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  1. I'm a Miami fan. I have been since before I can remember. My mom said I watched football in diapers, so it started at least around high school. Yes, last year was a joke for Miami and it's fans. This year probably will be pretty ugly, too since Miami still doesn't have a QB. Now, we have two RB's and got one for minimum wage hehe.
  2. First 70's round at my home course this season (see link). My home course is pretty tough. This was also a men's association round (front) and was my lowest in the tournament so far this season. It would just be an average score in previous years, but it's good to get my game back to about where it should be. It's been a tough year. http://www.mygolfdomain.com/round_view.php?round=786
  3. I had fun on the middle and high school teams. Good luck. Work on the short game...especially chipping and you should qualify. My guess is that it is tougher to make the team than when I played, but I did play at a 5A school. I probably shot 80's or 90's when playing to qualify.
  4. I played a weekly noon tournament at Bountiful Ridge yesterday. This was the first time to play in this in two years. It's a team Chicago format plus you can play in the twilight on the front and back including skins. The team I was on didn't win anything, but I won a $17 skin after making a long birdie putt. I might have won something on the front and/or back nine in the twilight also. Here is the round: http://www.mygolfdomain.com/round_view.php?round=753 I shot a 78 (7 over). A blocked drive and fat SW approach cost me severely.
  5. Here is this round. I kept some of my better score cards and recently entered them in my Web site. http://www.mygolfdomain.com/round_view.php?round=733 Notice only the 3 fairways hehe. I wasn't having a bad driving day, but was hitting from the light rough a lot. I often prefer to hit out of the light rough in this area, too. It's not very penalizing at all to be just off the fairway with most of the courses around here.
  6. Jim

    Five Dumbest Rules

    Having to take a penalty stroke and replay the shot when you hit out of bounds is too much of a penalty in my opinion. I think you should be able to drop where it went out like a hazard. Hitting o/b basically ruins an entire round and often wasn't that bad of a shot. Regardless, I don't think any basic rules like this should ever be changed. It would change the game too much. I guess it's up to the course designers where out of bounds is on a course. Some courses have o/b on quite a few holes because of houses, etc.
  7. Jim

    Golf Dork Score

    -47 because of the cell phone that is on. I have the sound off, but use the Web browser to check on my golf site, etc. There should be a different test for golf computer dorks!
  8. I don't do it very often, but having one of the first tee times during a summer day is a great way to go. The little trail your ball leaves when putting is pretty cool especially when you make a long putt. Knowing you just played in a much cooler temperature than you would have otherwise and still have plenty of time left in the day is also nice.
  9. I got an X today in a men's association club championship. I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago in another club championship. I have one left (my home course) hehe. I was just playing for fun after 9. Even just playing for fun I would have had just as bad of a score on the back (multiple lost balls). A few things today... I was trying out the Nike Black's today (out of Pro V1x's). They definately weren't longer for me, but felt about the same as the Pro V1x's to me. I have really come to appreciate the spin milled Vokeys...great clubs. I tried going way past parallel on a f
  10. I hit my usual shot on a long par 3 in the trap left of the green (so predictable this season). This is a fairly long bunker shot. I hit it three feet from the flag last time and nearly made it. Today, I had the same shot and played an almost identical bunker shot again to three feet away and almost made it. My sand play is about the only good thing going for this season. I use the spin milled Vokey's and really like the clubs.
  11. During a round today, I was just playing for fun after a point and tried going way past parallel with the driver for kicks. I always see people do this in the long drive competitions. I just saw the final three in a local long drive competition on t.v. and they all went way past parallel. I must say it feels pretty good on the backswing to do this. It definately adds coiling power. I didn't hit the few drives I tried this way much longer, but I think this is worth trying and figuring out the timing, etc. It will be fun to work on this at the driving range. BTW, the best drive was w
  12. I just read a part of a Jack Nicklaus book where Jack talks about his elbow being out. He didn't consider it to be a "flying elbow", but it is definately not in. Jack mentions that this is a way to add distance.
  13. 28, maybe I haven't met MediaGuru yet other than on the golf forums lately. MediaGuru's Hooked on Golf is a cool golf blog. We both have golf forums, too. I'm sure MediaGuru would agree that the golf here outstanding...awesome courses and great values.
  14. This is my latest and best round of the '05 season: http://www.mygolfdomain.com/round_view.php?round=729 I also enjoyed the fly fishing after the round (see pictures in the page linked above).
  15. Jim


    Gotta have a glove on! How else am I going to have one white hand and one very tanned hand?
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