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  1. Vaseline and the driver!

    It's funny to see some people would only prefer avoiding flaw rather than correcting it. But any way. Will be a good try only if he is greasing his own balls .
  2. Hello..from Shanghai

    我也非常高兴能认识你们! As I just started playing golf a month ago, so I am still practising with my 7 iron in a local driving range :P. So haven't have any chance to go to the courses. But there certainly have some good ones in Shanghai. I am told that both Lake Malaren(美兰湖) and Tomson(汤臣) have some good courses. Will pay a visit when I take command of all clubs currently in my cart (might take 3 or 4 years I guess)
  3. a glove 2 polo shirts one pair of 70% off TW shoes ( just can't say no to outlets)
  4. Hi everyone. Greetings from Shanghai. First of all I can't tell how amazed I am to find a professional golf forum that has SO many pros registered in this site. I just started golf a month ago. It was fun at the beginning. However I'm getting bored just after a week because it is so hard to hit that ball. But I am glad I hadn't given up this game, now I could hit 100 yd straight (-ish) by using a 7 iron without any problem. Well, of course that doesn't mean my swing is perfect, but certainly it's my first milestone in golf. This forum is so great. I reckon I will enjoy it a lot in the future. Nice to meet you all. Yuyu