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  1. Which of the 2 would your prefer? I plan on hitting them before i buy, just curious on what you guys think?
  2. Since dicks sporting goods owns golf galaxy, can i use a dsg gift card at golf galaxy?
  3. I played yesterday. 60 degrees here in Southern Illinois, was good weather, so I walked 18 holes.
  4. Dicks has a monitor correct? Right now I am playing with Founders Choice Judge irons with Graphite shafts.
  5. Knowing me, ill just end up getting the edges.
  6. Has anyone played with these irons? They look ike the x20 irons. Your opinion please.
  7. Lets include the callaway x-20 irons
  8. I am having some trouble and would like some help. I was at Dicks Sporting Goods looking at some new irons. I like the diablo edge irons for awhile. Then tonight I noticed the taylormade burner ht irons, and the callaway warbird irons, as well as the nike slingshot irons. So between the 4 irons i mentioned what would you choose and why. I dont want to spend a lot of my first irons. Diablo edge callaway warbird taylormade burrner ht nike slingshot mixed irons.
  9. Not me, new irons next month from callaway. New 5 wood as well, oh and a new child.
  10. I guess they thought my nike slingshoet bag was to old. So I now have a new callaway x bag. There is a lot of pockets on this bag. Just sharing.
  11. Good thing they now require a .xxx at the end no more.com. Dont know when it will take place
  12. Are dicks sporting goods real callaways or knock offs?
  13. This is the email I got for Callaway, only took a week to get it back. In response to your inquiry, at this time Callaway has no information regarding the possibility of discontinuing our Diablo Edge irons .
  14. Yeah for a extra charge on top the price of the clubs
  15. I just want to be able to get them fitted to me. I know I will always find them online.
  16. I think they came out in 2010, I was told they are being replaced by the razr xf. I like are very forgiving the low cog of the diablos and they are very forgiving. These ones http://shop.callawaygolf.com/irons-diablo-edge/irons-diablo-edge,default,pd.html
  17. I want to order a set in a few months after taxes are done, Do you think they will be in production in a few months?
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