Good on him for trying.
  14. I don't like it either The idea of having to put around a bunker of chip over it from the green really doesn't make any sense. It's more of a gimmick than anything else. I think there are dumb ways and smart ways to make courses harder.Bunkers is the green definitely falls in the former category.
  15. keeping your weight forward and making a tighter, more compact swing should logically help you make solid contact. I have found the stack and tilt book helpful in helping me understand these things.
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