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  1. Thanks a lot Martin/Tour Striker, mvmac and iacas, you guys rock! And a big congrats to MiniBlueDragon and bunkerputt :dance:.
  2. Howdy y'all! (hehehe... had to!) Longtime reader of TheSandTrap, finally decided to join and participate in this wonderful and very knowledgeable forum :-). I'm looking forward to being an active member of this great community!
  3. I guess I've been living under a rock because it wasn't until about two months ago that I first read about the Tour Striker and the great following it has. A couple of weeks ago I managed to make some time to go to the range (have been super busy with work and school - pursuing a Master's degree will do that to you) and happened to meet with a friend of mine that had just started playing golf and who apparently had gone "training aid" crazy because he was showing me a whole bunch of stuff that he was using. Among the several "gadgets" (what he calls them) he had was a TS 7i that he got from h
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