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  1. Scotty all the way, ive used both and none of the odessey's can replace my scotty
  2. Just wanted to let everyone know, that after 4 months of searching I just picked up a set of Titliest 735CM's Thanks everyone for the advice and help on clubs, you guys really helped =)
  3. Well Im looking for a set of forged progressive set of irons, right now Im looking at the 735's, which I can find any where with the rifle shafts already in them, if anybody knows where I can find a set let me know. But I want to know what other companies have a progressive set like these. These are the ones I know of... Titleist- 735's Bridgestone- J33 combo Taylormade- TP MB Combo Nike- Pro Combo is that all of them, and what are the + and - of each of them???
  4. Thats what I thought, but anyways thanks for the help, im getting a set of 735cm's from edwin watts with the rifle shafts in them and then im going to get them fit somewhere else... so i solved my problem =)
  5. thanks for all the help guys, this is some great advise
  6. Well i've been trying to get a new set up clubs for sometime now, and after months of looking, I thought that I found the ones that I was looking for, the Titleist 735's, only to find out that Titleist is no longer making them, and the only place to find them is in stores that still have a set in stock from over 3 months ago or on the web. So after the guy that I was going to get my clubs fitted from told me this, i tried some other clubs, the 755, 695cb's and mb's as well as the Taylormade r7 TP's and Rac forged. The fitter was very bias in the way that he like Taylormade much more than Titleist, because he found out that Titleist will not be making anymore forged heads, only cast iron which I think is total bs, cuz the zm's are forged...right? Anyways he also thought that it would be wrong to put me into a full set of blades because, he thought my ball flight was too low, even with rifle shafts in them. But my golf coach is telling be that I should be getting into blades so that I can take my game to the next level (which is another reason why im so confused) So out of the clubs that I tried, I liked the 755's and the 695mb's the best, so I was going to do a combo set between those two sets of clubs, the price to do this would be around $900, which is right around the same as it would be to go out, get a set of the 735's and get those custom fit from this club fitter. Someone help im soooo confused
  7. those are the blades that he is using, im pretty sure that they wont be coming out for awhile, golfwrx has had pics of those for a while now
  8. Ya, ive seen um, there really cool looking ^^ heres a link http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44155 thats alot of the new clubs that will be coming out in '08
  9. I play hockey as well as golf, been playing since I was 5, and last year my team was the best AA hockey team in the Southeast Region, we where ranked 13th in the nation =)
  10. I think the R7's are much easier to hit, I have hit both, the only difference is that the R7's jump of the face much more than the 57's do
  11. Well I had one of the best shots today that I've had in a while, it was on the first hole and I hit my tee shot around 290 and was left with 117 yards to the pin, so I took out my gap wedge and hit the my shot, well it hit the middle of the green rolled past the hole then checked and spun back what looked to be a few inches, but when I got up there my ball was sitting inches from the cup, when I saw where my ball had landed it was around 4 feet past the hole! only in the past week have I begun to spin the ball the way I am right now, it feels good to know that im still making improvements in my swing and havn't reached my full potential yet.... it was the best shot I"ve hit into a green in a while =)
  12. Wow great advise, thanks, I never thought of that happening when i deloft the clubs, thanks for the advise, and im only 15 which is why both my pro and I think that my 4 and 5 iron are going the same distance. But I do have stock shafts in them as well which could be another factor And I can hit my long irons fine, my ball striking is the best part of my game which is why I want to keep all of my irons and go with a 17* hybrid, and I dont want to add so much loft to my 3 iron so that it becomes a 4 but do what Furyk did and take out the 4, have a little larger gap between my 3 and 5 irons and add an extra wedge
  13. actually Callaway owns Hogan so they would fall into that catagory
  14. Thanks, and I got the idea of a strong 3 iron from Furyk ;) Im only going to change the loft on the irons if theres a HUGE difference in the yardages in the sets of irons
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