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  1. Is that the course with the French Broad River running through it? It's a hoot to play when the river is in flood. And if i remember correctly, power buggies only, or ride a horse, as the track is long between some holes.
  2. Yeah, Tim, the sitting for long periods of time will shorten the tissues of the legs so you gotta be proactive to keep the hammies long and strong. So, it will be more frequent, maybe daily, and various yoga postures which will address your body from the mid-spine, down to the knees and back up the front. Don't think all the help will come only by a narrow focus of exercises. And i would add that the truth may be that some injury has happened which you will live with, for ages. Eg, osteoarthritis in the knee due to the injury. Sometime we can't know this but can only work forwards. I'll check some UTube sites and get back here soon. Meantime, consider an easy forward bend. Can do this fully dressed, any time. Grab a kitchen chair and face the back of it, put your hands on the top of the chair. Move away from the chair, keeping the hands on the chair. Let the chair be about as high as mid-thigh. As you move away from the chair, your body will form an angle with legs straight down, torso bent at the waist, hands on the chair. Feel the stretch in the hammies. Keep it static, no movements. As body permits can go to 90* angle between legs and torso. Hold this pose for 30 seconds without strain, only some tension behind the legs. Keep feet in line pointed forwards towards chair. As distance between you and chair increases, so does the stretch. If really tight, move closer to chair. Breathe thru nose with mouth slightly open to reduce tension in face and neck. Can let your head drop down between the arms. Extend the arms straight, as able. Count slowly to 30. Done until tomorrow, or whenever you want. Important to avoid bouncing and do not push or get aggressive with the ego.
  3. KNa, the dark horse. In front of the pack of patrons all of whom wait for the 'big guns' to come strolling down. He would be a surprise winner, for sure.
  4. Chambers Bay, a public course, has a USGA course rating, from the Navy Tees, of 75.6 and a Slope of 139. Info here https://ncrdb.usga.org/NCRDB/courseTeeInfo.aspx?CourseID=3943 However, Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chambers_Bay lists the rating as 78.1 with Slope of 146. So i suspect this muni is on a par with ANGC but with strange greens. See Wiki, above.
  5. Here's a good yoga inversion for you. Get a mat or clean small rug and put it up next to a wall, that is more or less without lots of stuff hanging off it, like photos, etc. Wear loose clothing, no shoe or socks and lie on mat with legs up wall, no pillow. Position your butt as near to wall as possible. Now your body forms a 90* angle with legs up and heart down. Don't fret if not 90*, do as you are able. Since this will be a new experience, probably, there will be 'rejection' going on in the body and mind. Resist the rejection and just keep calm, breathing normal. Stay there for 3 minutes. Done. Do it again tomorrow.
  6. Timbo. How old r u? How long playing golf? Any sport injury to that knee in prior years? Do you sit long hours on the job, like at a desk or behind a wheel? Who offered the diagnosis of HamTendonitis? A doc, PT, or layman (you)? What to do? My first line of body defense is always 'more yoga', so that's my Rx for you. Focus on stretching out the hamstrings, slow and easy. If you are young, under age 35, there is a big temptation to go too fast on the yoga. Stretching out tendons and ligaments takes much more time than building strength or loosening muscles. Investigate 'yin yoga'. Give yourself a good 6 month program to loosen up the leg bindings. Best wishes.
  7. Well, Turtleback, can you answer my question, or not? Don't worry about if you can't; it's a small thing. And let me guess that the evening's host, the current jacket holder, is buying the meal of his choice for all the diners. One alternative is that the ANGC buys the dinner. That seems unlikely. Equally unlikely is that each diner, what 50 Master Champs, pays for his own plate of food. I can just see all those old guys searching thru their wallets looking for at least 2 BenFranklins and moaning about the lack of vegetables on the menu.
  8. I've heard/read, maybe on these pages, that slow greens require more club movement to make the ball move X feet compared to fast greens. That makes sense. I know it's harder to push the wheelbarrow along the turf compared to the sidewalk. So more clubhead movement means a greater chance to mess up, even slightly. That's my spin.
  9. Amateurs at the Master's: 7 total but none made the cut. Pro Asians at the Master's who made the cut: 2 Koreans, SNoh and SBae; HMatsuyama from Japan, TJaidee from Thailand, and from India, ALahiri. This not counting ethnic origins like KNa, or VJSingh who play under non-Asian flags. HMatsuyama doing the best at -3 after 2 rounds. Looks like Corey Conners from Canada, 2nd place finish at US AM Open, takes the Silver Cup as low am. He sure improved between day 1, 81 shots, and day 2, 69 strokes.
  10. If i can lift, clean and place (when permitted) and when placing move a blade of grass, am i penalized? As the Rules of Golf gets twisted around a grain of sand, it's little wonder folks take up bowling.
  11. Um. One poorly researched and careless comment does not make a 'myth'. That said, no need to have wrong ideas floating around either. And Erik, have you ever played, or even walked, ANGC? Your comment about chipping on #3 implies you have played/walked that hole, at least something more than TV observation. Of course, maybe JMiller or LTrevino messed up years ago on #3 and so that myth (no good chip on 3) gets born. I'll try to watch a few holes, delayed, at the pub today. Go Sergio.
  12. @Dusto. The Han dicap Index is a measure of your golf skills. Very good players lurk around HI zero, good players might be under HI 10, but the vast majority of players are between 15-25. How can your stated HI be 5, and yet you claim 'new to the golf world'? Regarding the clubs you show us, if you are indeed new to golf, they will be more than adequate for a few years. As you improve your skills, your desire for better equipment may grow. IMO, spend more money on a few beginner lessons rather than expensive gear. Then spend the summer 'knocking the pill along the ground'.
  13. If former winner chooses not to play, can he still go to the free dinner on Wednesday night? That would clinch it for me.
  14. No one has won both the Par 3 contest and regular tourney the same year. It's some kind of jinx so watch TWoods hit lots of balls into the water to amuse his kids.
  15. Agree with saevel25. On the fairway, furthest from the tee box.
  16. Right. The azaleas in bloom is the Big Deal.
  17. "with my butt out" !! There is good advice Tomputt. I agree that this and the weight slightly towards the heels will keep the body from drifting towards ball on downswing. I have found that if body/weight/balance moves towards ball, big trouble arises. Of course, my dreadful OTT swing encourages my shoulders and weight moving outwards, towards ball, so it's a special focus of mine to remain in balance.
  18. I see Gunn Yang is up with BWatson and JRose, 9.24am. But he is not listed or marked as an Amateur for this tourney on the bio page. Yes, he is listed as entered coz of winning US Am tourney but he may have turned pro in the meantime. Could he have won the USAm, then turned pro, and still be invited to Master's?
  19. I just read in UK newspaper, The Telegraph, that earphones were forbidden on the hallowed grounds of Augusta. The statement referred to TWoods who was, apparently, wearing them. So it was unclear if only players were forbidden to wear earphones, or everyone who passed thru the grand and glorious gates of Augusta. Anyone have a copy of the ground rules for the Master's spectators? Like, what is permitted, forbidden or tolerated only in the Porta-Potty? At nearby, to me, golf club Big Sign says "No Mobile Phones permitted On Grounds". But no one pays it any mind.
  20. What r u trying to say Shane? The photo not clear, nor your intention.
  21. Sure, it's possible. If you are a woman, as your name suggests, i rather doubt that you could hit the ground hard enough to break the shaft or head. The easiest thing to do wrong is to hit the dirt and find a hidden rock, or root. Then could damage, or dent, some clubs. If root struck hard enough, wrist damage possible, but rare. A still head will help you to hit the golf ball first.
  22. Also, i have seen many grub casts, these insect larvae soil excavations which protrude onto, mostly, greens. I see few anthills on greens but lots of these grub casts, at certain times of the year. These also can be swept away.
  23. We, my play social group, offer free relief if any red ants on or near (inches) ball, regardless of location. Once bitten by those devils, you would fully agree. Even if you only disturb a nearby branch or tree trunk they will drop or run onto you to your regret.
  24. No expert here, but fully agree that Rule 22-2 (have rule book in hand) requires fellow to lift if interference with your play. However, i cannot figure out what happens if fellow refuses to lift except that he gets 2 penalty strokes. As you describe, he refused, you played and hit his ball. Result for you not good. He gets the 2 penalty strokes but you suffer too. I would agree also that playing the second provisional ball, after his ball cleared away seems logical. Then consultation with authorities after the match. Seems your committee is not on track in this case. They would have the rule book and plenty of time to read it and yet f*ck up. Golf is tough.
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