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  1. Come on man...h e struggles with long clubs, the driver and at times the 3-fairway, and he struggles with 8i up. His putting, especially down the stretch in majors, has been, by any standard let alone the bar he set for himself, poor. Zero sub-par rounds on the weekend in majors? That's middle-leaderboard golf and if anyone really believes that he is just not of the mindset to turn on the sluice of talent he has on reserve...then what is he waiting for? I just do not understand how anyone can objectively believe there is no possibility that he has lost 'something' he once had.
  2. People go on and on about Woods having the yips, with both his driver and putter, his training but it's really all mental. He led the PGA and then choked away the lead over the weekend - has some problems up top. He didn't post a single round under par this year in a major on Saturday or Sunday. No matter what the conditions, no matter how his driver, putter, or anything else was behaving. If one was going good, another thing would malfunction. Tiger isn't giving himself a lot of birdie opportunities off the tee. When you're laying up and hitting 5 and 6 into greens, you're l
  3. I don't really pay too much attention until a 'red light' appears! After eight professional rounds he’s shot: 62, 65, 66, 66, 67, 67, 69 and 70 I've now read he might get sponsor's exemptions to play on some PGA Tour events this year.
  4. (not strictly a 'PGA Tour' story but directly related to it) Ben Kohles , 22, won his 2nd straight tournament in a row on the Web.com Tour - his 2nd win in his first 2 starts! 9-under 62 final round, 17/18 GIR $261,000 thank you very much. Thoughts?
  5. Those guys are bad-ass . They use real bullets and stuff...
  6. "It's a process" Hey, anyone know how many 'reps' Woods needs to actually get back 'in the mix' nowadays?
  7. Geoff Ogilvy. What's with the drain-pipe pants and gigantic shoes? Now he's got that ridiculous moustache going on as well. Tool.
  8. The idea that anyone would prefer this story to come out any other time doesnt really hold any water - they'd rather it not be told at all The reason for this is that initial instinct to blame the media, accuse the people making statements that put Woods in a bad light, and give him a free pass. Because he remains above scrutiny, yeah?
  9. Quote: Well, I can see what your trying to say but there is a difference between what transpired circa 2009 and beyond and is now generally know to be pretty factual (is anyone disputing it?) and the things that HH wrote from personal, first-hand experience. To be honest, the bits that got 'leaked' a few weeks ago are pretty much 'quick-eyebrow-raise-and-move-on-with-the-story' - the actual golf parts of the book Im more interested in. Tiger becoming a popsicle-waving-Poutler-bashing-waitress-nailing-kick-ass-Navy-SEAL is a mere bagatelle!
  10. Quote: People can only judge this book if they've read it. Unfoetunately, you need to debate such matters with people of an 'open mind'. It's very reminiscant of religious Bible Belt followers stating that pornography, sex and violence is blasphemous and that we're all going to hell...when, deep-down, secretly behind their own closed doors...well, you know how it goes.
  11. Quote: Yeah, I agree...but golf-talk ain't going to sell books alone. I don't know what the sales of 'Unplayable' or Chasing Tiger' or 'Follow The Roar' or 'How I Play Golf by Tiger Woods' are (all of which incidentally, I also own), are...but regardless of the fact they aren't written by anone close to the Woods camp, I suspect they wouldnt put a dent in the sales of HH's book. If 'The Big Miss' just talked about how much prep goes into a Major or how Tiger's works on his 9-shot practice routine, or what irons he actually plays, yadda-yadd
  12. Quote: I finished it last week and I would love to talk about what's in it...but really, what's the point? Haney could have written the most positive, one-sided, plaudit-riddled book on Tiger ever ...yet because it isn't 'official' or been 'approved' by Tiger or Steiny or whoever, the idiots would still be whining about this mythical 'Teacher/Pupil' code.and 'respect of privacy' bullsh!t that they're conveniently using to bash Haney with now, because now the book has shown to be exactly the opposite to what they originally thought.
  13. Quote: I did. Both times. I chuckled. Anyway...have you read the book yet, sonny?
  14. Quote: Funniest post of the thread and hot-favortite for the 'Over-Senstive-Tiger-Fan-Of-The-Year' award Anyway, read the book.
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