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  1. Two more rounds in the books and nothing last week. Today brought a kick-in on 12 and a 2 footer on 17. Too bad I already had those done for the challenge!
  2. I primarily use my 54* degree SW for most standard pitch shots. When I need to account for uphill or a slightly tighter lie I drop to a 50*. Lately I have found some myself in a few bare lies short sided that I even gear down to a 8 iron and hit a bump and run instead of getting too cute. So the short answer is to learn the a reliable pitching technique and a play with standard face, cut, front of stance and back, then grab some different clubs and hit some shots. Once you get a feel for it, you can get really creative. The other day I had a shot 30 yards into the green from a bare lie under a
  3. Looks like a good, honest start. I blogged for a few years and it helped me feel accountable to the process. Good luck and keep at it!
  4. The 5711 is 57* loft with 11* degrees bounce.
  5. I love my Mevo! I put it up against a Trackman and it was really accurate on carry and spin on well struck shots. Its dead on the numbers with premium balls but with range balls I used the Flightscope Trajectory Optimizer tool to configure the elevation setting to 1,000 feet to make up for the range ball factor. Where it really shines is on wedge distance getting those shots from inside 120 yards dialed in and working on flighting the ball. I think that has been where I have seen the most improvement is by lowering ball flight across the board by really paying attention to launch angle and ove
  6. I don't think that this will change all that much unless the player is the one actively shooting the yardages. I can see some pros giving that duty to their caddy to tell them the "number" as they always have done.
  7. Agreed. Plus a laser will not eliminate the walking up to the green and "feeling" the shot. Its just another piece of information to digest while you are looking at your yardage book and studying the topography, contours, wind, grain, etc. The jury is out for me so lets see how they do in these events with rangefinders. I am sure the pros will be limited to non-sloped lasers. Could you imagine some of our players with sinister reputations saying they had the slope function turned off and then everyone in the locker room just rolling their eyes? I don't even want to go there.
  8. Today was a big birdie day with 3 (5, 13, 17) in the first round shooting 78 and then in the PM, I birdied another 3 (6, 10, 11) in a skins game. I finally got the last par with the illusive #2. To sum it up on the home course, in 6 rounds I have 11 birdies and 7 pars.
  9. I didn't know that rule per se, but I do know that solo rounds tend to include some practice in my case so I don't post them. The only questionable round I posted was meeting up with my group for the nine (their 18) and finishing up on my own. I am pretty sure there were at least a few solo holes to finish.
  10. Tour Pros have always been reluctant to go against their fellow pros. I posed this question back when Freddy Couples blasted Rory Sabatini. If you read the thread there is a great story about Watson taking Player to task at the Skins game. Watson gave him hell and a reporter overheard the story and made it public.
  11. I added #3 and the dubious #6 (a sandy in the can) for a total 6 birdies in 4 rounds. So now I have 3, 4, 6, 7, 12, 13. The only hole to hide from parksy is #2 which is my bogey hole. Two is not that difficult, it's a par 4 390 with OB left and trees right. I seem to flirt left a little too much lately.
  12. A lot of us could give him lessons. If he would have just said, "You sorry m***** f*****," he would still have the big horsey on his shirt.
  13. This was really poor form. Who even says this? Anyway, he's miked up and it cost him a sponsor. Move along JT, put it behind you and stick to the much safer F-Bombs.
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