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  1. I think when I got to the point of consistency when I could control my approach distances with any type of certainty, I really started to improve. Having a predictable ball flight, missing in the right places, covering bunkers etc., all becomes part of a bigger part of scoring once you can nail down your approaches. Even when you miss greens you are missing in better places allowing for an easier chance to get up and down.
  2. I read the whole thing. I am thinking a "whole enchilada" badge should be awarded! Seriously, the experience is playing in a national NCAA championship. While D3 is not as competitive as D1 streaming live on the Golf Channel, it is still the national championship. While no one wants to see their kid card a double or triple to start their round, it is still the national championship. Oh, and it is competition golf. Everyone knows what they signed up for. The player seemed to accept his fate, and the coach should know better. Sorry but even if you don't have a shot of advancing or winnin
  3. I have 2 thoughts: Option 1 is to strengthen the 5 iron to separate a little more from the 6 iron, drop the 4 iron and take some off the hybrid when you need to hit the 190 shot. Grip down, hit a fade, whatever, the 2H is a versatile club. Option 2 is to adjust your wedge lofts to get the gapping a little more in the 12-15 yard range and drop one. For instance, weaken the PW to 127, adjust the others to hit 115, 100, 85.
  4. Congratulations! Best post of the week! Like you said, you didn't just break 80, you crushed it. If anything, you mentally have made it to a new level.
  5. There sure was and that was almost 10 years ago and due to The Master's. Regardless of the reason, it was good for golf, as you pointed out earlier.
  6. I am not going to disagree with your assessment, but if you had to compare Augusta actually admitting Rice and Moore compared to Pine Valley's "announcement", I would say that August wins that one every time in the court of public appeal.
  7. I will agree with the who cares part. Outside of this forum topic which asked for our opinions, I don't think anyone really does. As far as selfless intent, I am not that naive. They are allowing female membership in a limited capacity just as they allow membership in general in a limited capacity. Frankly, Augusta beat them to it in 2012 which was the needle mover. Most people don't even know of Pine Valley. But is it a good move to be more inclusive? Absolutely, 100% without a doubt.
  8. Meh - IMO, the quote "We don't want to be on the wrong side of history" really speaks to this as an image move rather than really caring about anything else. The membership requirement will still be super restrictive so what really changes? So now they will let female guests and members (once they get membership status) to play other day's than on Sunday. This is ceremonial at first glance. But like others, its not my club and it doesn't effect me at all.
  9. So I have used the V5 for a few rounds with great success. Coming from the V2 it is a major step up. The eyepiece takes a few times to get used to as you have to hold it a little farther from your eye, but with sun glasses on it is perfect. The display is crystal clear and it hits the distances perfectly. The visual jolt is really an step up when you have a flag with competing targets behind it. The absolutely best feature is the magnet. It is very strong and doesn't move. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and wrote a great review for Bushnell who 2 day shipped on request with no u
  10. The Florida sun is no joke, especially in the summer. With that said, the trunk is a better option than in the cabin if you have to leave your bag in your car. I avoid leaving anything valuable in my car for fear of theft and I consider my clubs valuable. My truck doesn't have a trunk, but even then its just something I don't even chance. The other heat sensitive item has got to be shoes. You will be on the golf course one day and the bottoms will just fall right off.
  11. Sometimes, you need a gallery to help, but its still a loose impediment.
  12. Hole #18 with a strong 1-2 club wind, I ripped a 3 wood and have 102 left and punched the 50* gap wedge to 6 feet. The Gapper was the shot of the day, as I stayed true to the line and hit it perfectly.
  13. Correction, I only need 2 and 16. I forgot I holed a bunker shot on 6 in January. Two and 16 are tough driving holes with trouble both sides and demanding green complexes. Its only a matter of time!
  14. Today was a 3 birdie day, knocking 2 more of the list. On the par 5 1st, it was a 58* from 82 yards to 12 feet. On the 9th hole it was a 54* from 108 to 6 feet. After double bogeying the 17th, a blistering 3 wood into the wind set up a 50* from 102 (also into the wind) to 6 feet. That only leaves holes 2, 6, and 16 for the challenge. Number 16 almost fell today with a lip out.
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