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  1. God!!! This is SO hard! I'm 12 handicap and shoot low to mid 80s and even on my lowest round of 76 I had a 6!!! Ugh!!!
  2. Just now loaded my first two videos! Thanks again for the help!
  3. It has me stuck on the same "Checkout" page it did before. Here is what it says: SUCCESS!!!! It let me sign in there! I think it's good to go now! Thanks for your help!
  4. Jesus! Nothing ever works out right for me lol! Ok I'll sign up again.
  5. What the he'll?! PayPal took the payment out and said it would recur Oct 22. Here is the transaction id from PayPal if that will help: 01S65957G68415227
  6. Do you know how long it takes to process my payment?
  7. Awesome! So I just signed up again! Hey Erik is the turn around time on videos still around 3-4 days? I know it's been a while, but I remember back then it was pretty quick, and just want to get an idea as to what the turnaround is now. Thanks! Also, will it not let me sign in until my payment is processed?
  8. Ok. Sounds good. Thanks for following up. I'll sign up like I'm new then.
  9. Hey Erik, Is there a way you can reopen my Evolvr account, or do I have to just sign up like I'm a new person? I tried to restart it on there, but it said that it didn't have my email address.
  10. My first instructor (when I started playing 10 years ago) was definitely decent, he got me to a level where I at least had a slight idea of how to hit the ball off the ground and probably went into detail, but it wasn't on video so I couldn't review the lessons. Like I said, pretty good, but I basically had to remember everything (which never happened). I have to say, my thoughts on instruction really improved when I started Evolvr and could get detailed breakdowns of what I needed to do with cocomparisons to a tour pro to see what it SHOULD look like. Here is the thing..the beauty of Evolvr was that I STILL have all of my analysis vids 5 years later! That's priceless!!! A good example is that over the quarantine I got a net in the back yard to keep my swing going. Well I couldn't see ball flight, and I didn't find out until my first tournament that over thousands of swings into the net I had grooved a massive pull-duckhook!!! We are talking on every club! Well, it's taken me all summer, but I was able to go back through my video lessons and my five year old "my swing" thread on here, and I've been able to get my swing at least back to being servicable! I never could have done that on my own without those video lessons, and now if/when I get lessons again, it will be in the same format, so I'll have that knowledge going forward!
  11. Sorry about that. I had opened to edit the post and got it to embed, but when I clicked submit it told me that it timed out. Now I'm not seeing the edit icon anymore. I'm embedding below. DTL: Face On:
  12. Hey everyone! I'm going to resurrect my old swing thread! So I haven't posted in this thread forever. Back when I started this thread I was doing Evolvr lessons, and those two things together really helped me improve my game quickly. Problem was that my lessons had me working on too many things in a short period of time and kind of overwhelmed me with swing thoughts or just had me thinking about too many aspects. I wound up stopping lessons, but still had all the vids AND still had this archived thread. Well fast forward to this year and the COVID quarantine I got a net in the back yard to try to keep my swing through not being able to play or go to the range. Problem is that with a net you don't know where the ball is going and as a result I was grooving a crazy duck hook swing! I didn't find out until I could go back and play (which really sucked)! Anyway, it took all summer and me coming back into this thread and reviewing my Evolvr videos to get my swing back to being halfway decent! For some reason I started bending over way too far and losing my posture and throwing my hands to the ball. After slowly reviewing all of my vids and helpful posts in here I went back to standing a little taller and popping my hip forward at address. I'm back to focusing on a feeling of making my right hip go forward in the backswing (to not sway my hips) then to try to get my right elbow in front of my right pocket in my downswing. My swing finally started feeling decent again, and I went back to hitting a nice draw with my irons! Anyway, I wanted to post two vids of my swing after I "fixed" it from how bad it was at the beginning of the year. Btw before people kill me on setting my hands first before starting my shoulder turn in my backswing..I know it looks bad, but I need that as a swing trigger just for me because I used to always pull my left arm across my body in my backswing. I wish I would have taken vids of the horrible habits I got into in March to post (it was terrible)! Anyway, I also wanted to thank everyone on this site for (even though you didn't know it) helping me get my swing back from how bad it was! Face On: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI_7mQgI0GU&feature=youtu.be DTL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npp54b0Dz9c&feature=youtu.be
  13. That was my thought too! I was playing in our golf course's Golf Association that charges $20 per player for skins and scores (net and gross). Well, my swing (I felt was really good that day) I was hitting fairways and every shot I tried to hit onto the greens (be it a 140 yard 8iron or a 150 6iron) was still coming up short! The worst part is I knew I caught them clean and perfect and at least 6 approach shots were directly in line with the holes only to drop before making the green. It was crazy! I was even using a low compression Taylormade Project A and it never seemed to matter. It was just amazing, and it cost me money!
  14. My distance loss seems to only be with my irons though. I don't know I guess I just don't compress them into ground as much as I do in the summer.
  15. Like the title says....I'm just wondering if anyone else loses insane distance with their irons when it gets below 50 degrees. My summer distances have my 9 iron at 150 yards average...8 iron 160 or so. Then ten yards up every club you go. So now, both anecdotal and from Game Golf over the last 10 rounds my iron distances have really really dropped! I was hitting my 8 Iron to a 145 yard pin! That's way to much club for me to have to do that. The wierd thing is that my Driver hasn't lost much distance. I dunno it's just strange. My shots seem to be a lot straighter though (which I like). Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone else seems to have the same problem and what you did to fix it.
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