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  1. I always pick up clubs, headcovers, towels, etc that may be left behind or have fallen off of a cart. It's just the right thing to do. If the owner is not in front, then it goes to the cart guy at the end of the round to put into the lost and found.
  2. I have had umbilical hernia surgery twice. It is a much less painful recovery than a hernia in your groin. I could play golf with it and like Phil, I just pushed it when it popped out.
  3. I think that 5g on the grip can alter sw by 1 point. Maybe some of our more technical friends can "weigh" in.
  4. I would ask why you are asking? If you are not having any specific issues why fix what is not broken? I never paid much attention to bounce until I got beyond my pw. I play M grind Vokey TVDs which are 54/10 and 60/8. I find they have enough bounce, except in rare super soft conditions, but I adapt to the lie and make it work. My wedges have a very versatile grind that works for the way I play.
  5. I am debating between 5-6-7 iron but would probably go with the 7 iron just for the extra loft around the greens and bunkers.
  6. I also play the irons 1 up. The driver is standard but I did set it up slightly open. I have never gave much thought to the 3 wood or 2h as they seem fine as I hit them with a slight straight to push draw.
  7. I took 10 years off and documented my return in my Tourspoon Blog Thread. I recently am 18 rounds in from a 2 year layoff. It didn't really bother me when I am didn't play because I was busy with life. I really don't care to be a once a month golfer and just getting out there. I am more of a practice 1 or 2 times a week guy, play 4-7 times a month, and basically break 80 on any given day. That to me is enjoyable. Getting back to a 4ish handicap was very hard, but I totally enjoy the process. The first return, I came back as a mid 8 and the last time I was about a 7.
  8. In the 18 rounds that I have played since a 2 year layoff I am at 13%, but the last 5 rounds are 20% with 6 birdies between 3 of those rounds. The stat is a little skewed because I have played one particular course with smallish greens for 2 of those rounds needing only 24 and 28 putts because I was just missing the greens marginally. I am playing to a low 5 now.
  9. The only issues I had were with the plastic bottoms where the spikes are encased had been compromised though age. The shoes they gave me credit for were immaculate except that the spike receptacles had cracked and came out in the balls of your feet area. One pair was 10 years old, but they decided to reward me for customer loyalty after I sent them pictures of the 6 pairs I owned.
  10. Having come off the belly a couple of years ago, I would say to practice those lags! Distance control outside of 20 feet can be tricky.
  11. Golf is not a Game of Perfect was written by Dr.Bob Rotella. In the book he really stresses some key concepts that he has used with tour players he has consulted with. One of the things he really stresses is to visualize the target in your mind especially when on the tee. He talks about a basketball player taking a free throw and all that is on his mind is his target, not mechanics. It's a good read that I refer to time to time really enforcing that a few lapses of concentration can really cost you in a round. My advice is to concentrate on having fun and letting go of the results. When I am playing well I have very simple swing thoughts that concentrate on tempo. Under pressure, I tend to lose it and then get all out of sync. I used to play with a pro that would sing to himself when he wanted to be smooth. I recall one day he busted out the Brady Bunch theme song. It was kind of funny, but when he would pipe one down the fairway, we would just bust out laughing. I think he sang himself to a 68 that day!
  12. i have to hand it to Footjoy for excellent customer service. I had some issues with some older pairs that I kept in mint condition and they assessed them and gave me an unexpected credit so I could get a custom pair of Bomber/Brown Snake! I have to get busy, I am down to 4 pairs now!
  13. Last week we played in the wind and I had a case of the snappers. Shot an 83 with 24 putts (small greens). I was in trouble off the tee all day and the wind didn't help. Hit a few really good shots but trouble found me. Yesterday's range session went well. I picked a course where the range was into a 17 mph steady wind. I was hitting it solid. An old timer was chipping right handed and we struck up a conversation. This guy was in his 70s, and I followed suit hitting one handed then two handed chips. He showed me a great drill! When I went back to the range, I was hitting 6 iron punch shots. He drove his cart up and had me hit one shot. He liked the move and told me to keep my left cheek steady through impact as he said I was peeking and I had a slight draw. The next shot I hit pure and on a line. He told me he used to play the mini-tours back in the day. You never know who you will meet on the course. Today's conditions were windy, a steady 20 mph. I kept the cheek tip in mind. I started with a penalty on the first after crushing a drive and had a three putt on the next hole. Then it started, birdie, birdie (drove into a bunker on a short par 4 and picked a 40 yard wedge to 10 feet), 3 more pars, and another birdie to make the turn one under hitting 8 greens. The second nine played more cross wind and I bogeyed the first and then hit a stellar punch 6 iron (the only hole playing into the wind on the back) and birdied. I fought the rest of the round with the cross winds, and finished double, bogey for a 77. Not the finish I wanted but certainly a good day considering the conditions with 2 penalties strokes and 4 birdies. My handicap is back down to a solid 5 based on the rounds this year so I am happy to be playing this well after a 2 year layoff!
  14. I am along the same line of thought. In the beginning, it's important to get the initial concepts down, especially for the beginner or intermediate. Once the basics are more ingrained and the student has the ability to practice correctly, retain the information, and has enough understanding to apply the lesson without the errors creeping in, then less frequency of lessons gives the student time to refine what they actually have learned and to some degree self monitor. With that said, I opt for the tune-up every month to six weeks at this stage of my development.
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