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  1. "2nd Hand" or new - I'd check the lie - Mizuno always specs flatter - no idea what someone did to those bf they let them go.
  2. Just Informed wife needs go out of town for work - no sitter - I’ll have to cancel... was looking forward - have a great weekend - course is in great shape ! ;(
  3. think this will be fun & I need an excuse to play golf 😬 I’m in for Sunday. Saturday (Practice) at CHQ: @georgep @Hardspoon @BradSomrak @Bonvivant @Carl3 @vasaribm @ChetlovesMer @Grizvok @Divot Master Sunday (Playing) TBD: @saevel25 @georgep @Hardspoon @BradSomrak @Bonvivant @vasaribm @ChetlovesMer @Divot Master @BrettZenewicz Edited 21 hours ago by iacas
  4. This is where I'm mostly interested in others experiences... Im not so sure less in actually less. More swings doesn't exactly = more progress or sustained progress... Thanks for reply!
  5. Sorry if this has been covered ( I haven't gone through the whole thread)... has anyone experimented with using different protocols (less swings, single stick, etc.) than the ones prescribed by superspeed golf ?
  6. If any more visors show up ... Mark me down for one .. Saw MVMAC modeling one ... Mighty stylish with custom stripe on bill please ;-) lol
  7. Well I read... saw... heard from my local pro or Jim McLean...
  8. Awesome stuff!!! also love to see the other #s. Cmon Mike stop holding back
  9. Yes, in general, ball being further back will shift your baseline more to the right (hitting out) therefore you will tend to see the amount you are cutting the ball decrease, without any other variables changing.
  10. Very well written Dave and I thought it needed to be done bc the silliness is ridiculous.. I'll +1 on cbrians thoughts as well... thanks for sharing everything.
  11. Nick Clearwater is in Chicago ... not sure about specifically Michigan.
  12. Great post Erik ... I am/have been in the process of converting to the "minimalist" camp in a fitness and golf sense ... some extra info you provided has officially pushed me over the edge... thanksssss.
  13. My arm PP's "reconnecting" not "maintained" comment was simply a +1 to 1st recommendation > hips forward / stable axis / extension, etc... and not the end - all be - all by any means... IMO at som pt they need to be addressed....... otherwise issues involving compression, rate of closure, and compensations to make contact on a consistent basis will be compromised. Cant wait to see the improvements you make via Evolvr
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