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  1. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    So, noone has had anything similar to what I described happen to them?
  2. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    I wish my issue was alcohol related but it isnt.
  3. Golf's Mental Game Aspect

    I dont know if this is considered mental or not, but how about you are playing amazing golf then halfway through your round nothing feels right!!! Somehow your swinplane is way off you get real steep or you lose the connection your arms had with your body and start duckhooking. Does anyone else have that happen and how do you quickly get it back then?
  4. Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Very nicely! I have straight putts and a number of sloping putts. I use it alot more to chip and pitch on cuz you dont need it perfectly clean. Thats the biggest problem is keeping it clean of leaves and other stuff that can blow onto the green and mess up putting.
  5. Yeah thats the thing i dont get. So my 6 iron flies 180 yards but new irons are three to four degrees stronger so id be hitting a new 7 or 8 180 yards. Really that 7 or 8 is just an old 6 iron thats been renamed a 7 or 8. Thats what it seems like to me anyway.
  6. Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Thank you for the kind remarks! For your concrete issue. They do make self contained greens that have their own bases, but they are way more expensive. What you could do is just act like the concrete is regular ground and put your subbase right on top of the concrete. You would need a lot less subbase bc the concrete is so stable. Actually, you could probably get away with jus buying a bunch of bags of paver sand and compacting that over top. As to the sand trap...there is always room for one!!!! :)
  7. Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Thank you.it definitely was...
  8. Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    I know its been forever since I posted in here but I wanted to provide a couple really good pics with the green cleaned off. Im just glad its finally fully done!!!
  9. Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    So, I would havr finished everything a lot sooner but Ive been battling an ant infestation. They decided they wanted to turn the subbase under the green into an ant farm which meant I had to lift the green and try to level again. after hopefully killing all of the ants and getting everything leveled again. I decided to try to finish the green and surroinding area. . Here are a few pics of the other side of the green.
  10. Gender neutral restroom - NYC

    I dont think saevel fully described what he meant. When the military had the DADT policy it meant that people overseas fighting and dying for our country could not insure that their spouses would get their benefits if they died. Thats the conforming part. If I cant tell you that Im in a gay marriage bc Ill be kicked out then I also cant die for my county knowing my spouse is taken care of. I.E. you only get those benefits if you act and do like us. thats the conforming part.
  11. No the 7I method is not the same as a chipper. It does not have the same bounce in fct its far from it. The chipper has a lot of bounce nd is mad to have close to the same lie as a putter. If you have room im your bag I recommend it! My advice is to look into the Cleveland smart sole C. Its rferred to as a utility wedge which is the right term! Im deadly with it in chipping situations, but when under a tree or something i can accurately hit a low shot 150 yards if need be...Its come in big in tournament play for me so far!
  12. What was your typical swing speed on the cg2?
  13. Exactly! Same here! Did you also notice usual cuts and draws going way further right or left than usual?
  14. Whats your link on game golf? If you are looking at average distance then I could see that cuz I have a very big variance with my driver, but club performance numbers I believe my driver is still 265-270 on that screen. Its not really an issue with scoring its just the oddity of the distance change with a 52 degree that is wierd. With my irons i am seeing distance increases but not nearly the same amount.
  15. I also want to point out that from my experiences these balls tend to really accentuate side spin...which obviously is not a good thing...

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