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  1. So I bought these in gray and blue and absolutely love them. The stretch was minimal, and they managed to figure out the comfort of knit while only minimally compromising support. Like others have reported, I experienced minor irritation at the top of the heel wearing them without socks. Should not be a problem long-term. Biggest problem I have found is finding a low rise sock that works with these shoes; all that I have tried to get sucked down into the shoe. That is not a problem I have experienced with other shoes probably because these shoes have a slightly higher rise.
  2. That seems about right. Some knits stretch a lot (Allbirds), others just a little (Cole Haan Stitchlite oxfords), but they all stretch. I know what you mean; I currently wear Adidas pureboost DPRs (minimalist knit runners) as summer/walking golf shoes. I can sometimes feel the outer toes on my right foot stretching into the shoe at the top of my swing. I feel it, but I can't say it has any impact on my swing. I think I'll pick up a pair of these True Knits in blue. If they work as golf shoes that'll be awesome; if they don't, I've been wanting a cool pair of blue knit sneakers to wear with jeans anyway. I'm usually a 9.5 in most brands, but with knit shoes I've gone as low as 8.5 so I'm going to buy size 9 and 10 and see what works best. Any discount codes you're aware of?
  3. k-troop


  4. @iacas @saevel25 any reviews on these? Did they stretch? I have a few pairs of knit shoes; I love them, they are super comfortable, but they have all stretched a half size within a week of owning. That's fine for my Cole Haan loafers (don't need stability or support), but raises concern for a golf shoe. I REALLY WANT TO BUY THESE but wondering ...
  5. Any feedback on these? They look really cool, but the price tag is up there.
  6. Based on the last few appearances I would be really disappointed if he's outside the top 5 when the fourth round begins. As far as "who wins?", seems the folks with the best shot are Bubba/Phil (lefties with good Masters records who are playing well), Rosie, and JT. Player with the best chance of ruining my Sunday is Rory. I'm expecting a relatively tight field on Sunday afternoon with Tiger and one or two others mentioned above in the mix. Rory could get really hot and go into the final nine with a 5 or 6 (or more) shot lead which would really suck (from a viewing perspective).
  7. We just joined a ClubCorp course (Hills CC in Austin, TX) and I'm trying to figure out how the ONE works for away golf and dining. It looks like it could be pretty cool, particularly the "two free meals per month" at downtown clubs in nearly every major city.
  8. I'm going to stop lying to myself. I don't play golf anymore. At least not for the foreseeable future. I'm working that weekend.
  9. They can advertise that they have the major networks even if it's just VOD. They also may not have contracts to broadcast live sports, even if they have live ABC (as an example). I'm pretty happy with PSVue right now. I've had Sling, DirecTVNow, and now PSVue. PSVue is the only one that gave me 2 local network live channels (DC area), ESPN, and Golf channel for $35. Plus I enjoy HGTV (gotta get Chip and Jo), travel, food, TBS, and it always seems to have a decent movie on. PSVue also seems to have really short (under 30 secs) commercials for their VOD offerings (DirecTVNow VOD commercials were neverending). I'm waiting for Hulu. They're in Beta now, but supposedly their package will include their current on-demand content and a really good channel package. 3 of the 4 majors have a stake in Hulu, so I think this may be the one that really gets it right content-wise. For me Hulu is the best on-demand streaming service so I pay for it anyway. With the launch of Hulu I expect we'll be able to get the following for around $45-- *Hulu's current library of on-demand network content--commercial free *all of the ESPN and Fox affiliated sports *2-3 local live network channels I can't give you a comparison on their cloud DVR features. I've basically learned to live without that for live TV and it hasn't affected me at all. For VOD it's irrelevant.
  10. Some of you know I've been seriously struggling to give any time to golf for the last 18 months or so. Today I took the first swing since last August. I figured why not start with the 7-iron; it's the only safe club in my bag. This is what happened on the first swing. I guess my clubs don't like being neglected.
  11. Next steps have been met in my road to golf recovery. I finished a big year-long project (organizational manpower study) last week that's kept me away from just about everything. And the wife just signed the kids up for swim lessons at a place that has an indoor golf training facility next door, so starting next Saturday I'll get 1-1/2 hours of hitting bay time with trackman feedback every week. And temps are on the rise. I think by the first of April I should have a few callouses. Looking forward to it.
  12. The Norman discussion is really about how valuable are seconds at the Majors, much as in the Jack v. Tiger discussion. It is important that a player was consistently good in the majors, but without the wins it's just another stat.
  13. I can think of at least one guy Faldo scared two different times (89 & 96) on Sunday at a major. And with Faldo's six majors and 40 wins, I'd put him ahead of Greg.
  14. Ya, of course it would. But what you're describing probably isn't realistic. Generally speaking, and based on the research Erik relied on for LSW: A 20-cap isn't going to "chip it within 10 feet consistently", because based on averages, that's the kind of thing that much more skilled golfers (like sub-5 HCPs do). And, even if he did, it wouldn't help his score much, because the average 15-25 HCP 2-putts from 10 feet like 75+% of the time. The stroke avg from 10 feet is probably only slightly lower (like .1 stroke or less) than from 20 feet. That's the general idea. That overestimates how good a bogey golfer can get at chipping, and overstates how much a 10-foot (just as an example) closer chip will impact score.
  15. I'm interpolating (it's a word, I swear) that he's associating really bad (clueless) chipping with bad contact, multiple chips, etc. Maybe not. If I had to guess.... Most 20-cappers are missing the green and chipping it onto the green, though rarely inside 10 feet and usually not outside 30 feet. Their avg stroke count from anywhere between 10-30 feet is probably between 1.5 and 2 (although 30-feet range may be just over 2). And they're probably not going to be able to improve those averages enough to matter very much.
  16. If you're talking about guys taking multiple chips on several holes, they're probably not 20 HCPs. A 20 HCP hits very few greens but makes bogey on the majority of holes. This could be a double-edged sword. High, soft iron shots that just miss the green seem to plug more often than balls that are hooked, bladed, or shanked into a bunker.
  17. I'm not sure I follow this. Premise 1: Tiger grew up learning to play at the end of the "shotmaking era" when balatas and blades forced pros to strike it true and craft shots (shot shape, height, spin, etc.). Premise 2: Equipment advances made learning these shots unnecessary. Premise 3: The guys Tiger played against (and beat) never learned how to hit these shots. Conclusion: Tiger beat these guys because he could hit shots they never learned to hit. Except whatabout...Nearly everyone Tiger beat was OLDER than him, so they too would have learned to play in the "shotmaking era". And if equipment advances made controlling/spinning the ball unnecessary, how did having those skills give Tiger an advantage? And Tiger won the vast majority of his majors (like all but the first three) playing a multi-layer urethane ball. (Although it is widely understood that when Tiger switched to Nike balls, he had them make a ball to his specs that spun more than standard urethane balls.) Relating to the topic, equipment advances (and understanding basic physics) have largely eliminated what were perceived drawbacks to cast or GI clubs. Some (such as deliberately low CoG) still make a difference in launch angle, but that is offset by reductions in loft. The ball has made spin much more consistent and less of a factor. But at the end of the day, the Indian matters much, much, much more--regardless of what arrow he's slinging.
  18. Good advice, and thanks for the tip. I completed the full course of the "evaluation" period, which included initial eval and range of motion, 8 sessions of manipulation (with stretching and exercises in between), and an ending eval. The manipulation sessions definitely felt good, but did not really affect my issue at all. PT's conclusion was that the treatment wasn't effective.
  19. I was just referencing the wisdom of Roy McAvoy.
  20. Put me on the tag list, though I can't commit yet. I know we have training that weekend, but I might be able to skip it depending on how some stuff works out between now and then.
  21. A great round includes playing well on a good course with a good partner. "Perfection is unattainable."
  22. Yes, that's what I meant to say.
  23. Those eggs are not equal. I assume the one on the lower left is a club down which is a "stock" shot (i.e. a full gap wedge) where the one on the right is trying to control the distance on a PW, which causes more error on distance control. Or am I reading more into the picture than I should?
  24. Great post. I think I'll re-read LSW to get my head in the game for my comeback.
  25. I guess Poulter took off without him. What a d!@#
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