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  1. Since marijuana is legal in WA state (i think) is there any prohibition on US Open players smoking/using the stuff, either on or off the course? And since this is not a PGA tourney, what are the rules guiding 'drug' use at the Open?
  2. I trick myself by making a small mound of sand or dirt and put the ball on that, on the tee box only. Then hit the hybrid. Looks more realistic, and ultra traditional. Might work for others.
  3. Have found only a small relationship between putting practice and putting for real. On the practice green, i'm great. On the course, not. Something in the mind, some uncertainty or excess mental activity which tightens up my hands and forearms.
  4. I'm going with some International, probably from EU. Y? More familiar with strange lay-outs, weird fairway bumps and pot bunkers, putting from 40 yards off green, familiar with tee shots with can't -be- seen landing zones....etc. Who? Some Frenchy, maybe VDubuisson. He looks good on the screen and he's not too talkative (my favorite kind of guy).
  5. Hmm. Rayong, Thailand. Isn't that next to Pattaya, the 'R&R;' capital of T'land. This bloke's on the sauce way too early in the day.
  6. Ah, Julia. You must learn to use your foot. Bending over and picking the ball tells everyone what is going on.
  7. Some new colored balls have a cover which does not accept a marker pen easily, thus ID marks not so good. And if you have many flowering trees, with orange flowers all over the ground beneath, you will search a long time for the orange ball. Of course, that holds true with white balls and white flowers. I played a yellow TourStage today. Compared to white, much more visible in the sky and on the ground.
  8. Did not Tiger Woods putt a ball that went past the hole and into the water? He did as Turtleback advised and reputted from original spot. Google tells me this happened 2005 Masters first round 13th hole.
  9. Despite tornados in Chicago prior to game, Madison Ave filled with Blackhawk fans who joyously watch the Lightning fail to score and the Hawks pot two goals. As they skate around the arena with Stanley Cup lifted high, the Blackhawks fulfill their destiny. A great series, a great total playoff by everyone.
  10. On the green, over the ball mark, the caddy stands with the putter and makes a practice stroke along the putting line. From behind, the golfer watches. Then they swap positions, the caddy moves away, the ball replaced and the putt made. Now that would be unusual to see on the TV. And, as far as i can tell, perfectly legal.
  11. "Follow the dots: It's impossible to tell where the fairways end and the greens begin so the USGA has painted little white dots as the demarcation. That way, players know when they can pick up and mark their ball." From recent pix, looks like the fairways are brown, hope not the greens too.
  12. Sorry to bother, but what is the lowest total score ever recorded in a Major?
  13. From what i gather here, if you, Julia, had said nothing on the tee box and simply hit the second ball, then no problems could arise. Except that after second swing, lying 3. Possible also, as you say, that declaring first ball 'unplayable' (in fact, unseen) would also be fine. I wonder if i would ever make such a call without searching.
  14. Blackhawks win game 5, now lead 3 games to 2 games. Next up Monday night in Chicago for game 6,( the final game of this series?) Would love to go but standing room ticket about $1000, airfare $1500, lodging/food etc, $1500 = 100 rounds of golf. Guess what? I'm watching on TV. Go Hawks !!
  15. Yeah, great weather in Ireland = temps > 45* F, and drizzle only. Enjoy the chowder !!
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