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  1. Very cool indeed, even if you received a post round DQ from @boogielicious!
  2. I don't typically carry on the golf course but I think I am going to start rucking and doing the carries shown here. I am thinking the posture strengthening and the core stability (especially with an unbalanced carry) has to have some serious golf benefits to help on those 36 hole days.
  3. So I track my stats and usually play at the 6600 yards but occasionally have moved up to 6150 for a little confidence in scoring lower but its relative to course rating. I say that because at my skill level, I can see improvement in proximity to the hole on par 3s and par 5s. Its the same on the long par 4s that may go from 420 to 385 making it a much easier hole and higher GIR number. There are 3 holes that I have to gear down to 3 wood and 2 hybrid just to keep from running it out of the fairway but still have wedge or 9 iron left. With all that said, I think I am about 2-3 strokes better just by moving up tees but the course rating is exactly 2 strokes and the differential virtually the same. So taking my last 5 rounds from the Blue tees ranging from 75-82 averaging 79 and then 5 rounds from the men's tees ranging 75-78 I average 77 which is exactly the difference in course rating. I will note that all my white tee scores were used in handicap calculations while from the blues I have more rounds that don't figure into the mix and I contribute that to some double bogey avoidance from the shorter tees. I have posted outside of the last 5 blue ratings in the mid 80s occasionally but from the whites have never seen 80. Good topic!
  4. Since the last post I hit up 10, 12, 15 and last week I ripped off 5 birdies in one round, 3, 4, 7, 9, 12 then followed the next round by hitting 12 and 14. So all I need is 2 and 6 to complete the challenge and I didn't start until June.
  5. And to your point, course operators do well when revenue is on the rise, but many are not so financially adept when play goes down.
  6. What about the 40 year olds that are working paycheck to paycheck because they couldn't go to school and have the college experience, got laid off in their chosen field, or (fill in the blank)? What about the kid that did the 18 month welding program at the local community college coming out making 65K at 19 who just walked into the local fitter and got set up royally? Like you said, life is dictated by your choices, your circumstances, and some luck that you live a first world life. No one really owes you anything, but we really do have the ability to make free choices to make things happen for us. I actually see this as Golf Industry opportunity to grow the game rather than a local operator economic today issue (it will affect them eventually). The Industry needs to have all younger golfers, regardless of educational, economic, racial, gender, etc. in the pipeline to become the next generation of golf spenders that will take up the prime tee times and spend money in the proshop and restaurants. To some extent this is done with twilight rates, special 9 hole leagues, junior golf, etc. Over the years we predicted the "graying" of America and with it the closing of courses that were built to take advantage or the Baby Boomers that aged out of golf that were not replaced at the same rate. Gen X had different plans and the industry responded with Economics 101, supply and demand. That's an over simplification but you get the picture but we do need facilities that allow for the growth of this game we love. The other day, I played after 3 pm on a weekday to finish a round I got caught short on the day before. I was amazed on how many young and new golfers that I did see. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and I would say that many were developing golfers. So while it wasn't limited to college students, it definitely had a younger feel. There are ways to get out there, you just have to be creative. Now about playing Pebble Beach.....
  7. Exactly. Better judgement took over as I didn't want my reputation points wiped out in one response. 🤣
  8. Your profile picture. Top 10 most wanted golf professional list.
  9. This could have serious negative consequences for coming off as a creeper. There is only one Roger, lets keep it that way.
  10. I thought I saw that picture in a post office. Other than that, nothing controversial. I do celebrate the comments on how there is a place in golf for a wide variety of swings. That has made a comeback and this golf fan appreciates the diversity and individuality of the looks.
  11. *Only for people that gave you helpful information in a timely manner deserve said hookup. 🤣
  12. I just tried on a Footjoy rain jacket and then ordered the Footjoy wind shirt in s/s that sized the exact same way. The wind shirt is water repellent and did very well the other day. I am a large all day long in T-shirts, golf polos (Greg Norman, UA, Nike, Ashworth) and the large in Footjoy was perfect. The Adidas was an XL. I cannot help you with the pants but the tops were perfect. How can we all get 50% off? Hook a brother up!
  13. Seven more birdies but only added #12 to the list. Need 2, 6, 7, 14, and 15. 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18
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