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  1. One thing I'll really be keen to see is if I still will get that same type of aggressive check when it gets warm and on dry greens. I will say that the greens Sunday weren't acting super soggy (they had rolled them) and there was still a layer frozen about a half inch to an inch below the green's surface. That will really tell me if I'm going to see major improvements.. If they really are that much better then, when coupled with my much improved putting, my short game should really be a strength for me this year!
  2. Hahaha! You guys are funny!!! Christmas is a funny thing...I got two wedges and she got a Dyson and an irobot. She was pretty happy with her Christmas too... I suspect I'll be using the Dyson a lot more though...so I guess it was more for me as well...lol!!
  3. So as some my have read my wife bought me two Edel Wedges for Christmas. I got a 62 and a 56 degree both 1.5 inches longer than standard (to match my one length irons) and with the driver grind at 22 degrees of bounce. So, granted, it was one round, but I got a number of shots with both. The 56 I use for pitches of between 30 yards to 80 yards and the few shots I had with that were fine. Where I really noticed a major difference was with the 62 degree. I had one shot from a soupy fairway from about 15 yards off the green that I had to hit a floppy shot on. Normally with that soup
  4. True! I took a class for midreads then wanted to learn the express, so I got the DVD which gives you the framework, but I can't get a read using my hip perpendicular to the line (I can't feel when my hip is adjusting to slope) so I just point my feet into the slope to get a kind of misread but still use the express figures (works pretty well). My point is...if I ever take the express class I'm sure they could teach me to better feel the slope through my hip. Also, someone said green maps aren't allowed (I think on the first or second page). Just wanted to point out that they are
  5. I've attached a picture showing what I mean. Most wedges have one "edge" some are rounded some are angular but these have two angular edges (the "normal" one and the "secondary). This is a first time i've ever seen that before. That said, I thanks for your feedback on how much easier your's were to hit! I'm now excited to really try mine out.
  6. No problem man! Anyway, you guys did help...I was really just concerned with the sharpness of the (for lack of a better term) "srcondary" leading edge and if it would hurt what I was trying to get out of these wedges when I told my wife I wanted them for Christmas. It appears it won't hurt but may or may not help. I'll know when I get to use them on the course though.
  7. It's a weird action. Its not like a typical dig though because the sand is soupy. If I hit 2 inches behind out just I guess "digs" and the ball goes about 10 feet, but if I try to hit an inch or less (I'm not good enough to hit that close) I blade it. Dry sand I'm fine...ball comes out high and spin sometimes and I get the club head through. But not in soupy sand though...
  8. Your first post was "wedges arent really designed to help much if you fat it" then below that you asked "What do you want them to do?" Was that question to boogielicious or me? Just analyzing the context I would think that was all to me because why would boogdlielicious have any question on them (since he's had his for a while). Anywho not a big deal... My problem is that lately Ive been blading sand shots in wet sand, and I think subconsiuosly it's because (with my current LW) even when I know I hit the sand where I want and with an open face I was struggling keeping it from
  9. Reread my posts. I never said anything about hitting fat...I specifically mentioned digging multiple times.
  10. So for a sand shot....these won't help me keep my club from digging too deeply into the sand? I thought the bounce and grind was supposed to be a major help with that (ie more room for error) per your superbounce thread. Sorry I meant to quote Iacas' post about fatting it...
  11. So you don't feel they help you NOT DIG anymore than Vokeys or Cleveland's would?
  12. Hah!!! I frggen knew it!!! There was just some nonsense happening! My last round I put a great swing from the deck with my aeroburner mini driver (my 3wood) when I hit it perfectly it will ping loudly and it did on this hit the proceeded to about 170 yards and DIE! On normal shots I hit that thing 230 swinging ( not hard just smooth) also have hit it as far as 285 yards off the deck. According to game golf average off the deck is around 225so somehow it went 40 plus yards short. Wierd thing is that the "dieing" action it would take only happened on full flush hits that I could feel it com
  13. My wife's parents caught me 12 for Christmas and I've gamed them for the past two weeks and had a few interesting things happen. Like I'll know I crushed a drive and it will just drop out of the sky dead...i just wanted to know what other's experiences are with it.
  14. For starters I know my wife is AWESOME! So anyway, after thinking about the fact that my sand wedge and lob wedge are not the same length as my Cobra one length clubs and the fact that I don't know what the actual bounce of my lob wedge is (I have a cleveland 60 degree bent to 64) I decided I needed new wedges. With that I've heard alot of good things about Edel and I knew I needed more bounce (I tend to dig on my chips/and pitches alot) I decided to go with Edel wedges. I wound up getting the Driver grind 62 and 56 degree wedges ( they have 22 and 18 degrees of bounce respecti
  15. It's hard to find a practice green that has (aimpoint term here) around three fingers or more of break to practice on. It's weird that I can start a straight and right to left putt on line, but on a bigger left to right breaker I always push it...
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