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  1. Clubs you bought on the spot

    I bought my Sonartec MD 19* on the spot a week or two after the 04 Open. I saw various displays of it's versatility when T.Hamilton was knocking em dead from the fairway and in and around the greens. I just had to have one! The only clubs I've ever bought with out prior testing or research. But, I am seriously considering picking up a 585.h it looks and more importantly, flies soo pure
  2. I use my set wedge. I used to use a 48* vokey 200 until I left it on a hole about 3-4 months ago I think the difference is not really in performance, but in set-up and appearance. My set PW looks more like an iron than a wedge. The Vokey has more of a softer wedge feel to it on all shots. It also looks more playable to me, than my set wedge for chipping and various open face shots. I wouldn't recommend using a Vokey or CG PW if your iron set is an oversize game improvement model with quite a bit of offset the difference from pw to 9 would be possibly a bit too radical in the looks department.
  3. Who’s Hotter: Natalie Gulbis Or Anna Rawson?

    Natalie winning a tournament doesn't make her hotter, to me anyway. I'd go with Anna any day of the week
  4. Buying US open tickets

    I was watching the telecast on ESPN earlier and an announcer made a comment about how the next year's US Open tickets usually sell out the Monday after the US Open? Is this true?! Living in San Diego I want to secure my spot for next year so this was a bit shocking to hear. Was the comment just propaganda? I would also like to know what the price of a week's ground pass to this years US Open costs for non USGA members. Thanks guys.
  5. I hit a couple shots on the practice green with a Fourteen wedge it has a really nice setup and it had some nice "yak" action. I can't say that it is any better than my Vokey's. But it is a very nice looking and performing wedge. Probably not worth the $149.99 price tag I've seen on them though. . .
  6. Aldila VS Proto Shaft

    I think it's a great shaft. I recently bought a 907D2 VS proto 65 S(off the rack) My launch monitor numbers were nearly the same as my old driver (983k 8.5 V2 75 44.5"). I went up one degree with the D2 because I didn't quite have the correct spin numbers with an 8.5 D2 but my launch angle change was something like 13.2(old) to 14.5 which is actually helping me carry the ball a bit more which is welcome. I could've gone for the 80 gram model that has less torque but it was too beefy for me (felt like a boardier and heavier V2). I prefer something in the mid to low 70 gram range. It's is noticebly more responsive than my previous V2 shaft though. It channels energy back to my hands better if I mis-hit it a little I can immediately feel it. It feels smoother through the ball than my V2 but the dispersion is tighter probably due to the larger head. It also looks great too! If it performs better than my current 3-wood and or hybrid I may reshaft those too! I definitely suggest you go and try it out.
  7. Paula Creamer vs. Natalie Gulbis

    I'd take Creamer. Gulbis seems top-heavy not sure why though. She doesn't look top-heavy in her calendar. But seriously, ANNA RAWSON hands down kicks Creamer and Gulbis' A$$ in the style and appearance categories.
  8. Marijuana/alcohol on the course

    I don't care what others do on the course as long as it doesn't affect me. If I am unlucky and get paired with some beer league duffers I usually just ditch them or play ahead. I don't drink or smoke anything while I play thats my personal choice. I believe that if your intentions are to have loads of fun on the course with your buddies then please, by all means have fun drink a few beers. As for marijuana I don't condone the use of it all. It's sad to hear someone make excuses to use it (It helps me concentrate, I play better, I get better grades on tests etc etc.) It is what it is, a poor excuse to justify your addiction. Those are my 2 cents.
  9. 17* 19* 21* Hybrid Distance

    You need to be able to make a repeatable swing to get the results you desire from your clubs. I'd say you might want to trade the 13* in for a standard lofted 15* 3 wood and maybe drop the 17* hybrid. Having both a 17 and 19* club is redundant and usually 13* 3 woods are reserved for high spin or hard swinging players. Your yardage woes probably stem from not being able to repeat your swing. You would probably benefit greatly from some lessons. Good luck.
  10. You shouldn't lose a 1/2 club distance unless you're current irons have strong lofts then I could see that happening but, if your PW has 48* and your 5 iron has 27-28*'s of loft your yardages should stay the same. As for my pick, I'd have to go with the 695's. They are the sharpest looking clubs around and the feel is unparalleled. I'd play them but me and my 735's are so dialed in right now I wouldn't want to mess up what I have going.
  11. Food and beverages during your golf round?

    Haha! Those little bastards always make off with the goods! Last year I was robbed for a 1/2 sandwich and an un-opened Reese's!!! We just saw 2 squirrels climb into the cart and snatch my stuff. My group and I were busting up laughing on the tee box as he scampered off into the trees.
  12. How do you keep score?

    I just write what I get on the hole with a pen. Sometimes scorecards get soggy in the morning and pencils aren't effective. I also keep track of GIR's and putts in the extra rows on the card.