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  1. Say ClubRat, how does the turf type, (bent, poa, zoyzia, etc,) affect the divot you take? Mostly where i play i see lots of bermuda grass in various forms and could say that the thick turf keeps the ball up off the soil, and the divot is, in fact, only a bunch of grass blades. I never see the 'beaver pelts' here. Seldom, for me, on bermuda, is the divot deep into the root structure and soil. Same with zoyzia?
  2. "Left behind"? As the bus drives into the sewer water? OK, no problem. I'll stay high and dry and left behind. 5 years ago, 40% of the WWW was garbage, now 88% is garbage. Why spend my precious time there?
  3. joekelly

    Back Surgery!

    I like yoga for nearly every body strength and flexy need. Sure, machines and dead weights may be OK, swimming and hiking the mountains, jogging in the park or city streets, all may be OK when you have the ocean or pool, or mountain or park, or gym nearby. Join the health club, sure no problem but surveys show damn few make full use after one year. Every one of those techniques which may develop your body depends on externals: jogging needs good shoes, rainware: machines and lifting needs a gym in your basement (like TWoods and others). Well, the point here is,IMO, that the fewer gadgets, devices, costs etc between you and your health, the better. I travel light, me and my yoga mat. My core: stand on my head for 10 mins, do the boat pose for 1 minute, do the locust pose for 30 seconds and finally do a 10 second wheel pose. And yes, try this at home. Don't get hurt, get smart and strong.
  4. The public space is the current 'tragedy of the commons'. No one owns it so no one cares about it. The open sea, no one owns it, so each boat can harvest all the fish possible. What's the common resource of this discussion? IMO, caring for the quiet of nature and having a respect for players and fellow spectators. I sure don't care if you want to stick your face in facebook all day. I do care if you drive a car and simultaneously text your girlfriend. I don't care if you want to hear earphones all day and listen to punk rock or beethoven. I do care if you stop at the bottom of the busy down escalator to adjust the volume. The tragedy of the commons is an economic theory by Garrett Hardin, which states that individuals acting independently and rationally according to each's self-interest behave contrary to the best interests of the whole group by depleting some common resource.
  5. OP, are you trying to avoid becoming a member of ANGC? Of course, we are all, most of us, anonymous online and you may indeed qualify for membership but i do find some humor in the phrase 'if you need to ask about the gas mileage for the Rolls Royce on the showroom floor, then you won't be buying'.
  6. Thai guy, KAphibarnrat wins 2 man playoff v chinese guy HTLi. . Well done, Karadech. DLipsky goes ballistic and shoots 81, but Bubba fires nice 65.
  7. Far too easy to get carried away by the trolls of the world seeking confirmation of their righteousness. Want idiots talking to you? Go to Yahoo, or the Wall St J. I would be very surprised to find many alternative views on the handgun forum. It's too much like a religious forum to seek or accept other points of view. And i can tell you that some forums will delete comments which do not meet the mods approval and will delete these without mention so no one knows, thus homogenizing the forum to appear nice and clean. I have no idea, and likely OP does not either, if such policy is practiced on various gun forums. Here on TST some comments are cleaned up, some are deleted, some posters are warned, and sometimes it's all done in secret. But on the TST, usually the golf, not the personalities reign supreme, and hardly ever, the 'supremos'. And poor english spelling and grammar seem to go along with smartphones. Phones get smarter, the operators less so. OP, r u involved with the management or ownership of the gun forum u mention? If not, how do u know the size of the 'community', either there or here? Want golf? Here is good. Want guns? Go elsewhere.
  8. Thanks for the correction, Silent. Well, some things are possible but not Bubba winning this thing. There are 6 guys within 4 shots of the leader, so agree, outcome may surprise us. I'm personally disappointed in DLipsky shooting 79 Saturday. Gotta wonder if 'sex city Shenzhen (nearby Dongguan)' got between his ears overnight. Or what?
  9. Same as last year. Move from HI 20 to 15. Decades of poor habits to eliminate, new techniques to acquire, practice correctly for many hours to gain skill, fork out the money to practice and play, play 2/3 times per week, keep up overall body fitness without the soreness and stiffness which trot along with fitness but wreck the golf, find time for girl friend, eliminate poor consumption habits (bad food and alcohol, rarely a few joints), ...and most importantly, keep in mind that's golf is only a game to be enjoyed. I've got better clubs now, new irons very nice and the driver is treating me well. Expectations high for 2015, and results are in the bag, if stock market does not crash and my dividend income does not dry up. And of course, body holds up. Gotta keep working the glutes, ya' know.
  10. Day 3 complete. Now KAphibarnrat on top at -12, PUihlein at -10. DLipsky crashes and shoots 79 to go to +4. BWatson remains at -2.
  11. I checked this guy out on Google and Wikipedia. This is no evidence he is a medical doctor. He is a great self-promoter.
  12. Now into day 3 with USA guy, PUihlein on top at -9. Right behind is Thai, JDaly look-alike, KAphibarnrat at -8. Also making cut is DLipsky, -1, and just under the wire at +2 is BWatson. Ol' Bubba must have had a boat payment due coz he did not come here hoping to get a paycheck. He got his appearance fee months ago, no doubt. But he is onto the weekend so may fire a few balls in the right direction.
  13. I do the same. My experience is that pressing the hands forward a bit sets my mind to the result i want. I want the flat left wrist and the arms extended so this little pressing forwards helps achieve that goal. Helps reduce flipping, IMO.
  14. joekelly

    Back Surgery!

    Well, no problems for me regarding flex and no other thoughts about it. Since i'm a long time yoga guy it's pretty easy to twist about and that has not changed. The laminectomy surgery, from what i know, exposes the spine and nerves, then the doc scrapes away some of the 'hole' (the lamina) so that the big sciatic nerve has more room and does not get pinched. I believe it's the pinched nerve that is the problem so making the confining hole larger helps a lot. I was 65 yrs at the time and a bit surprised at your young age needing the same surgery. Presumably your bones are finished growing, so despite the pain perhaps the delay is good. Hope it goes well for you. Sorry to read about the NHS in UK. Did you injure your back, even as a boy? Any idea why this is happening to you?
  15. Much of what we learn to like, we have learned. Discounting genetic demands, eg, 'I like sex', most of the food we eat, the games we play, the language we speak, etc. we have learned in childhood and youth. And we can un-learn these likes and choose another path. Think of eating meat. After many years of carnivore life, a human can go vegetarian. I know folks who make this choice. I un-chose cigarettes long ago. Our desire for manicured and verdant turf is learned from youth, or TV. If it's the game we want and less the environs, we can learn to like golf on brown fairways with only the greens nice and green. I see the TV golf pictures of Dubai and those desert places and marvel at the waste when common folk go dirty coz of water costs.
  16. I visited BA a few years back and found one city course near the subway lines. Played there a couple of times. Typical muni course, fairways intersecting, etc. But better than not. Am not there now, so no recent news. Enjoy BA but watch our for pickpocket persons.
  17. On the par 3 with very strong slopes on the green, Paul hits his shot well, it goes just over the flag and stops on the upslope about 6 feet from the hole. Paul marks his ball and waits since no one else hit the green and they muck about till finally all balls on the green. Putting begins, and finally Paul replaces his ball and removes the marker. He then walks below the hole to inspect the line and as he stands there, far from the ball, the ball starts to roll and rolls into the cup. Hole in one. Nice. Thanks to Barry Rhodes for this.
  18. joekelly

    Back Surgery!

    Where are u located? If in USA, why not have the surgery immediately, why wait months? I had bad sciatica too, went for therapy, etc and various inspections, including MRI (i think). One doc told me to return for surgery when pain too great. Next doc, looking at same MRI shots, said 'it's your call, but if in an accident, car or falling off ladder, etc, then nerve may be severed with bad consequences'. Or let's fix it under controlled conditions, like the operating theater. I did not like the life in wheelchair picture at all, so next week went to hosp. Had double laminectomy, lumbar 3 and 5. Walking around next day, no real problems except doc said no sitting for more than 20 mins first week. Lots of walking and yoga stretching. Soon, within a month, in good shape. Golf surely in 6 weeks. Total knee replacement much more time to recover and lasting aches. Only result from lamins is betterment and two small scars along spine.
  19. What is that? A 68* wedge? I can use a 60* pretty good and pop it up and over the bush. Swing fast with lots of confidence. Anyway, i always ask folks to stand aside when i play my shots. Looks like Phil has lost lots of weight. Good for him.
  20. I've greatly improved my putting recently. Within 10-15 feet, half in, others next to. One yard, all in. This is good for me. I can practice putting/chipping a lot here, but cannot practice the long game much. However, the long game, esp off the tee, is death to my card. Make progress where i can, that's the best i can do now. I enjoy being out, refining my skill, appreciating my improvement and looking forward to chopping 2 off my HI within the next 60 days. I can play 10-12x per month. I'm the only one who can see my path, or cares.
  21. As a global golf ambassador, no one matches Tiger Woods. If he's in the field, the stands are jammed. If he's home, tickets are given away. And one cannot dismiss his skin color as most of the world is not white skinned, so many folks can identify with him.
  22. The Blackhawks win the Cup this year and honor Stan Makita.
  23. To save time, here is some info: VJ born 22 Feb 1963; Ernie born 17 Octo 1969.
  24. Do what you like, if no objection from management.
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