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  1. The real question is will Gary Player be sporting a Lorax Headcover to really firm up his love for the trees? Honestly, he could have made a fair point if he would hadn't turned it into what sounded like an extreme rant. Each course has a personality and trees have their place. The most famous tree in golf, the Eisenhower tree on Augusta's 17th, was sadly taken out a few years ago. Ike's tree had some great stories if only trees could talk.
  2. This ^^^^ When Daly drove all night to be the last alternate and win his first PGA with "Grip it and Rip it", I did not see any golfers running to the barbershop to get a mullet or over swinging to the point of being able to see the toe of their wedge during their backswing. Its very similar and people discounted him until he won at St. Andrews.
  3. One more from yesterday, just one stock 8 iron swing at the end of the session without thinking drills or anything other than trying to stay more centered.
  4. Good is 76-78, great is 75 or lower
  5. First of all, swing changes feel awkward. That's because you are doing something different as Iacas said. We have all been there or are currently there working on something or another. For me its down to one or maybe two things at a time, but not more than that. And its recognizing that some things are fixes and others are symptoms. My advice is to ask your instructor what is the number one thing you need to nail down first and work on that one thing. The answer may surprise you. In my latest lesson with a new guy he told me that my setup would solve 80% of my issues and he was right. By fixing my setup it got rid of the excessive shift right, which made for a more centered turn, which shortened up my backswing and got me more solid at impact. The point is, ask for that one thing, nail it down, and go from there. As far as playing golf, that should never be about playing swing. I dance with the one who I brought and aside from some simple swing thoughts I leave the analysis on the practice tee.
  6. Early morning range...goals today were to keep right hip from sliding right, shorten backswing, solid impact. I did a lot of drills today to get to here.
  7. My personal faves from an earlier thread..... You regripped your bbq utensils with cord grips... Your wife asks you if you want to play around and you go get your clubs out...
  8. I would say that CW is classy for sure but this probably is not in the clever column. Certainly more clever than Bryson's ant claim when the ants were in the next zip code, but that goes without saying.
  9. I picked 10,000, but 35k makes sense. Off the top of my head I know at least 5 that have a better than 0. I don't think these guys keep vanity caps at plus because it would cost them way too much money.
  10. I just find this topic to be sour grapes on the part of the membership. If the players met the criteria of the club championship then they should play, if they don't they are not eligible. We have an uber prestigious club down here that had a former US Amateur champion winning its club championship. Heck, a great many of the members have made the quarterfinals of the Senior and Mid-Am USGA events and I am sure a good number of them played in college. It sounds like the membership took it out on the head pro who just wants it all to go away so he can keep his job. Now if one of the qualifications is that you have to be an am and the ex pro didn't have am status, that could be a problem.
  11. And this is why offset is progressive meaning there is more offset in a 3 iron than in a pitching wedge which theoretically gives the golfer just a little more time to get the face square. Take an old Ping Eye 3 iron and compare it to an old Titleist blade and you will see the difference clearly as the blade is often referred to a butterknife with good reason. Historically, I can tell you that for the average golfer Ping came in and saved them from butterknives and started a revolution in golf club design. Many more designs followed with increased offset including TA 845s, Titleist DCIs and other players clubs as well as a slew of game improvement clubs. Here is a pic of Rickie's butterknife and it gives me the shakes too. Below this picture is arguably the ugliest club ever made, The Cleveland VAS+.
  12. I heard that model is not all that it's cracked up to be. I had to say it. With that said, they should be able to take care of it and if you call them, tell them you have access to a great forum where you can give them great kudos for the wonderful customer service. That may not get you anything but its worth a try. Good luck!
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