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  1. I looked into the cup setter...they cost $70+. Yikes!
  2. Oh...that looks nice. I may invest in one. The game is hard enough w/out smaller holes.
  3. I know the rule that you cannot repair a golf hole, unless a ball mark has clearly damaged the hole or if the hole is materially smaller than the regulation size. However, there does not seem to be an easy way to measure the hole size. Some of my local muni's don't cut new holes every day...sometimes, it seems like they don't cut a new hole every 2-3 weeks! Now, the trouble is that the hole size seems much smaller than the plastic cup. In fact, on many holes, I couldn't even see the white plastic cup when looking directly down. There does not seem to be a tool to measure the size of the cup. What does materially affected mean? Is 0.25 inch materially affected? If you lip out as much as I do, I think 0.25 inch seems to be materially affecting my putts. Since there is zero chance of the course managers to come out to fix the cup--and there are no grounds keepers nearby, how do you repair the cup to the proper size so that you may putt to a regulation cup? I know the final answer is to find a better golf course, but sometimes that option is not available to me. Just curious. Thanks.
  4. 3 years ago, Tiger was clearly better than Jack at the same time in their careers. Now, however, things have changed significantly. Tiger's chart is becoming more and more like Jack's. http://www.tigerwoodsvjacknicklaus.com/
  5. Shot an 87 at Spring Lake in Long Island (43/44) on Sunday 7/13/14 with 34 putts Shot an 88 at the Yellow Course at Beth Page (43/45) on Wednesday 7/16/14 with 35 putts. Shot a 92 on the Chiau Sih Golf Club in Taiwan with rental clubs that were not well suited to my game. Beautiful views.
  6. We can only really know when tiger stops competing, or until he beats jack's record in majors.
  7. I shot a 91 on the Black course at Bethpage on Sunday: 45 and 46. I hit only 2 fairways because of 15-20 mph gusts. I shot about 8 pars. Took several doubles as the morning dew didn't dry out until about 11am, which meant chipping by the greens was like hitting out of peanut butter.
  8. I just found my ball in a divot this weekend. A perfect drive into the middle of the fairway. The ball was just into the divot, which means I couldn't see the lower 1/3 of the back of ball. If it were in it's own pitch mark, I would get relief. Now what sense is that? If someone else causes a hole to be made in the fairway, then I don't get relief, but if I 'caused' the buried ball, then I'm entitled to get relief? It may be that the USGA is living in an ideal world, where players always fill in their divots, but in the real world (especially on muni and state courses, this doesn't happen very often.
  9. Personally, they can make the rule clear, 'If the ball comes to a stop in the middle of the correct fairway (i.e. not the fairway of the 7th hole when you are playing #8) and the ball is NOT laying on grass that's planted in the ground, the player should be able to drop the ball 1 club length, no closer to the hole.'
  10. While playing at Dyker Beach golf club, I hit a perfect drive at the 14 th tee. When my golf ball was about to land in the fairway left, I saw it take a severe 90 degree turn and it shot into the reeds/bushes to the right. When we approached, a dead raccoon was on the ground where my ball ricochet. The raccoon looked like it was in mid step, with it's right front paw extended...but it was dead. I must've hit it in the head. Tommake matters worse, I was assessed a 1 shot penalty as my ball shot out of bounds. Another time, I watched a woman hit a Canadian geese with a low stinger from a fairway wood...the animal made some really loud honking noises, then rolled over several times. She was distraught. The last time, I saw a man hit a geese in the neck with an iron shot. The bird's neck was partially broken...and it tried to fly and run away, but the neck just flopped to the right and it just tumbled onto the floor several times. It was horrible...as the animal would get up and try to fly again and again. The rangers picked it up as we came back around, 2 holes later...the bird was still alive, but only flapping wings on one side.
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