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  1. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Have fun, and get lots of pics!
  2. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    No problem! I'm definitely happy to show my work off! Thanks for the kind remarks!
  3. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Ok! Better videos! Here is one of me putting: Here is the first vid of me chipping: Here is the second one of me chipping: As you can see...It handles chips pretty well. I just hit that chip pretty high from around 20 yards out and the ball held the green. I think it does very well from that regard...
  4. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    I have some updated pics of the teebox prettied up. Needs a tad more work but I love it!
  5. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    I just purchased some fake brick with solar panels to surround the tee box. Hope it looks good...
  6. Wanted to update this.... so ive been using the updated project a for this year and im pleasantly surprised. They seem to have kept everything great about the ball and also improved on the problem areas. For example there is far less side spin than before on full shots. I also think it flies a bit further. All in all much improved!
  7. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    So I now have one teebox. Its not as pretty as I would like yet but Ill keep working on it. Im planning to have at least three tee boxes from different angles to the green.
  8. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Thank you! Im going to start making tee boxes soon to give some challenging angles etc....I can probably get away with a 30 yard chip or so...
  9. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Ok...so I got all of he fringe pinned down...this is preliminary not final....ill be going back and pinning what I think needs more work. I have to say..with the fringe done i think it looks even better than when i initially finished the green. I also need more time to make the holes perfect but im happy so far and with the panels as the subbase i get consistent rolls. I also got an authentic sand trap rake..(since this is the sandtrap) ;)
  10. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Thank you! Ill have updates with pics soon!
  11. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    I was able to get more of the fringe area added to the green, and got a better angle on this next pic. I would have gotten more done, but it was literally below freezing when I got home last night from work, and the wind was blowing pretty hard as well! Anyway, I'm just happy to even complete a little at a time. Keep in mind that the pic you see is only showing the fringe being extended. Once I've extended the fringe enough around the entire green I'll then pin the fringe and green together (which will finally finish the damn thing)! Hopefully for good this time!
  12. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Over the weekend i finished putting the panel lip extensions to be able to attach he fringe. I then started working on the fringe but have only gotten a quarter of it done so far. The last pic in m prevoius post shows how crappy it would look if i didnt make the fringe extend to butt up against the green. The pic below shows about a quarter of the fringe extension done so far. Looks better all ready.
  13. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Here are some pics of the green on the new subbase with all the holes cut in..Next iinCi2xQRll have to lift thefringe and cut panels to makea lip that extends from the green to line the frige and green up before pinning everything together...
  14. MattM

    Just Finished My Backyard Putting Green!

    Hey guys thanks for the nice words! I was out last night after work on my hands and knees cutting the holes into the new subbase. It actually looks pretty good and my longest put (15ft) has a true roll! I'll have some new pics tomorrow probably. Then I have to get the green pinned back to the fringe/rough to finish it off. I gotta say....while it looks beautiful looking out of my back door onto the patio and putting green....To make it have a legit putting surface has been a SEVERE pain in my ASS (and back!). I would tell anyone now who wants to do a green like this to absolutely utilize those Brock paver base panels that I'm using. Reason being....you don't have all the extra digging or compacting or multiple bouts of leveling! All you need is to clear the ground level and compact then use a thick weed barrier...put down 1/2 inch of leveling sand and level and hand tamp...then put down the paver base panels and cut to shape. Put your green and rough on that! When trying to use conventional aggregate for a base we had to dig deep then fill in with aggregate with stone then rent a plate compactor and compact then use more sand and compact. The problem with conventional base is that if it is not perfectly compacted you will get dips over time from freeze thaw conditions and one foot could be smooth and make the ball roll one way then one foot could make the ball roll the other. You never could get a true roll. Now with these panels they smooth out up to a 1/4 inch dip in the ground and are two feel long each so it means that if/when the ground settles or changes the panels move with it, and normalize the roll over distance meaning I'll continue to have true putts! The other reason I recommend these is that Brockpavers USA doesn't really advertise the product right because they started as an artificial grass underlayment for colleges and professional teams! They are called Brock powerbase. Anyway, the reason I'm telling everyone this is because the big time synthetic putting green companies that sell their products with the base panels charge MASSIVE amounts of money for them. For the same area I have it would have cost me over $4,000 for a putting green rough combo with base panels. Brock paver base panels are sold at home depot for 12.97 per 5 square foot panel which cost me $340 for the base panels for my green. The other green companies charge 3 to 4 times that amount for their base panels or only sell them with their greens and charge way more total. For my green and rough grass and these panels it cost me around $1800 total.....That would be my recommendation...

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