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  1. Coming from someone that has dunked almost everything. Let it dry for about a week, if you can open it do that and use electrical contact cleaner. You can soak it in this and it will displace the water and clean up any salt/mineral residue. Hope this helps. It should come back, my coworker just dunked his and it works just fine.
  2. After about 4 months off after a busy summer I'm at it again. Quit smoking, rejoined the gym and I'm back to running about 3 miles a day. We also started P90X and it rocks, its probably the only infomercial product ive seen that works! Right now im 5' 9" 176lbs, I don"t plan on dropping weight just toning up more for summer again.
  3. Oban, Oban, Oban!! I highly reccommend this shaft. I have the Devotion 04 flex, 75gm tipped .75 inches and love it. I have it installed in a Ping Rapture 9*. I had a problem with balooning and this cured it immediately. I would definetly check these out. I can not speak for the Revolution series but have heard great things about them as well.
  4. I like to watch movies I can enjoy and relax to, so Out Cold is a top. Full Metal Jacket is great also. I really enjoy the GUARDIAN. It doesn't fully or correctly portray the USCG but at least they finally got a motion pic dedicated to them.
  5. +++1 for the Hoofer. Call me biased because it is all I have ever owned. I have looked at and tried many but these just fit. And it is a Indiana U. team bag, my obsession.
  6. Ben, I don't change putters all that often but when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. Mine is the 34" heavy version. I absolutely love it. The feel, setup everyhting fits. I rate this putter 9.5 out of 10. Happy hunting.
  7. I would like to think 1) It is for a great cause. 2) It is a new event, people are drawn to new things. 3.) This is their job to play. 4.) Times are tough for everyone, the Ferrari needs gas, need 100g's for kids tuition, charter pilots kids need shoes..etc.
  8. 100% It would be the putter for me. Specifically when you roll about a 10 footer for birdie and you feel nothing, just a pure strike like something takes over and it just tracks dead center and hits the back and drops in. I second what everyone says that the putter for me makes or breaks a round, even if I am striking my irons and such poorly, a solid putter more than compensates.
  9. So would you do your job for free? Let us see who is here for the cash and who could stick it out due to the love of the job. Me, Yes I would do it for free. I enjoy the look on persons faces when I show up.
  10. Zero experience with this on clubs. I however have seen this on weapons. It is either the silicone or a packing grease, (ie. cosmoline) I use a dry release that contains Teflon and it causes the same result. The product is oxygenating in use and causing the build up. If it keeps up switch to some WD40 or the like, it will clear it up.
  11. So would you do your job for free? Let us see who is here for the cash and who could stick it out due to the love of the job. Me, Yes I would do it for free. I enjoy the look on persons faces when I show up.
  12. Children these days are undisciplined and disrespectful. So today I went to a local elementary as a volunteer to show them some aspects of my job and the gear I carry. So after a bit I asked for questions, I swear I witnessed 2 kids put away phones and 5 more cut off iPODS to either hear or participate in the Q&A.; Now mind you these children were K-5! I understand folks here have kids in that age range and I am not grouping, but has anyone else noticed this with the new gen.?
  13. So I just got my Squareback and I have to say it is most likely the best putter I have ever rolled one with. I recieved a 34" heavy 1* flat. I love this thing. I would reccomend looking at these if you are a Scotty fan. I still have yet to see the rest of the new lineup though.
  14. I am on the right. This one is from a Middle Eastern sand course.
  15. I know its not a car, but this where I spend a good deal of time. Attachment 1413
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