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  1. Well, i guess Titleist does have the deepest pockets.
  2. If JBHolmes or GMac wins the Master's, watch the Srixon ball zoom in sales. Titleist will take a real hit if golfers dare to think 'another ball might be just as good'.
  3. I lived in Ripley, NY (near NE, PA) for 4 years. Did not find many golf courses there, then. Too busy raising kids and picking grapes to look for golf. I know, OT.
  4. Well, long after his day on the WWW, his book will live, dusty and dry, on some isolated shelf in the Library of Congress, along with thousands of other golf instruction books. Never read, simply sorted and shelved.
  5. How on earth can you get the start of the grip onto 9 or 14 wraps of tape? I tried 3 wraps of tape, lots of solvent and had a tough time getting the bottom stretched out to fit, then the solvent evaporated! Perhaps we are not using the same tape, have different meaning to the word 'wrap' or one of us is using special expanding grips. Will pass on one technique i saw to remove grips. Tech man was using syringe with large needle inserted up into the grip in a few places. This put the solvent directly into the center of the installed grip. I may try that for safe removal.
  6. Shell Open: JBHolmes wins in playoff with JSpieth, JWagner. Onto the next event.
  7. Play golf or air tix across USA? Carry ur own clubs=$$$$ on every airline. Even car rental adds up over a week. Unless ur middle name is Pound Sterling, suggest take advice to stay near Carlolina East Coast and focus on good golf there. And possibly summer rates are cheaper as weather not so nice in August along East Coast. Prices shocking? Welcome to USA.
  8. Those folks paying large sums to enter the 'hallowed grounds of history' will be seeing the end of an era.
  9. Didn't the Kiwis have Steve Williams on the sport pages of the NZ Herald for many years?
  10. Wikipedia lists Lexi at 6.0 feet (1.83 m) tall. I am two cm taller, so i know she is way above average height for a woman, and compared to many of her contemporary golf pros, huge.
  11. 'To duck' is an active verb. BL did nothing, as far as i know, to avoid any penalty from his error on the British Open putting green. The relevant authorities considered the matter, months after the event, and made their decision.
  12. Not Cali's governor, but rather Mother Nature that is 'cracking the whip'. Should not luxury suffer first, not need?
  13. Saw a video today with GPlayer discussing putting and he mentioned BLocke as the greatest putter ever, natch since both from SA. Now Player has taken up a 'normal, current' style of putting but years ago, when he was a great competitor he had a jerky motion which had no follow through, just a poke at the ball. Effective enough and he said on the video that he used that method on the slow, very slow, greens of 40 yrs ago. Now with much better greens Player's stroke looks pretty ordinary. Could be Locke's method was also more effective on slow, bumpy greens but today he might think twice. Snedeker uses a short choppy motion too. Good/bad?
  14. Can only relate my recent upgrade to putting. These features have helped me greatly. Light grip, thumbs down shaft. Ball about in middle of stance, very slight forward hands. See the best line, focus on point along line 6-8-10 inches forward. Visualize ball rolling over that point, no other thought. Continue focus on point and line between ball and point. Now, finally and only for a moment, look at the ball and take a slow and easy backstroke, strike ball in center with sweet spot of putter. Constant putter motion, no acceleration into ball. No practice strokes. As always, head steady. Might help u, but your HC indicates a pretty good overall game, which must include on the green. So it's not easy for me to understand exactly what you mean by 'consistent stroke'. Is your stroke changing between holes, even between putts on same green? I maintain golf is combo of technique, skill and confidence. If few, or none, of your 'makable' putts, 6-10 ft, or less, are getting in, one or more of those 3 factors is faulty. Look to tension in hands and forearms and indecision in mind.
  15. I would venture to say that the 'honor system' took a pretty big hit last week with the doomed airplane. When big bucks, or job security, is on the line, not all of us are 100% honest or forthcoming. This has nothing to do with Ernie, or any other golfer, but the issue of personal responsibility seems easily eroded these days of WWW, the ubiquitous media, relentless desire for personal advancement and money = status. I recently spent some time with a fellow golfer, off the course, and he related an incident where he joined a big group and played with another big group, these all from mainland China. The competition was Group A versus Group B but Group B, the Chinese, would not consider playing with A members in their fourball. Who won ALL the prizes? Every nearest the pin, every longest drive, every Stableford point result was won by Group B.
  16. I watched the India Open, Delhi, on TV. Birds, monkeys, maybe cows, truck/cars/motorbikes, horns, airplanes...you name the sound, there it was, loud and constant. Still, only one man won the day and he is on his way to Augusta, Mr. A. Lahiri.
  17. Someone's letting his dog pee on the golf clubs? No dog is getting near my sticks.
  18. I doubt you would walk off the course here, where the green fee is US$120, no refund or exchange. In casual play, suggest you simply move your ball a few inches, putt out and move to the next tee box. Why let the jerk who won't move his marker get under your skin?
  19. Here's a teenager who is not hoping to win the green jacket, but rather to take home 'best amateur' Silver Cup. If he does so, Bradley Neil will be first Brit to win the Master's Silver Cup, ever. And he is from Scotland. Says in the news report he will playing 9 holes next week with Rory and he expects to learn a thing or 2. Well, for me, he is someone to watch, (on the leaderboard coz i don't he will feature on TV) besides the multimillionaires. Brad is the British Am Champ and will be competing, for the best am prize, against the US Am Champ, Gunn Yang, from So Korea and other ams. Good luck, all. More here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/golf/rory-mcilroy/11502244/Rory-McIlroy-comes-to-amateur-Bradley-Neils-aid-in-week-he-could-make-slam-history.html
  20. Painting a graphite shaft is OK, but baking the paint requires a big oven. Try the local pizzeria for 2 hours of off time.
  21. Gee, Ferguson, that info on Colt Knost is pretty specific. Is Colt telling us his penis is sore, or what? Or do you have some special knowledge of ailments which cause bad golf ?
  22. Could i move my ball marker, on the green, without the request of the nearby competitor, who may or may not care?
  23. As ugly unique as your mark is, OP, i've certainly seen worse ball ID sketchings. Don't forget, player always (??) permitted to mark ball, pick up and look. No cleaning though. I too get Sharpie marks on my club face, but don't use a Sharpie. I use only a purple Identi-Pen marking pen by Sakura. Comes in many colors, has fine/med point. The spot of color on the club is easily removed (brass brush) but not so easily taken off the ball. The Cubs. Now the new owners are on their way to wrecking the ball park. Is it still Wrigley Field, still have the vines and summer tomato plants up the outfield walls? Night baseball on the North Side-not my idea of progress.
  24. @billchao . Re post #4 and Tiger 'rotating ' the putter head. I looked at this video of Tiger putting on the practice green and could no evidence of such rotation. So, could you offer more explanation or justification that Tiger does not offer the putter face square to the ball? Perhaps you mean he, and many others. moves the putter head on an arc during the backswing, which of course increases on longer putts. But 'rotation' as if he is placing some 'english' or side spin on the ball does not seem accurate.
  25. @dfreuter415 . What do you mean 'change out balls on my approach shot'? Ah, maybe you lost the first ball into the canyon, and now must play another ball. Or, ...?
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