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  1. Mike. You watched the pros immediately prior to a tournament for only 2 or 3 days and yet you can draw such a strong conclusion? When these pros retreat behind the gated walls of Orlando and practice golf in solitude, what do we know? Darn little. GHIN...58 reminds us how important is the mental game of golf. If the short game will increase the confidence level faster or more efficiently than pounding the driver or 3 iron, seems to me that gaining that confidence will help in all aspects of the game, including the long ball. Erik has, in the past, told us that he as a teacher sees very little increase in club head speed from any individual golfer regardless of practice. This probably esp true for an adult learner. Sure, solid contact good but even the best contact at SS of 88mph won't carry the ball 240 yards, except off the cart path. So improvement of the long game v. the short game vital but much more difficult, IMO. Hope i have not erroneously paraphrased Erik here but that's what i recall.
  2. Go to the practice green, let her have an old cut down putter and a few balls. Let her learn what she will while you do your thing. Why be overly directive? I watch kids and young adults getting instruction and marvel that they ever return to the green after the endless loop of NO, NO, NO, you are doing it wrong from the instructors. Negative comments, esp from parents, are very disruptive and counter productive but so easy to blurt out. Always focus on the positive elements of whatever she is doing and guide her towards a more efficient method, if you know one. If and when she expresses a desire for betterment, eg, why doesn't ball get into hole, how can i make it get into the hole? sort of thing, then think about tiny instruction. If she has an age mate to go with to the green, that too might help make the experience fun/rewarding. That's what kids want: fun and reward through accomplishment.
  3. Suggest cavity backs, irons 5-P only, and whichever you prefer and want to pay for. I've got some forged Titleist cavity backs (VG3, Japan only) with NS pro 950 steel shafts. Way superior in distance and forgiveness compared to old muscle irons i had. You may not need forged and may do better with graphite shaft but Titleist makes a good quality product and most of the benefit comes from your improvement.
  4. I read Duf lost 30 lbs in last 8 months. He'll be on his toes and give RorBoy a good run.
  5. Luv that! Studette. Once upon a time we had 'cheesecake', then when men took of some clothes to model, we had 'beefcake'. Now, studette, implying a female stud. I strongly suspect LKo is a very normal 18 yr old female who happens to excel at a complex motor skill and enjoys the pressure of competition. Go Girl.
  6. Agree that the short game is much more defined and amenable to correction/improvement than long game. And for me at least, far less expensive than long game practice as chipping/pitching/putting green offered free in my locale. Why not practice that which brings the soonest reward? Sure, if i were a pro/scratcher my opinions may be different.
  7. Isn't this the same as the ebooks? With the Kindle, and others, the ebook you buy you cannot resell or even give away. In fact, one could claim that you do not own that ebook, but only rent it. I totally disagree with such a policy and do not , will not , go the ebook route.
  8. The most important thing Pelz did not say was: whatever your technique DO NOT decelerate through the ball. He did say that deceleration is bad in all wedge play. So don't do it.
  9. Don't think the 60* will please you, OP. At your skill level it is a difficult club to master. And, entirely un-needed. I have a 52* and a 56* sand which totally satisfies my needs. Why spend time working on clubs you might hit only once per round. Sure, good players can't live without, but we sure can.
  10. LKo wins tourney in Daly City, California in playoff with MPressel. Hot BHenderson of Canada, only 17 yrs, takes 3rd place alone. Ko just finished 18 th birthday party so not much older than BH. Ko hit it close and sank the putts, that's the story. Payout for Ko $300k.
  11. Makes some sense that longer swings means more chance for error. Pros, and others, prefer fast greens coz less clubhead movement, among other reasons. Chipping with an 8i means less club movement, compared to sand wedge so may be better for most of us.
  12. Do you Evolvr guys have some kind of 'non-disclosure' agreement with pro players, or secret pact in sharing the winnings? Just wondering about why the vagueness in identifying that player? My guess thoughts: if in top 10, would have said, so probably between 10-15 name list, many tie scores so if only counting players and not finishing place, who's left? Probably not a chinese of korean guy (language issues), only one USA guy, PUihlein who has lots of 'help', final guess: SBenson of UK.
  13. IMO, the vast majority of scratch golfers first shot par at under the age of 18. As kids, they learned some basic, but un-natural skills, which allowed them to swing fast. Those of us who did not learn these skills early in life, won't be getting towards scratch. A corollary to this is that scratch golfers generally do not and cannot understand why other golfers don't do like they do: swing fast. It's kind of like language. Some 8 yr old Hungarian kid is making sounds which an adult learner can NEVER learn to make correctly. So we play the best we can, and communicate as we are able. Improvement is always possible but some goals are not attainable.
  14. PUihlein is the USA guy tied at 2nd place at -7, one behind the leader. 6 guys at -5, including 2 chinese, 3 frenchies, one thai and one italian. DLipsky and NColsaerts both miss cut, set at +2.
  15. Actually LOosterhuisen made a HIO a few years back and won a Volvo car. But what he needed to work around his hobby farm/vineyards was a small digger machine so Volvo provided that, not the car. And the best/worst HIO prize i've seen, not at a pro tourney, was 2 tons of bagged portland cement.
  16. Last Q. Is there any way to know, without cutting the grip, if the grip has been installed with sticky tape? Next Q. What is this 'blue tape' and what makes it special?
  17. Well, i don't know about low T, POTUS and women. But i am happy Sarah Palin is not POTUS, whatever her T level.
  18. I've gone through a small library of golf books in 40 yrs. Now have only a very few which i picked up at a yard sale. Don't know if i would ever again pay full price for a golf book. What about U? Are you reading and replacing your golf books?
  19. Getting grips on is not the problem, it's getting the old ones off without cutting them. I'll try the air power for removal.
  20. I've taken up JNicklaus's technique, that is seeing a line and finding a spot on that line about 6 inches in front of the ball. Once that spot is found, fully accepted, as the point over which the ball must roll to get on the path, then focus on the spot, the spot and the spot. Keep mind on spot, not on ball. When ready, look at ball and center mark on putter and then fire away. IMO, this works coz it takes my mind away from the static ball and club and gives me a target. Before, i would look at the ball and club head and tense up in my attempt to control the ball. No more of that for me. And oh yeah, a very light grip and relaxed hands helps too.
  21. Got these new irons, 6 in all. Swell Titleist forged cavity backs from Japan. But the darn grips are too thin for me. I like 3/4 wraps of tape or mid-size grips. Now it looks like i will need to change out these like-new grips. Big expense for me. Need some kind of tape/wrap to go over the current grip to fatten them up. Any ideas on this? I recall my dad's grips were real leather in one long strip which was wrapped around the tape on the shaft. Something like that might work if stuck on well enough.
  22. Doesn't everyone who lives in UK want lessons from Mark Crossfield? I sure would and i would hire a car to get there.
  23. joekelly

    Back Surgery!

    Inversions are an important part of the yoga world. Inversions range from mild to more difficult. All inversions imply that the heart is above the head, unlike normal where the head is above the heart. For most adults, inversions also may tax the respiratory functions as the chest can be compressed or the airways flexed in unusual ways but these become minimized with time and technique. You will need to learn and employ correct breathing to sustain good inversions. All of us breathe, but not all of us do so correctly. I can tell you that standing on your head for some time, let's start with one minute but one hour not rare, with certainly strengthen your abdomen and back as your body is totally unprepared to keep your heavy legs in that position. Advise you to seek a yoga instructor for best headstand technique as the cervical spine can be damaged through improper practice. Don't get hurt. Neither the internet, or me, is responsible for self induced paralysis. I cannot recommend any inversion table coz, IMO, they lead to a dependency, are costly, bring minimum benefit, take up space in the house, have no resale value, and mostly deprive YOU of the deep satisfaction of accomplishment which a good inversion will bring. However, the table may bring you some relief, and that's good so give it a try. I've used the foam roller and it can offer benefit.
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