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  1. Hey all, looking to play some golf with anyone that wants to play. I'm in the Orlando area for a few months and only work Monday and Wed. I'm open to play any day and anytime. Just don't want to go play by myself. Probalby about a 10 handicap right now. I will play for money if you want some incentive. hahaha
  2. Hello all, haven't posted in a while too much golf and work. Started playing this tourney called myskinsgame its pretty cool and the prize money and structure is pretty good. Basically what scores are eagles and birdies. Low score wins money but not as much as skins. All the guys that play are legit good. I assumed they were all scratch at first. Got paired with a PGA pro Chris Hunsucker. Older gent but could smack the living shit out of the ball. Just perfect iron shots. On number one I was pretty nervous but focused. Long par five with a slight draw. Smacked a driver flush, then hit hybrid
  3. Shot 80 today with a few doubles and lots of great pars and birdies. Was testing my new hybrid out so I wasn't really worried about score, was happy it was 70 degrees outside. The sun felt good.
  4. I like taking the best I got, if it's lost or stolen or broken, just make a claim on it and get some new better shit. Golf clubs wear out anyway. They're just tools.
  5. Went to golfsmith to buy a new hybrid, shot shape and distance is pretty accurate. Went to range right after to compare.
  6. I would also like to know so I don't purchase one. Dustin is in my top five worst putters. Every time we watch him on TV, he always manages to miss a few 3 footers. Very consistent.
  7. Keep track of offending parties then don't allow them to have early tee times. Let the faster guys and girls go first in the morning then let the hackers. Tell everyone tee times are determined by play speed history, which you keep track of. When 5 hour fivesomes wanna play, let them tee off at 1 or 2 pm. They'll speed up when it starts getting dark.
  8. Its the hardest game currently available to man. Getting par is a rush, getting a birdy is a high, getting an eagle is perfection. Shot 4 birdies in a row yesterday, will always remember it. Good golf is an addiction. Ha but worth every dollar and every minute of practice I think.
  9. I used to blow up on a hole and it lingered throughout the whole round. Now when I have that occasional double I curse at my bad strikes that got me there under my breath until I get to the next tee. When I T it up its a whole new game, the hole I just F'd up is like A mean ex girlfriend never to be thought of again. Walked off courses before and felt like a total ***** for not finishing. Suck it up and focus.
  10. Traded my third driver from callaway that cracked for it. This driver is absolutely great for controlling the ball. played this afternoon with it for the first time today. A+++ Crush it and curve it. Anyone loving this driver yet?
  11. One day my son and I decided to go play and got paired with two strangers. We were waiting for a foursome to clear a hole on our approach when we noticed one of them slamming their putter into the green. The putter actually was sticking out of the green and he had to work it to get it out. Then they all proceeded to the next green. I looked at my playing partners and they were shocked as well. When we rolled up to the green there it was, a big hole in the middle of the green. Since the next hole was close I called the guy out. I told him that he better get his ass over to the green and
  12. I'm north of Atlanta for two weeks in Lawrenceville ga. have mornings off during the week til 4. anyone know of some hidden gems to play on? Anyone want to play? Any info would be great
  13. was a Razr Hawk Tour. I really do think its the best driver I've owned even after it breaking. Although i might stop practicing as much with it on the range. I always just thought a golf club would last forever even getting pounded everyday. Guess not.
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