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  1. That was my thought too! I was playing in our golf course's Golf Association that charges $20 per player for skins and scores (net and gross). Well, my swing (I felt was really good that day) I was hitting fairways and every shot I tried to hit onto the greens (be it a 140 yard 8iron or a 150 6iron) was still coming up short! The worst part is I knew I caught them clean and perfect and at least 6 approach shots were directly in line with the holes only to drop before making the green. It was crazy! I was even using a low compression Taylormade Project A and it never seemed to matter. It was just amazing, and it cost me money!
  2. My distance loss seems to only be with my irons though. I don't know I guess I just don't compress them into ground as much as I do in the summer.
  3. Like the title says....I'm just wondering if anyone else loses insane distance with their irons when it gets below 50 degrees. My summer distances have my 9 iron at 150 yards average...8 iron 160 or so. Then ten yards up every club you go. So now, both anecdotal and from Game Golf over the last 10 rounds my iron distances have really really dropped! I was hitting my 8 Iron to a 145 yard pin! That's way to much club for me to have to do that. The wierd thing is that my Driver hasn't lost much distance. I dunno it's just strange. My shots seem to be a lot straighter though (which I like). Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone else seems to have the same problem and what you did to fix it.
  4. No problem! I'm definitely happy to show my work off! Thanks for the kind remarks!
  5. Ok! Better videos! Here is one of me putting: Here is the first vid of me chipping: Here is the second one of me chipping: As you can see...It handles chips pretty well. I just hit that chip pretty high from around 20 yards out and the ball held the green. I think it does very well from that regard...
  6. I have some updated pics of the teebox prettied up. Needs a tad more work but I love it!
  7. I just purchased some fake brick with solar panels to surround the tee box. Hope it looks good...
  8. Wanted to update this.... so ive been using the updated project a for this year and im pleasantly surprised. They seem to have kept everything great about the ball and also improved on the problem areas. For example there is far less side spin than before on full shots. I also think it flies a bit further. All in all much improved!
  9. So I now have one teebox. Its not as pretty as I would like yet but Ill keep working on it. Im planning to have at least three tee boxes from different angles to the green.
  10. Thank you! Im going to start making tee boxes soon to give some challenging angles etc....I can probably get away with a 30 yard chip or so...
  11. Ok...so I got all of he fringe pinned down...this is preliminary not final....ill be going back and pinning what I think needs more work. I have to say..with the fringe done i think it looks even better than when i initially finished the green. I also need more time to make the holes perfect but im happy so far and with the panels as the subbase i get consistent rolls. I also got an authentic sand trap rake..(since this is the sandtrap) ;)
  12. Thank you! Ill have updates with pics soon!
  13. I was able to get more of the fringe area added to the green, and got a better angle on this next pic. I would have gotten more done, but it was literally below freezing when I got home last night from work, and the wind was blowing pretty hard as well! Anyway, I'm just happy to even complete a little at a time. Keep in mind that the pic you see is only showing the fringe being extended. Once I've extended the fringe enough around the entire green I'll then pin the fringe and green together (which will finally finish the damn thing)! Hopefully for good this time!
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