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  1. I started out playing Ping Eye2's. Very forgiving but hard to tell where on the face I made impact. Switched to blades ... now I know exactly where I made impact. Improved my swing in the process. I do not always make perfect impact but I know how to adjust & can now work the ball. I play either Titleist 681's or Miura. Nice to be able to keep my gaps correct & not have to carry (5) wedges ... as more modern clubs have a case of 'vanishing loft disease'.
  2. I usually play better courses but one, Shorecliffs in San Clemente, has mostly dirt in their sand bunkers. I have a Mizuno 60° with factory 5° of bounce. I took a file to that so it is a little less. I play that square to the ball & attack a bit more vertically & enter dirt/sand about 1/2" to 3/4" behind the ball keeping my lower hand - Palm up thru the shot. Works very nice. Hope this helps.
  3. I have played Golf Channel AM Tour since the beginning & before, when it was called another name. $195 to join but you can call them & play once to see if you like it. The $195 gets you some swag ... shirt, hat, balls, that kind of stuff. The $195 is a wash ... break even stuff. IMHO - it is the only way I can play higher lever competition on the Pro level courses. I am West Coast but I travel a lot as an engineer. I get contracts in other states & play GCAM Tournaments in San Jose, Phoenix, Austin & Miami. Tournaments cost app. $115 - $250 for a one day tournament ... depending on course. I find I get to play otherwise 'private' courses I could never get on. Sometimes the GCAT price is LOWER than rack rate at high end courses. I play those ! They also have 2 day major tournaments at PGA level courses. I have played Innsbrook, TPC Sawgrass in Florida. PGA West Stadium in LaQuinta & Pelican Hill in California as examples. They set up the course nicely. Flags around. Tented starting holes. Announce your name, home & sometimes events you have won. The scoring area is usually nice & someplace to chill while scores are being tallied. Course is detailed ... cups painted white, red & yellow hazards marked. Pin sheets & scorecards are pro level. Greens rolled & fast. Competition is by flights ... so you play against your own age & level players. Nice trophy's - sometimes crystal. Money is ok. 1st is usually more than entry fee. Depending on # of players in a flight - they pay down 3-4 places. Cash skins game. That's the real fun. If you are a poor person ... go play a Muni. If you want to improve against serious competition at your own index level ... on the same courses the PGA, LPGA & Seniors Tour plays ... this is the tour. All my golf friends I met on this tour. I have a weekly game with the San Diego guys I met on tour. Obviously I like this tour. I play about 7-10 Tournaments a year. I am getting older. Less than $2000 a year ... I think it is a bargain to be able to play these courses ... with REAL competition on REAL courses ... set-up hard ... with people you see multiple times. Instead of playing a Muni with strangers. I get to choose which events I play ... close to home or at a major resort.
  4. RustyRedCab ... I play a TopFlight D2 Feel ... & it works for me. I got tired of playing & paying for Pro V1's. What finally made me switch was ... going into a bushy area in Arizona looking for my $4 ball. Pulled a thread on my nice polo shirt. Then got hit with a jumping Cholla ... scared me - thought it was a tarantula. Then I had to get the Cholla ball off of me. No more looking for balls that go in the bush. * My clubfitter had suggested to try a D2 Feel. TopRock ? No way ... then I found out Callaway bought out TopFlight a few years back. Thought I would give it a try. $12.95 for 15 balls on sale at Target. They perform very well. Slightly less spin with a wedge but I can still make the ball dance. They go offline less than a Pro V1 ... with my long irons (3 iron is my favorite iron). I lose about 5 yards on my driver. Same distance with my irons & 4 wood. Same distance with my wedges. * I mark my ball with 87c ... the cost of each ball. I play them in tournaments too. I am the only one playing TopFlight. * Try them with an open mind. * Moonlight
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