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    From Sydney, Australia and I play at Wakehurst Golf Club par 72 6100m with heaps of bush, water OB, and black snakes!

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  1. Ditto man, twilight, solo golf is great. Hit an extra ball when needed, quite, peaceful. Magnifico!
  2. Golfing by yourself is great, the golf course late afternoon, early evening is an experience. It is my kinda church!
  3. Hey Lost My Balls Learn to use your hands and arms correctly which will control the club-face; do this with 7 iron and hit just 40-80 yards (goal is to start using the club-face, arms and hands properly which will give you a straight divot and ball flight) 1. Make sure your grip is correct, V's pointing to your trailing shoulder (see two-three knuckles on top hand) 2. Takeaway: do not roll hands away, keep left palm looking at target longer before letting wrists hinge up not rolled horizontally. 3. Use a narrow stance with not much effort. 4. Once you have got this going start aiming a little right with feet and shoulders and re-grip the club so the face is hooked (but aiming back at your target). Increase the distance of the shots. Now your hitting hooks!! PS Keep your stance narrow and let your lower body follow your arms (keep the legs quite).
  4. Great videos but Peter Kostis say they are wide then narrow? Very poor analysis. Their width on the back-swing is correct - not wide. Getting too wide would be extending left arm too far and this causes all sorts of problems (poor hinging of wrists, head and center moving off ball too much). Their heads do not move of the ball much if any - meaning they are not getting too wide, wrists are hinging and not over extending.
  5. Get the back-swing correct and the downswing will take care of it self. Thinking about manipulating the downswing with your hands or arms will not lead to good, consistent striking. The correct movement of the hands up and arms laterally will get you into the slot and if you get into the slot, it is all over...the ball is going to the target. Had it to 5 under through 16 the other day (three putted 18) with some of the best long-iron play of my career. The insight I had was of the right hand up the top felt like it was a little laid off and the shaft floating up the top (as Erik said left wrist watch facing up). Also felt like my tempo was pure; legs following the arms turning the body on back-swing then starting the back-swing with torso then arms lagging coming down (note this are or feelings I had; I'm not doing this consciously . This felt fantastic but I got to this position by getting less wide on the back-swing , (felt like I was trying to put my right hand on my right shoulder) this gets me cocking earlier and fully with hands on back-swing. Geoff Ogilvy is a good one to watch for excellent wrist hinging and soft arms - not to wide. To get this correct I have been working on making just one-arm swings with the left arm (not hitting the ball). This action is perfect, the hands and arms work perfectly, try and mimic these positions (for me it is not pushing my arms to far away; I must follow the width and the precise hinging as the one arm swing).
  6. My go to club is quite often the driver with a few adjustments. Coming from a tight course with plenty of OB and bush riddled with black snakes, straight drives are very important. Up short par 4's I hit a 2 or 3 iron but sometimes when the wind is in to one's face, an iron just wont do. I go to a "gripped-down piercer" - as I call it. I grip down the grip, the stance narrows naturally and the swing is a little more three quarters. I imagine a low, piercing flight that doesn't get to high ( this vision feeds one's body to make the set-up changes). The shot comes out low, straight and running (the club-face remains nice and straight, right down the line). I love playing it. Just a note on the path of the club... I want it coming straight down the line, not inside, not outside with not much rolling of hands; straight ball flight; 3/4 swing and rip'n it.
  7. Yeah keeping your putter-face pointing square relative to your belly button is a good idea; this way the wrist hinge naturally with the putter-face opening and shutting as it should, not to much, not too little. If we all get focused on the line and feeling the speed then reacting without delay to that vision and feel, the stroke becomes fluid and pure without thinking about it - and when this happens, putts start going in from everywhere. It's a beautiful thing!
  8. Yep Sounds like an interesting project. Definitely agree on the importance of a steady head, my golf has got better over the years as I have stopped moving off the ball. Having send that, not extending my arms too much helps with my head staying still. Where does the grip and set up come into the the system? Key number 6 and 7 perhaps.I still like Ben Hogans fundamentals when it comes to the basics.
  9. "Shall I hold it with My arse?" Love it . Proper hand action is very important. They need to do the right things at the right time starting from the first move away. They need to not roll open on the way back or excessively stay shut (all they this is probably better than rolling open). Yes definitely arms and hands should govern and lead your body, not in any flippy way; hands hinging on plane; arms bending and straightening at the appropriate time; the body follows. Cheers AW
  10. 1. Yeah it is like when you throw a ball or serve in tennis, the right arm supplies a lot of power but ONLY at the right time - not early and not late. So if you take a swing with just your right hand and a ball over your ear, the right arm will fold and bend and then on the way down in your downswing you want to throw the ball at where your normal ball position is. If your right arm releases early you throw the ball behind your back foot and if you release late the ball would be released in front of your front foot. You want to throw the ball straight between your feet or a little forwards towards left instep. 2. Basically the right arm folds on the way back, retains that fold for first half of downswing then starts to straighten as the club is horizontal on the downswing and then it straights and delivers the force to the ball. The left arms then folds on way through and rights stays straight.
  11. All I would say is you want to have a feel for what shots you are going to play before you play it. Have a sense for what type of release the shot will need and hence what shape you will hit. I think a reasonably straight ball flight is best, the pros do not move the ball much. When you are neutral you can easily produce a little fade or draw. If you are struggling with the driver, grip down a little, start getting used to "firing-it-up-the-guts of the fairway"; visualize a three quarter, punchy drive with club-head staying square longer (not rolling much). This works great. Want a fade, keep same swing but open up a little, a draw: visualize it, set up reasonably square or a little shot then swing. But make sure you have a feel for what you are going to play before you play it.
  12. Will the Tiger beat the Bear in the long run? I don't think you would have found too many doubters on this question three years ago, but then...when Tiger was down in my neck of the woods (no pun intended) back in December 2009 on route to a superb victory in our "Australia Masters," his World got turned upside down. All from his doing of course. I'm the same age as Tiger and was doing a Professional Trainee-ship when he won the US Masters in 1997 by 18 shots (you played well Tom Kite - Masters Runner up)! I have enjoyed watching, learning and being inspired by him over the years. When he won by 15 at Pebble in 2000, then at St Andrews by half a dozen or so then the British Open at Royal Liverpool where he won by 5 (won two years in a row by that number). Nowadays I admire his skills, but I realize he is not "the Messiah" he wants was, but a just a genius when it comes to playing golf. Things have changed and I don't think he will dominate like he used to, and will he win 5 more majors to break Jack's record? Yeah I think he might just get there over the next 10 years. 19 or 20 I think he can do it. It will be close. What do you guys think? PS US Open 2008 was the last year he won a major.
  13. Yeah, Right on there, Tiger, Luuuuuke and The Kooch should all be there or there about's. Should be a great week. And go the Ozzies!!!
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