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  1. After fine-tuning my swing, I'm now heavily hitting down and compressing the ball - my typical iron flight is very high; roll is practically non-existent, even with the longer irons. There's too much backspin. The end result is that my total distance has decreased, even though my swing speed has noticeably increased. How do I reduce this backspin and hit further?
  2. yeah, pmurda.... I don't think it's too much of a stretch to label your comments as UNCALLED FOR and TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE. Get an attitude change, man. You're getting nowhere with that mindset. Oh and yes, I am Chinese. Do you have a problem with that?? Isn't one of the unspoken rules of golf mutual respect ?? So I'm assuming you burn Tiger Woods in effigy everytime he wins a tournament?? Scotty Cameron is totally made in America. So why don't you buy 14 of those and try to break 80? Chill out, it's intolerant people like you who are ruining this game.
  3. what? are you rascist or something? don't dare assume that just because something is made in China, it is automatically implied that it is of poor quality.
  4. Hell yes! For me, it would have to be: - Tiger Woods: ........... duh - Luke Donald: it'd be nice to meet the man I've modeled my swing after - Erica Blasberg: IMHO, she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot 18 at Pebble
  5. Does bigger necessarily mean better? I have the Callaway 2004 big bertha (360cc, 10*), and I can hit the ball long and straight... what more could you ask for? Not to mention the fact that the ping of a perfect hit is loud enough to silence the driving range.... But with the new X460, 905, and r7 460 coming out, I might just consider getting one of the monster drivers. So, does a bigger driver necessarily mean a longer, more accurate driver?
  6. rbfoley

    Natalie Gulbis

    I agree.... Natalie's decent.... but IMHO, Erica Blasberg is much better
  7. Last week, a friend's old clubs were stolen from in front of the clubhouse at one of my local courses. My "home" course is a public municipal, and since I have relatively new clubs, I am very concerned about leaving my sticks outside the clubhouse. What can I do to protect my clubs without being a prude?
  8. Papa's getting a brand new putter for Christmas I have decided that I have had enough of my old Winex putter (I know, it's second-hand, and I've never heard of the name either). Instead, I think it's about time to get a Scotty Cameron and join the masses of Cameron fans. I'm wondering, what is the benefit of the iridescent Studio Design finish? I've seen rusted Studion Design putters: is there a benefit to having a rusty putter, like there is to having a rusty wedge? Finally, are there any recommendations for SC putters? Tell all of your Cameron glory tales here!
  9. Decided to play 9 holes yesterday despite the terrible (hot and humid) weather. My bunker shot on a par 4 spun around the cup and..... ALMOST sank. Tapped in for par, but up until yesterday, I had never, never gotten a bunker shot anywhere that close to the hole. So naturally, I was very happy.
  10. how do i cure a slice before it becomes a habit?
  11. About time for brand new clubs: Callaway Big Bertha 360cc driver Callaway Big Bertha 3, 5 woods Callaway X-18 3-PW irons Callaway Forged Chrome 56, 60 degree wedge Odyssey DFX 2-ball putter I've demoed some of these... any opinions?
  12. 4th hole, par 4 totally screwed up my tee-shot, eventually made it to a green-side bunker in 3 then, as I was staring a double straight in the face, my bunker shot sank right into the cup PAR SAVE! what could be better?
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